IRCC Deputy Minister Transition Binder 2019 – 2018-2019 Year End Review – Key Milestones and Deliverables

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Overview of Integrated Planning

Goal: Ensure enterprise-wide planning at regular intervals considering variables and risks impacting our work (strategize) and charting a common path forward while maximizing effectiveness (plan and prioritize)

Three Core Objectives

  1. Domain awareness
  2. Accountability
  3. Shape decision making

Approach: Two periodic reviews per fiscal year – at P6 (mid-year) and at P12 (year-end) to review results and update forward plans and risks

Current Status: P6 process underway; Engagement of senior executive team through governance structure, including Executive Committee in October and November 2019.

For DM Consideration: We welcome the opportunity to discuss your preferences for the planning approach at IRCC going forward.


Strategic Landscape

A focus on near-term implementation and longer-term positioning in a shifting environment

Since P6, the Department has had a 3-fold focus on:

Against a backdrop of:

What are we hearing

Reflections from Sector P12 Reviews


Significant progress in 2018-2019, including exceeding MYLP levels target, developing a shared vision for visitor transformation, surpassing the goal to reduce language training waitlists for priority clients, and launching new pilots to advance responsiveness of economic immigration. Several key corporate initiatives, notably the implementation of the new Transformation and Digital Solutions Sector, governance structure and stronger linkages across sectors, and centralized business intake process have positioned the Department to address changing expectations, current pressures and future growth.


Sectors face heightened pressures and risks as volumes and competing priorities have increased heading towards the end of mandate. Some considerations raised at P12 include:

Significant Developments since P6

Strategic Landscape

Spotlight on the Transformation Agenda

IRCC has begun to structurally re-align to better support our vision for transformation:

Aligning transformation efforts across sectors will be essential.

Advancing Departmental Priorities

Last year, five issue priorities and four internal services priorities were established at P12 to focus work and resources.

These were useful this year to track progress. The Department anticipates establishing a new set of planning priorities following the transitions in the fall.

Five issue priorities

Four Internal Services Priorities

Deliver on the 2018 levels target and position the Department and partners for sustained permanent resident levels growth


Express Entry Pool

What’s Next

Medium-Term Policy/Transition Considerations

Manage temporary resident volumes while advancing transformation


Budget 2019

What’s Next

Medium-Term Policy/Transition Considerations

Manage asylum volumes and advance asylum system reforms


Budget 2019

What’s Next

Medium-Term Policy/Transition Considerations

Improve client service delivery within a context of increasing volumes


Budget 2019

What’s Next

Medium-Term Policy/Transition Considerations

Advance the two-year strategic plan to deliver high-quality settlement services based on a shared national vision

Approximately 520,000 clients received at least one settlement service in 2018-19 (preliminary data as of March 31, 2019).


What’s Next

Medium-Term Policy/Transition Considerations

Advancing Departmental Priorities

Progress on supports required for success

Attract New Talent

Since last year’s P12 the Department added 885 employees to reach a workforce of 8,543

Talent Management

Adapt our Work Environment

Close work with partners (PSPC and SSC) is ongoing to reduce risk of project delays

Infrastructure and Tools

Foster Innovation

Governance and Strategy
Policies and Processes

Support our People and Programs

Continued recognition as a Top Employer in the National Capital Region and on the Forbes list of Canada’s Best Employers

Learning and Development

Heading into the next planning cycle

An organization that has undergone significant change and growth since 2015 is heading into another period of significant change:

The Department has a solid foundation upon which to manage change:

As we prepare for a new Government and fine-tune transition advice we will need to sharpen our planning and prioritization:

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