IRCC Deputy Minister Transition Binder 2019 – Strategic and Program Policy Sector

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Sector Overview

Strategic and Program Policy Sector connects high-quality policy and research with program policy and design, and is responsible for consultations with national and international partners and stakeholders. It is comprised of seven branches collaborating concertedly with Operations and Settlement and Integration Sector counterparts, corporate enablers, and key OGD and external partners.

Program Policy Branches

Coordination Branches

Core Responsibilities

The Sector started the 2019 fiscal year with:

The Strategic and Program Policy Sector has responsibility for:

It pursues these through key functions, including:

Key Files

The Strategic and Program Policy Sector files touch on all areas of the Department’s business lines and provides the foundation that helps IRCC to deliver on its mandate

Policy and Program Design

Horizontal Coordination

Recent Focus and Notable Achievements

Asylum System and Addressing Irregular Migration

Responding to Economic Needs

Other Key Areas advanced recently by the Policy Sector

Key Focus Going Forward: Ministerial Transition

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