Evaluation in the Government of Canada


Requirements for evaluation in the Government of Canada are outlined in the following:

  • Policy on Results
  • Directive on Results
  • Mandatory Procedures for Evaluations
  • Standards for Evaluation

The Policy on Results came into effect on July 1, 2016. It replaced three Treasury Board policies, among them the Policy on Evaluation. Subsequently, the Centre of Excellence for Evaluation ceased to exist, with evaluation activities being handled by the newly created Results Division.

The Secretariat continues to demonstrate functional leadership in implementing, using and developing evaluation practices across the federal government.

Evaluation at the federal level

In the Government of Canada, evaluations are undertaken to:

  • collect and analyze evidence to assess the performance of programs, initiatives and policies in a systematic and neutral way
  • consider how programs can be improved

Evaluations help inform decision-making, innovation and accountability by:

  • helping program managers and executives improve the achievement of results of their program or department
  • informing memoranda to Cabinet, Treasury Board submissions, and expenditure management generally
  • supporting communication to Parliament and Canadians on the results that departments are achieving
  • facilitating innovation and learning within organizations

Evaluation resources

The Results Division of the Secretariat offer useful information, tools and resources for professionals in evaluation in the Government of Canada and anyone interested in evaluation at the federal level.

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