Government of Canada websites: Design Standard for the Federal Identity Program

The official symbols must be applied to public facing and internal sites. The requirements also apply to web applications and to sites that are password protected.

See Core elements and How to present the official symbols for details about colour, sizing, and other aspects of using the symbols.

  • Public-facing websites

    The Canada wordmark and the corporate signature must be applied to all public-facing Government of Canada websites as follows:

    • the Government of Canada signature appears in the top left corner of the header
    • the Canada wordmark appears in the bottom right corner of the footer
    • the Canada wordmark and the Government of Canada signature appear in:
      • black type with a FIP red flag symbol on a white background
      • Helvetica medium weight

    These requirements are also in the Content and Information Architecture Specification, which sets out the mandatory design requirements for the government’s web presence.

    Sample gallery

  • Internal sites

    Internal sites are accessible from a Government of Canada network only. They include intranets, wikis and blogs.

    The Canada wordmark and the corporate signature must appear clearly and prominently on all internal sites.

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