Arrange to pay your debt over time – Payments to the CRA

If you can’t pay your debt right away, you can schedule a series of payments in your online CRA account using a pre-authorized debit (PAD) agreement. You can also call the CRA to set up a payment arrangement.

If you received a letter from a collections officer, call them at the number provided as soon as possible.

Schedule a series of payments

Calculate your monthly income and expenses

Use the personal income and expense worksheet to determine what you can afford to pay on a regular basis.

Schedule your payments online or by phone

  1. Determine if you can schedule payments for this debt online

    You can schedule a series of payments in My Account, My Business Account or Represent a Client for the following debts:

    My Account

    • Personal income tax

    My Business Account

    • Corporate income tax
    • Payroll deductions
    • GST/HST
    • COVID-19 business subsidies
    • Excise duty, excise tax or excise tax on insurance premiums
    • Air travellers security charge (ATSC)
    • Fuel charge
    • Partnerships

    Other payments not online

    • If you would like to pay any other type of debt, including COVID-19 benefits for individuals, or other overpayments over time, contact us by phone.
  2. Sign in to your CRA online account

    1. Sign in to your account
    2. Select "Proceed to pay"
    3. Choose "Schedule a series of payments"
    4. Fill in the fields to set up and confirm your PAD agreement

    CRA sign in

    Pay on behalf of someone else

    Only legal representatives for individuals can schedule payments in Represent a Client.

    Business representatives are not able to schedule pre-authorized debits for businesses they represent.

  3. Prepare for your payments to start

    Your pre-authorized debit payment agreement begins when your first scheduled payment is withdrawn from your account.

Read more about how to set up pre-authorized debit payments, including how to change, cancel, view, and skip payments: Pay by scheduled pre-authorized debit payment(s) through CRA online services

 By phone
  1. Before you call

    When you call, you may need to have:

    • Social Insurance Number or business number
    • Full name and date of birth or business name
    • Complete personal or business address
    • Assessed return, notice of assessment, reassessment, or other tax document, or be signed in to My Account or My Business Account
  2. Call the CRA to set up your payment arrangement

    • Speak to an agent

    • Automated TeleArrangement service

      For personal income tax debt only, call our automated line to make a payment arrangement.

      Telephone number:

      Dedicated hours
      Date Hours
      Monday to Friday 7 am to 10 pm (ET)
      Saturday and Sunday Closed

      Closed on public holidays

  3. Start making your payments

    To start your payment arrangement, you need to make your first payment towards your debt.

    For options on how to make your payments, go to make a payment.

Stay up to date with your obligations

Once you have set up your payments, you must continue to make payments on the agreed upon dates. You have to file all future returns on time and stay up to date with your obligations. We may review your payment arrangement periodically.

Change your payment arrangement

If you need to change a payment arrangement or you are unable to make a payment, call us.

If you don't modify your payment arrangement before paying less than you agreed to, the CRA may proceed with legal actions to collect what you owe. Refer to: If you don't pay your debt

We may apply other federal payments you receive to your debt

Even if you have a payment arrangement and are making payments, we may use some benefits and other credit payments you receive to pay your debt. Refer to: How payments are applied to offset your debt

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