Military Training Cooperation Program


The Military Training & Cooperation Program (MTCP) is a broad-based defence diplomacy program that advances Canada’s contribution to international peace and security. Established in 1963, the MTCP is administered by the Directorate of Military Training and Cooperation (DMTC). The Program uses military training and capacity building in the area of peace support operations to develop and strengthen bilateral defence relations with countries of strategic interest to Canada. MTCP activities are designed to meet Canada’s foreign and defence policy objectives while raising is national profile on the world stage.


  • Enhance Peace Support Operations interoperability among Canada’s partners to lessen the operational burden on Canada
  • Expand and reinforce Canadian bilateral defence relations with select non-NATO member nations
  • Promote Canadian democratic principles, the rule of law, international stability and the protection of human rights in the international arena
  • Achieve influence in areas of strategic interest to Canada

Pillars of Training

  • Language Training
  • Professional Development and Staff Courses
  • Peace Support Operations Training
  • Expert Team & Delegation Visits

Testimonials by Canadian Forces Language School international students


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