Government Defence-Related Platform Commitments

Category Platform Commitments Lead
Canada’s Role in the World Make new investments to support UN peacekeeping focused on Women, Peace and Security, conflict prevention, and human rights Global Affairs Canada
Expand Canada’s role in multilateral organizations like NATO and the UN DND/CAF
Continental Defence Move forward with better developed surveillance and rapid-response capabilities DND/CAF
Protect Canada’s rights and sovereignty in the Arctic DND/CAF
Procurement Create Defence Procurement Canada to ensure that complex projects are delivered on time and with greater transparency to Parliament Public Services and Procurement Canada
Capabilities Introduce new framework governing how Canada gathers, manages, and uses defence intelligence, as recommended by the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians DND/CAF
Personnel Provide a tax-free $2,500 benefit to CAF families every time they relocate to help with retraining, recertification, and other costs of finding new work Multiple Departments
Create a quick-response team of social workers, counsellors and peer-support workers to assist veterans Veterans Affairs Canada
Provide veterans with up to $3,000 in free counselling services Veterans Affairs Canada
$15 million / year to build affordable and accessible housing for veterans Veterans Affairs Canada
Infrastructure and Environment Draw on CAF expertise in responding to natural disasters to help countries at risk of disasters due to climate change DND/CAF

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