March 2020 - Canadian Forces’ Legal Advisor - Michael Sousa

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  • Mr. Sousa became Legal Advisor and Senior General Counsel on August 14, 2017.
  • Previously, Mr. Sousa headed the Departmental Legal Services Units at Public Safety, and Environment Canada.
  • He has extensive experience managing teams of legal counsel and administrative staff to provide legal services to client departments in relation to their policy, operational and corporate activities.


  • The Office of the National Defence and Canadian Forces Legal Advisor (DND/CAF Legal Advisor) provides objective and strategic legal advice and services to the Department of National Defence and to the Canadian Armed Forces in all areas of the law, except military law, military discipline and the military justice system, for which the Judge Advocate General is responsible.

Key facts

Total Employees:

  • 71 (28 Civilian, 5 Military, 48 Department of Justice)


  • $25.6M

Primary location(s):

  • National Defence Headquarters
  • (Pearkes Building)

Key Partners


  • The Office of the Judge Advocate General
  • Chief Military Personnel
  • Assistant Deputy Minister (Materiel)
  • Assistant Deputy Minister (Infrastructure & Environment)
  • Assistant Deputy Minister (Public Affairs)


  • Department of Justice

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