CCDR: Volume 47-01, January 2021: Foodborne and Animal Contact Disease Outbreaks


Table of contents

Rapid communication
National influenza mid-season report, 2020–2021
L Lee, K Butt, S Buckrell, A Nwosu, C Sevenhuysen, C Bancej

COVID-19 outbreak among temporary foreign workers in British Columbia, March to May 2020
S Mema, G Frosst, K Hanson, C Yates, A Anderson, J Jacobsen, C Guinard, A Lima, T Andersen, M Roe

Escherichia coli O121 outbreak associated with raw milk Gouda-like cheese in British Columbia, Canada, 2018
E Boyd, A Trmcic, M Taylor, S Shyng, P Hasselback, S Man, C Tchao, J Stone, L Janz, L Hoang, E Galanis

Implementation Science
Interim guidance on the use of the Abbott Panbio™ COVID-19 Antigen Rapid Test
on behalf of Canadian Public Health Laboratory Network Laboratory Directors Council and the Canadian Public Health Laboratory Network Respiratory Virus Infection Working Group

The use of an online survey for collecting food exposure information, Foodbook sub-study, February to April 2015
C Gardhouse, M Hurst, S Sivanantharajah, N Ciampa

Country food consumption in Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut, Foodbook study 2014–2015
V Morton, A Manore, N Ciampa, S Glass-Kaastra, M Hurst, A Mullen, J Cutler

Findings among Indigenous participants of the Tracks survey of people who inject drugs in Canada, Phase 4, 2017–2019
J Tarasuk, M Sullivan, D Bush, C Hui, M Morris, T Starlight, F Cholette, L Jonah, M Bryson, D Paquette, R Masching

Scoping review
Occupations at risk of contracting zoonoses of public health significance in Québec
A Adam-Poupart, L-M Drapeau, S Bekal, G Germain, A Irace-Cima, M-P Sassine, A Simon, J Soto, K Thivierge, F Tissot

Qualitative study
A qualitative program evaluation of the Publicly Available International Foodborne Outbreak Database
A Thaivalappil, M Mascarenhas, LA Waddell, I Young

A time-series analysis of testing and COVID-19 outbreaks in Canadian federal prisons to inform prevention and surveillance efforts
A Blair, A Parnia, A Siddiqi

HIV in Canada—surveillance report, 2019
N Haddad, A Weeks, A Robert, S Totten

Managing pain and fear: Playing your CARDs to improve the vaccination experience
A Taddio, A Ilersich, CM McMurtry, LM Bucci, NE MacDonald

COVID brief
How many people intend to get the COVID-19 vaccine?

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