IRCC Deputy Minister Transition Binder 2019 – Operations Sector


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Assistant Deputy Minister, Operations Sector – Dr. Harpreet S. Kochhar

Associate Assistant Deputy Minister, Operations Sector – Mike MacDonald

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Assistant Deputy Minister Responsibilities

Associate Assistant Deputy Minister Responsibilities

Operations Sector Strategic Plan

Vision and Priorities

Vision: To contribute to a stronger Canada by delivering immigration, citizenship, and passport programs through innovative, client centric services and a well-supported workforce.

Strategic Plan Priorities

Proposed Strategic Outcomes:

Continue to support its talented workforce and foster strong connections with stakeholders. We will continue to strive for service excellence in all that we do, made possible by engaging our people and our partners.

Offer convenient, consistent, predictable, secure, and intuitive services for our clients. We will be known for our responsiveness, efficiency, and trustworthiness; both to applicants and to external partners.

A nimble, responsive, and driven organization that leverages business intelligence, strategic planning, and technology to effectively deliver programs. We will anticipate challenges and response proactively to drive success.

Speaking points:

Moving Forward

While the Sector continues to take steps to improve operations and client service, reducing processing times and inventories while ensuring accessibility of case status information remain key areas of focus.

To meet Departmental objectives of faster and more efficient processing and improved client service while maintaining program integrity, the Sector has been working on various initiatives including:

Further innovation across all programs is also underway, including:

The Sector also continues work on various fronts and key files to achieve our operational goals:

Medium to longer-term priorities include:

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