Businesses: Save time with email notifications from the CRA

Email notifications from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) let you know when you have mail to view in My Business Account, and when important changes have been made to your account. When you sign up for email notifications, you will stop receiving most of your mail by paper and instead will receive an email notification when you have new mail in your account. If you need a hard copy, you can log into My Business Account to print it. 

Our improved email notifications are part of our efforts to improve the security and experience of our digital services; you’ll get faster notifications to view mail or verify important changes made to your account. 

What kind of email notifications will you receive?

Once you register for email notifications from the CRA, we will send you an email when:

What kind of mail will you receive electronically?

The CRA adds more items to our email notification service every year. These are examples of mail you can currently receive online:

How to register to receive email notifications from the CRA

There are five ways to register to receive email notifications from the CRA:

  1. Log in to My Business Account, select “Profile” and then “Manage notification preferences” 
  2. Have your authorized representative register or log in to Represent a Client to access My Business Account and select “Profile” and then "Manage notification preferences” 
  3. Provide your email address when using the Corporation Internet Filing service and GST/HST NETFILE service
  4. Provide your email address when registering for a corporation income tax, GST/HST, or payroll deductions account in Business Registration Online
  5. Call the business enquiries line at 1-800-959-5525 and provide your email address to the telephone agent

You can add up to three email addresses for each program account in My Business Account, which means you or members of your team can receive notifications. 

Once registered, we will send a confirmation email to the address you provided. Depending on how you registered, you should receive your confirmation email immediately (if registered through My Business Account, Represent a Client, Business Enquires Line, or Business Registration Online), or within 8 business days (if registered by filing your return through the Corporation Internet Filing Service or GST/HST NETFILE). 

If you did not receive a confirmation email, log in to My Business Account and check the email addresses on your profile. If the addresses are correct, check your junk folder for an email from the CRA. To ensure your email notifications from CRA show up in your inbox and not your junk or spam folder, you can add the email address <> to your safe sender list within your email program.  

As new correspondence becomes available or changes are made in your account, we will send you an email notification about that change, so that you never have to worry about missing something. 

Email notifications you may receive without being registered

You might receive an email notification from the CRA for other reasons, even if you are not registered for email notifications. 

Beware of fraud

Emails sent from the CRA’s email notification service will have the sender name Canada Revenue Agency/Agence du revenu du Canada. CRA email notifications will never use aggressive language or tone, or threaten to arrest you. Furthermore, CRA notifications will never ask you to confirm personal information, click on a link, or ask for prepaid credit cards. For more information, find out how to protect yourself against fraud

Where you can find more information

For more information on how to register for email notifications and the types of notifications you can receive, visit the Email notifications from the CRA – Businesses or the Help with Manage online mail web pages. You can also check out the Help with Represent a Client online mail for registered electronic filers web page for more information on registering your client for email notifications.


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