Calculating and reporting your capital gains and losses

The topics and instructions below provide information on calculating your capital gains and losses, and on completing Schedule 3 and line 12700 of your return.


Completing your tax return

On line 12700 of your return, enter the positive amount from line 19900 of your Schedule 3. If the amount on line 19900 of your Schedule 3 is negative (a loss), do not claim the amount on line 12700 of your return. The CRA will register it on their system. Keep track of this loss which you can use to reduce your taxable capital gains of other years.

Report your gains or losses in Canadian dollars. Use the exchange rate that was in effect on the day of the transaction or, if there were transactions at various times throughout the year, use the Exchange Rate or Annual Average Exchange Rate.

If you need detailed information on how to report your capital gains or losses, see Completing Schedule 3.

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