Design Standard for the Federal Identity Program

This standard explains how to apply the official symbols of the Government of Canada in all media, platforms, products, material, equipment and real property in Canada and abroad.

Official symbols, colours and typography

Titles and signatures, sizing and positioning, official languages

Applying symbols to videos, posters, social media and more

Core elements

Official symbols

Canada wordmark, flag symbol, arms of Canada


Official colours, colour codes and colour pairing


Fonts, weights and uses

How to present the official symbols

Titles and signatures

Names of departments, corporate, ministerial and musical signatures

Size and position

Sizing, positioning, use of clear space, dos and don’ts

Official languages

Order and format of English and French, using other languages

Get a copy of the official symbols

To obtain a copy of the official symbols, contact your department’s coordinator.

Contact your FIP coordinator

How to apply the official symbols to products

Find a product using the filter.

Category Products
Ads Search engine marketing (SEM) ads, paid advertising, static ads, video ads, animated ads, audio ads
Awards Long service awards, departmental awards, certificates
Exhibits and events Roll-up banners, backdrops, podium signs, press conferences, live-streamed events, participating or attending an event
Mobile applications App icons, launch screens, post-launch screens, app stores
Motion graphics Animated text or images, animated effects
Partnering (technical specifications) Federal contributions, fair acknowledgement, sponsoring arrangements
Personnel identification Department-issued clothing, ID cards
Podcasts Cover art, artwork for individual episodes, podcast listings and descriptions
Printable products and static graphics Publications, posters, infographics, presentations, graphics shared on social media, images
Promotional items Novelties, mementoes
Signage (technical specifications) Primary signs, operational signs, project signs, tactile signs
Social media Avatars, text identifiers, official social media accounts, icons
Stationery (technical specifications) Letterhead, envelopes, business cards
Text messages Text messages sent by or on behalf of the Government of Canada, emergency alerts
Vehicles (technical specifications) Markings on ground, air, marine vehicles
Videos Films, audio-visual, multi-media presentations and productions
Websites Public-facing websites, internal sites, intranets, extranets, password-protected sites, web applications

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