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Employment types

In the federal public service (full or part time), these are the types of employment:

Terms and conditions of employment

The letter of offer that you signed when you began your job contains information about your collective agreement and terms and conditions of employment that you are subject to. Refer to the relevant authorities such as your collective agreement and/or the various terms and conditions of employment specific to your classification group for more information.

Pay and benefits

As part of the staffing process, your departmental human resources representative will have you complete the following mandatory forms:

Once completed, the representative will send a copy by either fax or mail to the Pay Centre on your behalf. Please keep the original documents for your records.

Within a few days of receiving these mandatory forms, the Pay Centre will provide you with information and direction with respect to your benefits. To ensure you are able to make informed decisions regarding your benefits, you will also be provided with information with respect to any voluntary benefits you may be eligible for.

Understanding your pay

Please visit How public service pay works for information on these topics and others:

Visit What to do if you are having pay issues if you experience any difficulties with your pay, including if you are missing pay or have a question about your deductions.

Understanding your benefits

For information about your pension and benefits, visit:

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