Occupational groups by bargaining agent representation

Groups represented by the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC)

  • Program and Administrative Services (PA)
    Includes job evaluation standards for:
    • Administrative Services (AS)
    • Communications (CM)
    • Clerical and Regulatory (CR)
    • Data Processing (DA)
    • Information Services (IS)
    • Office Equipment (OE)
    • Organization and Methods (OM) for forms design
    • Programme Administration (PM)
    • Secretarial, Stenographic, Typing (ST)
    • Welfare Programs (WP)
  • Operational Services (SV)
    Includes job evaluation standards for:
    • Firefighters (FR)
    • General Labour and Trades (GL)
    • General Services (GS)
    • Heating, Power and Stationary Plant Operations (HP)
    • Hospital Services (HS)
    • Lightkeepers (LI)
    • Printing Operations – Supervisory (PR-S)
    • Ships’ Crew (SC)
  • Technical Services (TC)
    Includes job evaluation standards for:
    • Drafting and Illustration (DD)
    • Engineering and Scientific Support (EG)
    • General Technical (GT)
    • Primary Products Inspection (PI)
    • Photography (PY)
    • Technical Inspection (TI)
  • Education and Library Science (EB)
    Includes job evaluation standards for:
    • Education (ED)
    • Educational Support (EU)
    • Library Science (LS)
  • Border Services (FB)

Groups represented by the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC)

  • Architecture, Engineering and Land Survey (NR)
    Includes job evaluation standards for:
    • Architecture and Town Planning (AR)
    • Engineering and Land Survey – Engineering (EN-ENG)
    • Engineering and Land Survey – Land Survey (EN-SUR)
  • Applied Science and Patent Examination (SP)
    Includes job evaluation standards for:
    • Actuarial Science (AC)
    • Agriculture (AG)
    • Biological Sciences (BI)
    • Chemistry (CH)
    • Forestry (FO)
    • Meteorology (MT)
    • Physical Sciences (PC)
    • Scientific Regulation (SG)
  • Commerce and Purchasing (CP)
    Includes job evaluation standards for:
    • Commerce (CO)
    • Purchasing and Supply (PG)
  • Health Services (SH)
    Includes job evaluation standards for:
    • Dentistry (DE)
    • Medicine (MD)
    • Nutrition and Dietetics (ND)
    • Nursing (NU)
    • Occupational and Physical Therapy (OP)
    • Pharmacy (PH)
    • Psychology (PS)
    • Social Work (SW)
    • Veterinary Medicine (VM)
  • Information Technology (IT)
  • Research (RE)
    Includes job evaluation standards for:
    • Defence Scientific Service (DS)
    • Historical Research (HR)
    • Mathematics (MA)
    • Scientific Research (SE)

Groups represented by the Canadian Association of Professional Employees (CAPE)

Groups represented by different unions

Unrepresented groups

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