March 2020 - Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management) and Chief Information Officer - Len Bastien

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  • Appointed in 2012
  • 20 years in the Information Technology industry, including 12 years in the Public Service


  • Deliver timely, trusted and secure information capabilities
  • Accountable for Cyber Command and Cyber Operations including, Force Generation of Cyber Forces and the Force Development of capabilities to contribute to CAF missions
  • Oversee the Defence Major Capital Program for digital and digitally enabled capabilities, including cyber, space and command and control capabilities
  • Operate and maintain all corporate enterprise systems supporting finance, human resources, materiel and infrastructure

Key facts

Total Employees:

  • 3,339 (1823 Civilians, 1516 Military)


  • Fiscal Year 2019/20 $427.8M
  • Responsible for the management of more than 40 Major Capital Projects with a total value of over $12B

Primary location(s):

  • National Capital Region

Operations Update:


Key Partners


  • Vice Chief of Defence Staff
  • Army, Navy, Air Force
  • Chief of Military Personnel/ Assistant Deputy Minister (Human Resources - Civilian)
  • Assistant Deputy Minister (Data, Innovation, Analytics)
  • Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel)
  • Assistant Deputy Minister (Finance)


  • Shared Services Canada
  • Communication Security Establishment
  • Treasury Board Secretariat
  • Public Safety Canada
  • U.S. Department of Defense
  • Five Eyes partners
  • North Atlantic Treaty Organization

Top issues for Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management)

Major Capital Program

Four projects will seek Expenditure Authority approval from the Minister between November 2019-June 2020:

  • Cyber Defence - Decision, Analysis and Response ($312M)
  • Secure Command and Control Mobile Devices ($333M)
  • Secure Radio Modernization project
  • Identity, Credentials and Access Management ($47M)
  • The Minister’s endorsement is required [REDACTED] to extend a Memorandum of Understanding that ensures DND/CAF’s access to a US protected military satellite until 2034 ($38M)

Evolving Cyber

DND/CAF’s cyber domain will continue to evolve with a focus on:

  • Clarifying the role of the CAF in the National Cyber Security Strategy
  • Continuing to improve the Cyber Mission Assurance Program

Shared Services Canada

Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management) will continue to work closely with Shared Services Canada to:

  • Evolve a service delivery framework that is mutually-beneficial to the Department of National Defence and Shared Services Canada
  • Enable digital services and a cloud-by-default culture within DND/CAF

Enabling Analytics within DND/CAF

Assistant Deputy Minister (Information Management) has delivered a corporate analytics capability that continues to evolve and add value to DND/CAF by:

  • Collaborating with Assistant Deputy Minister (Data, Innovation, Analytics) to establish a data-driven culture within DND/CAF

Defence Resource Business Modernization

The corporate supply chain, real property and financial system, known as the Defence Resource Management Information System has capability deficiencies that need to be addressed to optimize business processes.

  • The system will undergo a major upgrade over the next seven years with significant department wide effects.

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