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Charities and giving

Charities listings, register and run a charity, and charitable tax credits.

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Services and information

List of charities and other qualified donees

Find a charity or other qualified donee, their registered status, and their publicly available information.

Other organizations that can issue donation receipts

Lists of qualified donees, their application processes and obligations.

A to Z index of topics for charities

Search for information about charities and giving.

Registering for charitable or other qualified donee status

Apply for charitable registration or other qualified donee. Re-registration. Objections and appeals.

Operating a registered charity

Filing a return, gifting and receipting, charitable activities, books and records.

Fundraising activities

Activities, issuing receipts for fundraising events, cause-related marketing.

Revoking registered status

Types of revocation, consequences, annulment, re-registration.

Compliance, audits and sanctions

Audit process, consequences of non-compliance, sanctions and appeal rights.

Giving to charity

Who can issue official donation receipts, how to claim donations on your income tax and benefit return, how to donate wisely and avoid fraud.

Guidance, videos, forms and more

Guidance products and policies, videos, forms, checklists and Charities information sessions.

Charity news and contact us

Recent news and updates on our web pages.

About registered charities

Their regulation and obligations, how they differ from non-profit organizations.



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