Protecting Canadians from Unsafe Drugs Act Transparency Needs-based Assessment

Notice to the reader:

The online consultation is now closed. A summary of the results is available now.

Health Canada is seeking feedback from different stakeholders to assess their information needs about therapeutic products taking into account:

  • Who is the end-user (e.g., patient, physician, government bodies);
  • What information is required (and what is not);
  • When should information be made available;
  • How and from whom do end-users prefer to receive information (method of access).

This needs-bases assessment is part of Health Canada's Regulatory Transparency and Openness Framework, the department has committed to providing Canadians with credible and timely information allowing them to make well-informed decisions concerning their health and that of their families.

This feedback will be used in the development of new and adjustments of existing ways information about therapeutic products is disseminated.

Who can participate in this consultation?

Health Canada is seeking feedback from the following groups:

  1. General public
  2. Patients (people who are diagnosed with or are being treated for a disease or a medical condition) or their caregivers (people who help another individual with their disease or medical condition, such as a parent of a child, or someone caring for an elderly patient);
  3. Healthcare professionals (e.g., pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners, physicians, dentists) or associations representing them;
  4. Health Technology Assessors;
  5. Governments (federal, provincial and territorial, and First Nations and Inuit);
  6. Academic researchers
  7. Web and application developers;
  8. Pharmaceutical or medical device companies or associations representing them

How to Get Involved

This consultation is open for a 60-day time period from March 25th to May 25th, 2015.

Please select the link titled "consultation document" below to begin the online questionnaire.

For More Information

For general questions and concerns, please contact:

  • Health Canada
    Office of Legislative and Regulatory Modernization
    Policy, Planning and International Affairs Directorate
    Address Locator 3102C5
    Health Products and Food Branch
    Health Canada
  • E-mail:

Reporting to Canadians

A summary of the results from the consultation will be made available.

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