Ready to file your taxes? Here’s why you should go digital

February 28, 2023

Ottawa, Ontario

Canada Revenue Agency

Worried about tax-filing season? Don’t be! Our easy-to-use digital services can improve the filing process and save you time. Using our services will make it easier for you to manage your tax and benefit information. You’ll also avoid delays and long wait times over the phone during tax season.

Update or check your personal information

You can easily update or check your personal information, such as your address or marital status, using My Account. Register at My Account for Individuals.

You’ll also be able to view:

My Account is a quick, easy, and secure way to apply for the new Canada Dental Benefit and the one-time top-up to the Canada Housing Benefit. You should also register for direct deposit. By registering for direct deposit, your money will be deposited directly into your account at a financial institution.

Learn about your taxes

Learn about your taxes is an online course to help you develop an understanding of how the Canadian tax system works and how to file an income tax and benefit return. This free tool will help you understand what taxes are, why we pay them, and more.

Conveniently file your return online

You can file online:

If you choose to file online using NETFILE, a variety of software products exist to meet your needs, including options that are free.

For the 2022 tax year, prior to filing your 2022 tax return electronically with NETFILE, you will be asked to enter an Access code after your name, date of birth, and social insurance number. Your eight-character Access code is made up of numbers and letters and is located on the right side on the first page of your NOA for a previous tax year. While this Access code is not mandatory, if you do not enter your Access code, you will not be able to use any information from your 2021 tax return when confirming your identity with the CRA. You will have to rely on other information for authentication purposes. If you have not yet filed your 2021 tax return, you should use the Access code from your most recent NOA. This code does not apply to you if you are filing your tax return for the first time.

Electronic returns are generally processed within two weeks. Individuals who file online and are registered for direct deposit may get their refund in as little as eight business days. However, for paper returns, our service standard is to process them within eight weeks of receipt.

Automatically fill in parts of your return to avoid mistakes

Use Auto-fill my return to automatically fill in parts of your income tax and benefit return with the information that the CRA has on file, at the time of the request. This service can retrieve information from the current year and six years prior. Once Auto-fill my return has populated the return with the information, make sure that all the necessary fields on your return are filled in and that the information provided is true, accurate, and complete before you file your return.

To use the Auto-fill my return service, you must be registered for My Account and use a NETFILE-certified software.

Access your notice of assessment instantly

With Express NOA, you can view your NOA in your certified-tax software right after the CRA receives and processes your return. To use Express NOA, you must be registered for My Account. You can also view your Express NOA in My Account right after the CRA receives and processes your return.

Quickly see if you have any uncashed CRA cheques

Select “Uncashed cheques” in My Account on the right side of the “Overview” page. If you have an uncashed cheque, ask us for a replacement payment by selecting and completing the displayed form. Send us the completed form using the “Submit documents” service in My Account.

Easily send documents to the CRA

You or your representative can easily submit documents online to the CRA through My Account. You can keep your originals. We’ll send you a confirmation and reference number to use when communicating with us about your documents.

Pay any balance owing

If you have a balance owing, the process to pay it is easy. Use the “Proceed to pay” buttons found throughout My Account to choose the payment method that works for you. We’ll automatically apply the amount to the balance you want to pay. More options are available on our Make a payment for individuals page.

Change a current or past year’s return

If you filed online and need to change your return, you can use ReFILE. This service lets you send us adjustments for your current return and the three prior tax years. ReFILE will use the same software you used to file. Before using ReFILE, make sure you have your NOA.

You can also change your return by using the Change my return service found in My Account.

Protecting you from scams and fraud

To avoid scams and fraud, be aware of when and how the CRA might contact you. The Scams and fraud page provides information on the ways that the CRA may contact you, including by phone, email, mail, and text message.

We strongly encourage you to monitor your CRA accounts regularly for any suspicious activity. You can find valuable information on how to secure your CRA accounts on our Security of your CRA My Account and My Business Account page.

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