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Page 80 of 240 — Book of condolences for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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Harpreet - Brampton, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:47:51

Thank you for all your years of Service and Dedication.

Josephina - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-13 17:47:46

She has left a lasting legacy for myself and many others. I remember watching her carriage pass by on Wellington st during Canada’s 125th birthday celebration. The crowd cheered, obviously she was much loved then. I am so sorry for her passing and know she meant so much to many people. She was elegant and dutiful. She will be remembered always, may she Rest In Peace.

Meghann - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:47:43

My sincere condolences to the Royal Family. Her Majesty the Queen was the most beautiful person on earth. Its saddening to know that she is not with us anymore. If only there were more people, just like her, our world would be in a much better state.

Leanne Dow - Saint John, NB Canada
2022-09-13 17:47:40

My condolences.

Andrew - Maitland ON
2022-09-13 17:47:32

I remember when Queen Elizabeth and The Duke of Edinburgh visited Chatham in the Miramichi in 1976. My son Alex was a member of the cub Honour Guard at one of her events. My family was so thrilled to see them both. Her Majesty has been a wonderful example to us all for a life well lived. I will always honour her, My condolences to all the family,

Marilyn - North Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:47:28

Toutes mes sympathies à la famille Royale. Une grande femme vient de nous quitter. Qu'elle veille de là-haut sur les siens et tous ceux qui l'aiment.

Audrey - Cacouna/Québec
2022-09-13 17:47:16

My deepest condolences to her family and loved ones. She was a gracious queen that reigned for 70 years. No one will ever live up to her grace and dedication to her country.

Stavroula - Montreal Quebec
2022-09-13 17:46:57

Thank you for your devoted service. You will be missed.

Mary - Ajax, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:46:50

Our Queen. Our Gracious Queen. Rest in Peace.

Mark - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:46:39

My condolences to all of the family members. May the good memories comfort you in the days ahead. My God sustain you through the coming weeks.

Janet - Fredericton, New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:46:37

Long live the legend that was Queen Elizabeth II. Rest in Peace, Your Majesty.

Shawn - Cornwall, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:46:35

Our thoughts are with the members of the Royal Family at this sad time. The Queen was an inspiration to all Canadians for her hard work and dedication to her role. We will miss her.

Judy - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-13 17:46:35

Our heartfelt condolences and symphaties. May the Lord bless the royal family and give them strength in this time of mourning..The queen was well loved and will never be forgotten.

Rommel Hipolito - Fredericton, New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:46:30

We are forever indebted to HM Queen Elizabeth II for safeguarding Constitutional Monarchy as one of the most efficient and stable political systems, that provides continuity in times of turmoil. May HM Rest in Peace!

Babak - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-13 17:46:15

My deepest sympathy. As a new Canadian I pledge allegiance to QE II her heirs and successors. God Save The King!

Judie - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:46:15

I have known no other monarch in my life time but you have been an inspiration to all of Canada. With all my loyalty to you, your Royal Highness. 

Therese Davis Sustar - Ocean Park, BC
2022-09-13 17:46:12

Godspeed, and thank you for everything, Ma'am.

Karen - Brawley
2022-09-13 17:45:22

The world is a darker place without your presence in it.
Thank you for your unwavering service to the Common Wealth.

May your soul rest in a place of eternal refreshment, light and peace.
God, Save The Queen 

Debbie - Burnaby British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:45:09

I was present when Her Majesty visited UBC in 1983, and I almost literally bumped into her! I’d seen her appear at the entrance to the Hospital…As I walked into the front foyer on the way back to work, I stopped in my tracks as our paths were about to cross…I froze, and noticed a sweet smile on her face as she continued past…I’ll never forget that moment meeting her. It was so calming in her presence, a beautiful lady!…she will be missed as a fabric of our society

Joanne - Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:45:00

Our deepest condolence to the Royal Family , and I thank what she did to our Country. I lived in the UK. One of my children was born in the UK. I am terribly sad that we have lost our Queen.

Biled - Winnipeg Manitoba
2022-09-13 17:44:56

Thank you for all your years of service and dedication.

Josephine - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-13 17:44:35

My sincere condolences on the passing of her majesty the Queen and your loving mother/grandmother. She was an amazing woman and queen and will be in our hearts always. Her passing has been felt all over the world and we all mourn with you. Sending my love all the way from Peterborough Ontario Canada.

Sara - Peterborough Ontario
2022-09-13 17:44:20

For all that you were and all that you did I give thanks. The day of your coronation remains a fond memory of my youth. You embodied the very best of humankind. RIP.

Cathie - Coquitlam, Canada
2022-09-13 17:44:15

Thank you for your amazing duty and service. You will be missed by many

Laura Fuser - Ontario
2022-09-13 17:44:14

You will be missed, dear Queen

Shelley - Carleton, Nova Scotia
2022-09-13 17:44:01

My deepest condolences to the whole royalty family members

Christine - Sudbury Ontario Canada
2022-09-13 17:43:44

Always my Queen.

Roy Hunter - Thorndale ont, Canada
2022-09-13 17:43:40

Very Saddened by her passing away. She was a very hard working Monarch.

Anthony - Camrose Alberta Canada
2022-09-13 17:43:19

Thank you for your many years of service to our country.
You will be greatly missed 
Much love n respect 

Valerie - Oshawa, Ontario Canada
2022-09-13 17:43:18

Queen Elisabeth was a strong woman who rose up in a world led by tradition and protocol. Her reign is an inspiration to all young women around the world that they also can succeed in a world ruled mostly by men. I would like to express my condolences to the royal family and wish her highness a well deserved Rest In Peace.

Eric-Christian - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-13 17:43:04

You were a shinning example of calm and wisdom, loved the world over. My condolences to the family of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Dianne Ramsay - Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-13 17:42:55

Thank you for doing so much for the people. Your smile will be missed. God bless the Queen and long live the King.

Marian - Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:42:43

An amazing women who served not only her country but the whole world in many years of distinguished service. Condolences to the family and rest in peace.

Darryl - Prince George, BC
2022-09-13 17:42:43

Tout mes condoléances pour cette reine

Zahouani - Montréal Québec
2022-09-13 17:42:32

Her Majesty. The queen. Has been a source of major pride for Canada, Britain and the commonwealth. Having served in World war 2 she was a living testament to the long and strong heritage of the English people. She will be missed as a great example, a symbol of history and a wonderful human.

Mohammad - Vancouver. BC
2022-09-13 17:42:29

Thank you for everything you did for us all RIP dear Queen Elizabeth

Norma - St thomas ON
2022-09-13 17:42:21

Queen Elizabeth, you have served your country and the world with grace, kindness and May you always be remembered!

Rosa - Langley, BC
2022-09-13 17:41:42

My deepest condolences to the children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of the Queen. I know how they are feeling. My mom passed away this past February. She was 94 years old. May the Queen RIP

Mena - Montreal, QC
2022-09-13 17:41:40

My sincere condolences to the Royal family. Rest in peace your Majesty, you will be missed.

Margaret - Kars, New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:41:40

May H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, rest in peace, for a life of service, duty, and dignity.

Danielle - Lachine, Quebec
2022-09-13 17:41:37

Thank you for your service to the Commonwealth. You are a great example of grace, honour & selfless service. Thank you & rest well Ma'am.

Carol - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:41:25

Rest In Peace, thank you for everything that you did

Ruchira - Winnipeg Manitoba
2022-09-13 17:41:19

Sending my condolences to the Queen's family and close friends during this tough period. Thank you for all you did during your time and may you rest in peace.

Stephen - Langley, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:41:18

We will miss her majesty.

Iva - Barrie Ontario
2022-09-13 17:41:00

’m sorry I could not convey my condolences in person. She was so nice for everyone.

Rahila Asad - Cambridge, Toronto
2022-09-13 17:40:52

You have and always will be my one and only Queen. Rest In Peace.

Patricia - Ottawa
2022-09-13 17:40:42

Mes sincères condoléances à la famille royale et aux Canadiens qui vivent ce deuil.

Nathalie - Thurso
2022-09-13 17:40:14

RIP Queen Elizabeth. You will be missed. You are now reunited with your Prince Philip.

Connie - London Ontario
2022-09-13 17:40:11

Gone but never forgotten. Thank you for your incredible service.

Victoria - Kamloops, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:40:01

You will be missed. Rest In Peace.

Jacques Laplante - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:39:45

My heartfelt sympathy on the death of our Queen. Growing up in NL my Grandparents and Parents respected our Queen and the Monarch. My siblings and I were taught the same respect and I have carried my love for her through my adult life. May she Rest In Peace.
God Save The King.

Charlotte Mombourquette - North Sydney, Nova Scotia
2022-09-13 17:39:45

On behalf of my Mother (Shirley - who had the good fortune to resemble Her Majesty in her youth), and myself, I wish to express my deepest condolences to the Royal Family. I also wish to express our family's gratitude to Her Majesty, for her lifetime of service to ALL Canadians. May she rest in well-deserved peace. God Bless the Queen, and God Save the King.

Gordon - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-13 17:39:30

I wish my deepest condolences to the family...she will be missed

Albert Pellerin - Mattawa Ontario
2022-09-13 17:39:11

You were an amazing inspiration to us all.

Norman - St thomas ON
2022-09-13 17:39:04

May Her Majesty Rest in Peace
My thoughts and prayers go to her family at this most difficult time

Mary - Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:39:03

Such a prestigious ambassador, you served us proud. Rest in peace.

Rik A - Salisbury, New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:38:42

Heartbroken at the loss of our dear Queen. I will miss her!
Thank you, your majesty for your dedication and love of Canada.

Donna - Trenton, Nova Scotia
2022-09-13 17:38:22

Thank you, Queen Elizabeth for your many years of dedication and being an icon of dignity, perseverance and calmness. As a Canadian, I felt great pride in having such a mighty figure being connected to our country. The world has lost a truely wonderful leader. Rest in peace.

Jeffrey Hon-Ming Lau - Markham, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:38:10

Not unexpected, but a loss none the less. The queen was much admired for her dedication to duty and the commonwealth. She will be greatly missed as a constant in our lives.

Joan - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-13 17:38:01

Rest in peace and thank you for years of dedicated service,

Pauline - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:37:54

Never met the Queen but she seemed to be a wonderful lady. May she rest in peace.

Carla - Pickering,Ontario
2022-09-13 17:37:53

Rest In Peace

Tracy - Moncton, New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:37:43

My sincere condolences, my thoughts and prayers are with the Royal family at the very sad passing of our Queen.

Hei - Richmond BC
2022-09-13 17:37:36

May your soul finally rest in peace.

Chaty - Milton , ON
2022-09-13 17:37:22

I was very sad when I learned that Queen Elizabeth II had died. I admired her for her devotion to duty and loved her for the sacrifices she made to fulfil her duties. I would like to send my condolences to King Charles and to all her family. I know they will miss her dearly.

Susan - Dundas, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:37:21

Your passing is a huge loss to the UK, the Commonwealth, and the world at large. You were a stabilizing and comforting voice. You will surely be missed. I pray for God's peace and comfort for the family.

Rest In Perfect Peace HRM

Tam - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:37:13

Thank you for your service.
My deepest sympathies to the Royal family.

Kay - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-13 17:36:58

May you continue your watch over us all from the Heaven above. R.I.P you will be missed.

Debbie - United States
2022-09-13 17:36:43

With sympathy to all the Royal family and the United Kingdom's people. With love to the Queen's memory. May her soul rest in peace.

Rosario Rodriguez Linan - Montréal, Québec.
2022-09-13 17:36:30

So sorry about the Queen , she will be missed & she was a beautiful woman

Susan - Cox’s Cove Newfoundland
2022-09-13 17:36:22

RIP, dear Queen. You will be missed. Thank you for your service.

Mary T. Ross - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-13 17:35:59

God save the queen.

Cicelly - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:35:57

Mourning the loss of a steadfast leader, a devoted matriarch, and an icon.

Alexandra - Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:35:17

My thoughts and prayers go out to all the members of the royal family and those who are impacted by the loss of her Majesty. She made a positive impact on so many and her loss will be felt for a long time. I hope she is at peace with her beloved

Diana VanderVliet - Hagersville, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:34:49

My condolences on your loss of our beloved Queen.

Maria - Cornwall, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:34:45

Mes plus sincères condoléances a la famille royale

Sylvie - Gatineau, Quebec
2022-09-13 17:34:34

Rest in peace

Andrew - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:34:06

My sympathies to Her Majesty's family. And my thanks for her many years of service, and general light. May you rest well.

Amanda - Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:34:00

Rest in peace to her majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Thank you for the grace you displayed during such a transformative Era.

David - Victoria, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:33:53

Condolences to the Royal Family, May Her Majesty Rest in Peace.

Leanne - Armstrong BC Canada
2022-09-13 17:33:50

Rest In Peace your Majesty

Pam - Charters Settlement, NB
2022-09-13 17:33:48

I am 67. You have been my Queen my entire life. You have been a sparkling example of leadership,humility, dignity and love throughout your reign. May God Bless you for everything you have given the world. The world will be less bright without you here. RIP my dear Queen.

John - Emeryville California USA
2022-09-13 17:33:21

We will miss the Queen, she was an inspiration to all.

Brooklyn & Kristopher - Tillsonburg, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:33:09

Her Majesty served with great dignity and devotion. Having met her as part of the Canadian Foreign Service delegation was a great honour and privilege. May we all serve humanity with such strength and calm.

Rhona - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:33:02

A sad day for this retired CAF Commissioned Officer. HM exemplified the ideals of service, duty, and fortitude as well as a living reminder of tradition and stability. She will be sorely missed.

God Save the King

Shane - Kelowna BC
2022-09-13 17:32:50

My deepest sympathy to all members of Her Majesty’s family. The world has lost an icon

Joanne - Sparwood, BC
2022-09-13 17:32:49

Rest in peace, Your Majesty, our beautiful Queen! My deepest condolences to the Royal Family at this sad time.

Marita - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:32:40

I will continue to serve you, your heirs, and successors even after your passing. Rest in peace, your majesty.

Lin - British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:32:00

It is with outstanding admiration I send my condolences.

Jessica - Ottawa Ontario
2022-09-13 17:31:25

It is with ultimate sadness that we all bear the death of a cherished life. Queen Elizabeth will always be in my heart and mind as the most respected, loved and honoured women in the world. Her whole being was to do the world a world of good. My profound sympathies to the family and the Nation. We have all lost a jewel, but she rests in peace.

Wayne - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-13 17:31:25

I was saddened to hear of the Queen’s passing. She was an amazing Queen and will be missed terribly around the world.

Elizabeth - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:31:23

Happy trails, your Maj.

Aali - North Vancouver, BC
2022-09-13 17:31:21

Condolences to the Royal Family on the loss of such a wonderful Queen, mom, and grandmother. You will be missed Rest In Peace

Henrietta - Grimsby Ontario Canada
2022-09-13 17:31:11

HRH Queen Elizabeth II,
You will be so missed. Thank you for you undeniable dedication to your people, it meant so much to all of us. All my Love, Christine xo

Christine - Surrey, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:31:04

I will always cherish greeting/welcoming you to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia in 1994.
Thank you for your gracious years of service, you will be missed.
May you rest in peace..
God save the Queen.

Noreen - Sydney, Nova Scotia
2022-09-13 17:31:02

RIP you will always be remembered,
You have left a mark to so many.
Love from my family 

Virginia & Luc - Port Colborne, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:30:46

Rest In Paradise Your Highness.

Kevin - Sudbury Ontario
2022-09-13 17:30:36

Makes me smile to think of you reunited with Prince Philip.

Alan Sansome - San Antonio, TX
2022-09-13 17:30:00

Coming from a long line of Royal Patriots, Her Majesty's absence will be felt for the remainder of my life. For me, it will always be "God save the Queen"

Sandra - St. Catharine's, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:29:50

You will be remembered fondly as a queen who reigned with dignity and loyalty to your subjects. Your service will not be forgotten.

Chris - Port Coquitlam
2022-09-13 17:29:33

Thank you for your example of dedication, your Majesty! Your name and life will carry on.

Camila - Lethbridge, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:29:32

Condolences to all the royal family, I am honored to have gone through part of history with our Queen, may she rest in peace and thank you for your royal service to all through these historical years.

Helena W - Mackenzie, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:29:20

Your memories will be cherished and you will be deeply missed.

Rosemary - Tillsonburg, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:28:59

Queen Elizabeth II was a grand lady. Whenever the world was in turmoil, the Queen was an island of calm. Thank you for 70 years of service and hard work right up to the end. The Queen has more than earned her rest. We will meet again down the road.
Deepest sympathy and love to King Charles III and the rest of the royal family.

Katherine - Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:28:57

My condolences to all the Royal family.

Darlene - Bonshaw PEI
2022-09-13 17:28:54

It is with a heavy heart that I say Farewell my Queen, you’ve done an exceptional job as Canada’s Queen! I so appreciated your commitment to Serve. Rest well QE2.

Helen - Victoria, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:28:37

Deepest condolences to the family of Her Majesty The Queen.

Sulabh - Ontario
2022-09-13 17:28:29

Condolences to the queens family . God bless you all

Dianne - Saint john Newbrunswick
2022-09-13 17:28:27

Thank you so much for being a guiding light across your kingdoms and realms throughout all my years of life so far! Rest In Peace.

Izzie T. - Quebec
2022-09-13 17:28:15

Condolences to the royal family. Our Queen served with dignity and class for over 70 years. She will live on in the hearts of Canadians, the UK and all her other commonwealth’s. Rest in eternal peace your majesty.

Jennifer - Moncton New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:27:46

You are now with your man. Watch over us all like you did on earth.

Vonda - Fredericton NB
2022-09-13 17:27:39

From this humble soul to the family of our late Queen. May your memories be of the good times and lessons learned from our wise Monarch. King Charles III, may your reign be long and fair.
Love to each of you, her family.

Beverley - Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada
2022-09-13 17:27:09

Thank you for your service to England and the commonwealth. You will be remembered as a Queen with resolve, grace, love of country and dedication to her family. God save the Queen.

Beverly - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:27:07

My deepest sympathy and condolences lie with the Queen's family. Her reign was extraordinary and truly reflective of the person she was. The world is a different place now that she has joined her beloved husband once again.

Wendy Gillespie - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:26:53

I'd like to express my condolences to the Royal Family. The Queen's leadership has been an inspiration and a symbol of grace and strength for us all. RIP Queen Elizabeth

Sue - Oakville, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:26:52

My sincerest condolences to the Royal Family at this time. You have my deepest sympathy and unwavering support. Wishing all of you peace, comfort, courage, and lots of love at this time of sorrow.

Tracy - Salmon Arm, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:26:50

sympathy to the royal family.
She was an amazing queen to the last day. May King Charles follow in her footsteps.
Rest in peace precious lady.

Denise - Sault Ste Marie Ontario
2022-09-13 17:26:44

Condolences to the Royal Family.

Christine - Burnaby, BC
2022-09-13 17:26:34

Thank-you for your example of courage, duty, humor, and love, Your Majesty. May we all learn from it.

Jewel - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2022-09-13 17:26:11

May Soul rest in eternal peace, Ameen.

Mohamed Murji - Chilliwack, BC.
2022-09-13 17:26:06

Thank you for your will be missed...Rest In Eternal Peace

Rebecca - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:26:05

Thank you for your dedication and service of duty. May you rest peacefully.

Kimberly - Stouffville, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:25:39

My sincere condolences. In my life, I had the privilege of seeing our Queen and other members of the royal family during their visits to New Brunswick. Everywhere we have reminders of the relationship to the Queen. She was such a treasure and will be forever remembered and missed.

Jillian Elizabeth Howarth - Saint John, New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:25:38

Our deepest condolences to the family of Queen Elizabeth II. May her memory be eternal.

Rubina - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-13 17:25:28

J’aimerais souhaiter à la famille Royale nos plus sincères condoléances et vœux de sympathie. Travailler au sein de l’ACIA en son nom pour la protection des citoyens et citoyennes canadiens me permet de remplir mon sens de l’appel au service pour mon pays qu’est le Canada. Sa majesté la Reine a toujours été un bel exemple d’accomplissement de service pour les gens des pays du Commonwealth et du reste de la planète à mes yeux.

Christine - Gatineau, Qc
2022-09-13 17:25:16

Love and prayers

Genita - Regina, Saskatchewan
2022-09-13 17:25:10

We miss you our queen

Linneka - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-13 17:24:54

My deepest condolences to the Royal family on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. She was wonderful woman who will be greatly missed by the world. King Charles 111 will make a wonderful King! 

Leslie - White Rock B.C.
2022-09-13 17:24:41

On behalf of our school, I want to express my sorrow on the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. In addition to being Canada’s head of state, she was also the patron of TFS since 1980, and a supporter of our bilingual program. She truly embodied the values that help define who we are as a school and the characteristics we want our students to have, namely, integrity, discernment, respect and engagement.


Norman - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:24:06

Our Condolences to the Royal Family. The Queen, her Majesty was an inspiration, thank you for your many years of service.

Elizabeth & Alyre - Rothesay, N.B.
2022-09-13 17:24:04

Thank you your Majesty Queen Elizabeth2
I am very greatfull and pleased to have such a strong remarkable woman to lead us canadians over the decades. You have served us well and will always be admired for your strong dedication .

Debra - Lethbridge , Alberta
2022-09-13 17:23:59

Her Majesty the Queen
was an always present in my life. as an adult i Joined the Military and Later Law enforcement. I have sworn allegiance to the Queen several times. her presence in our military traditions, in our justice system, and in our hearts. Always to be bound by my oaths I always have taken great care and respect to the crown. may she rest in peace and ever be in our hearts. God Save the Queen

Tyler - Terrace, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:23:41

My deepest condolences go out to the Royal family on the passing of their beloved mother. My thoughts and prayers are with family, friends, and all peoples who knew her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

Lynette - Aurora Ontario
2022-09-13 17:23:32

Thank you for your inspirational dedication to your duty. Rest in Peace. Love and Hugs.

Jodi - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:23:08

My sympathies to the family and to the Nations that adored and respected her. She was our Monarch and she brought dignity and strength to our Country. She will be missed but will remain in our hearts for the rest of our days. God Bless the Queen

Kimberley Murray-Atkinson - Shediac, New Brunswick, Canada
2022-09-13 17:23:05

So very sorry for your loss

Shelley - Saint john NB
2022-09-13 17:23:01

My heart breaks for the Royal family, and all who love our beautiful Queen, in Great Britain, the Commonwealth and the world. Her Majesty pledged that she would serve the people all her life, she certainly did, with constant Grace. She was always in my life, in my country of birth, to my life here in Canada since 1977. She felt like a family member who was always there. She was always loved and respected. Thank you for all you have done in the 70+ years you reigned. RIP Ma’am! xxx

Cecilie Ann Backhouse - Parkland County, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:22:59

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family and all the people who are touched by the Queen's passing. She was a remarkable and strong leader. Even though the world was fast changing, she remained a constant. She will be dearly missed. God Save the King!

Adam - Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:22:51

Thank you for being a rock of unchanging traditional while also being able to allow new traditions to develop. Thank you also for your charity work and making a difference in people's lives. Rest in peace.

Susanna - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:22:31

Her Royal Highness was such a beautiful person of poise and character. IT was a true blessing to have you as head of my home country.

Rebecca Upton - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:21:23

We appreciated everything you have done during your service to our nation. May your soul now Rest In Peace 

McFarlane Family - Nauwigewauk/ New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:20:54

Condolences. She was a woman of class , elegance , determination and loyalty

Janice Bounader - Ontario
2022-09-13 17:20:44

My deepest sympathies to the royal family in this time of loss.

Brian Boudreau - Plantagenet,Ontario
2022-09-13 17:20:07

To Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II:

Thank you for your lifelong, faithful service to the U.K., Canada and the commonwealth. I greatly admire your courage, dedication, strength, leadership and love for your country. I hope one day I would be able to lead, serve and support with those characteristics. Your life has served an example for all.

God bless you and your family.


Emily - Woodbridge, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:20:06

My deepest and sincerest condolences to The Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth II was the only Monarch many us have known in our lifetime. She was a great and exemplary example of a world leader. She was a people person. Her dress and deportment was always memorable. Thank you for your dedication and devotion to our Country. You will be greatly missed. God Bless. RIP Your Majesty.

Rhonda - Waasis, New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:20:05

Merci, à vous sa Majesté d'avoir si bien tenue les reines de vos sujets avec respect et dignité pour un si long mandat.

Chapeau, bonne route à vous.

Lina - Gatineau,Québec
2022-09-13 17:19:53

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family. Thank-you Your Majesty for your dedication to the Commonwealth and beyond.

Darlene Caldwell - Saint John, New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:19:33

Thank-you Your Majesty, may you rest in peace. As young girl, I seen you and your family in 1970 in Portage. Sincere condolences to your family.

Barbara - Portage la Prairie Manitoba
2022-09-13 17:19:20

May your passing be known by all, may you be remember by all, you reigned an amazing term and will always be known as the Queen to me.

Taylor - Innisfail Alberta
2022-09-13 17:19:19

Rest in Peace Ma'am You will be missed, Thank You for your 70 years of dedication to serve the people with Grace and Dignity, your sense of humour in a very difficult position is what I will hold close to my Heart

Cathy - Mississauga, On
2022-09-13 17:19:15

In good times and bad, she never lost her capacity to smile and laugh, nor to inspire others with her warmth and kindness.

Irene - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:18:57

God bless her soul and rest in peace dear Queen

Abdirehman - Calgary ab
2022-09-13 17:18:52

Our heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family on the loss of your mother, grandmother and great grandmother. The Queen was a truly remarkable woman who devoted her life to all of us. She was a steady hand on the helm no matter how troubled the times. We will miss her.

Shelley, Bob, Arwen, David, Colin, Sofia - Victoria, B.C.
2022-09-13 17:18:51

While on tour, the Queen often spoke of coming "home to Canada," a country beloved by all the Royal Family. Her Majesty is now part of our glorious history. May King Charles III and his heirs remain part of our bright future.

Jean-David - Kingston / Ontario
2022-09-13 17:18:51

My deepest consolation to the Royal family in this time of grief. My thoughts and prays 

Kimberly - Hamilton
2022-09-13 17:18:30

My deepest condolences & Prayers to the whole Royal Family on the passing of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth the second The Second into the presence of her Lord & King.
Praying that God's ministering Angels will bring peace, comfort & encouragement during this journey of loss & Grief

KEVIN Paul Durant - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-13 17:18:24

You are always loved and never forgotten. May your soul Rest In Peace.

Annaliza - Rodgers Cove, Newfoundland and Labrador
2022-09-13 17:18:07

Very saddened to hear about the loss of Her Majesty the Queen. My thoughts and condolences go out to the Royal Family in the time of Greif

Louise - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:18:04

My great grandmother was named after Queen Elizabeth and in turn my daughter’s middle name is Elizabeth! Rest In Paradise 

Melissa - St. John’s Newfoundland
2022-09-13 17:17:47

RIP Majesté la reine Élisabeth II mes condoléances à la famille ainsi qu’à toutes et à tous 

Pedrita - Québec Québec
2022-09-13 17:17:45

As a little girl, we drove from Prince Albert to Saskatoon to see you. It was an exciting day. Throughout my life, I watched you and admired your strength, grace, and bravery. You were an amazing role model for women and families everywhere. May you be in peace and heaven. Thank you for your life service. God save the Queen! <3 <3 <3

Kimby - Spruce Home, SK
2022-09-13 17:17:36

I wish my sincerest condolences to the Royal Family during this time of mourning. I hope Her Majesty may Rest In Peace.

Hailey - Saint John
2022-09-13 17:17:35

You will be deeply missed your Majesty the Queen 

Bibi Wjgr - Quebec
2022-09-13 17:17:35

Eternal rest grant unto her, O Lord. May we remember gratefully the gift she has been to us as our Sovereign Lady.

Gillian - Brampton Ontario
2022-09-13 17:17:32

My deepest condolences to the royal family. The Queen was such a constant in our lives, it’s hard to believe she’s passed.

Heather - New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:17:21

My family and I send our sincere condolences and warm remembrance on the event of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. I was fortunate to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Victory in Europe Day in the company of the Queen (albeit from a distance). The Queen was a constant beacon of hope, tribute and strength to all those who gave so much in service to their country.

Heather - North Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:17:16

My deepest sympathies to the family of Queen Elizabeth II. Queen Elizabeth has been a constant in my life, taught from an early age who she was and what she was to all Canadians. She was such a beautiful lady and will be truly missed by many. RIP Your Majesty

Carolyn - Tignish, Prince Edward Island
2022-09-13 17:16:49

Sending heartfelt condolences during this very sad time.

Lavinia & Harold - St. John's Newfoundland
2022-09-13 17:16:30

My condolences to the Royal Family.

Andrea - Mission, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:16:30

Your calm and your kindness will be missed. Thank you for the years of service.

Diana - Ontario
2022-09-13 17:16:24

You have been and will continue to be an unsurpassable model of dedication, compassion, courage and generosity for all girls and women. Thank you for gracing our lives.

Mavis - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:16:17

Repose en paix la reine Elisabeth II.
Vous avez laisser un grand vide difficile à combler.
Mes sincères condoléances.

Gousmane Salifou - Niger
2022-09-13 17:16:16

My family celebrated joyously, the Queen's coronation in 1953 with flags and pictures on our front veranda in Toronto, Ontario. We also witnessed the fly pass over Toronto that day with such excitement and awe. It is a very sad time now for the world, our Queen will be sadly missed. Long Live the King.
My condolences to the Queens family in this difficult time.

Sheila - Brampton, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:15:49

My deepest condolences to the Royal family and relatives of the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. May her soul rest in eternal peace. Thank you Her Majesty.

Omkar - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:15:21

You will be missed dearly by myself, my family, all of Canada and the world. Rest well and be at peace with your husband.

Stephen - Moncton, Nee Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:15:03

RIP, Ma'am

Mayflower - Vancouver
2022-09-13 17:13:05

My father was a loyal soldier who died just days before her majesty only months older his life was very much inspired be her dedication and continuity thank you for your service to humanity

Michael - Calgary Alberta
2022-09-13 17:12:47

My deepest and heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family.
Queen Elizabeth was a wonderful example of grace, dignity and duty and she had such a lovely smile. I will truly miss her. May she rest in well-deserved peace.

Denise - Bowser, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:12:43

Bless her Majesty for all she has meant to our family. She will have a piece of my heart for all the days of my life.

Brenda - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:12:35

Une personne unique, un règne unique et une place unique dans les cœurs.

Rougui Ndiaye - Rimouski
2022-09-13 17:12:33

My condolences to the Royal Family.

Lorne - Richmond BC
2022-09-13 17:12:31

Queen Elizabeth was an amazing and wonderful lady. She will be greatly missed. Sending lots of hugs and prayers to her family.

Suzanne McKinnon - Port Elgin, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:12:31

Sending my deepest condolences and love to the Royal Family during this difficult time.

Valerie - St. John's Newfoundland
2022-09-13 17:12:26

My deepest sympathies to the Royal Family and the people of the United Kingdom. Her Majesty will be very much missed by all, including myself. Although few of us really knew Her Grace, her presence was so grand and memorable that she became an important part of our lives for very many years. My sadness at her loss is as deep as if for a family member. However, I take comfort in thinking that her arduous journey is over and that she can now relax and be herself without restrictions.

Denise - Gatineau, Quebec
2022-09-13 17:12:09

Sending my deepest condolences to the Royal Family.

Julie - Bridgewater, Nova Scotia
2022-09-13 17:12:00

This is a sad day for the world. Whether you support the monarchy, or not, a strong, amazing woman is gone. She was a calm, steadying force over the years. She has been Queen my entire life… May she Rest In Peace… God save King Charles III.

REDA. ABDUSALAM - Hamilton. Ontario. Canada
2022-09-13 17:11:55

The Queen was a wonderful leader who exemplified duty and service.

England, the UK, we in Canada, the Commonwealth and the world were fortunate to have her.

God bless the Queen and her family!

Alexander Simonelis - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-13 17:11:41

My family and I are sending all royal family members love and prayers during this time of mourning. Her majesty will be missed.

Jennifer - Moncton, New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:11:28

Please accept my deepest condolences on the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. She was an amazing Monarch and an inspiration to us all........

YAN - Toronto
2022-09-13 17:10:46

For so many people and Corgis Her Majesty has been a beacon . I have been so impressed by how the Royal Family and all Britons have joined together to celebrate her life. Thank you for having shared her life with people around the world.

Margaret - Porter’s Lake , Nova Scotia
2022-09-13 17:10:43

My thoughts and prayers are with the Royal family at the very sad passing of our Queen. All my life the Queen has been a stable in my life.
To her Majesty, thank you for your years of service to this great nation. Your unwavering strength and dedication to duty and country has been an inspiration to us all. May god bless and keep you. To the family, I am so very sorry for the loss of, not only your mother, but also your Queen xx

KathyBC - Victoria
2022-09-13 17:10:43

RIP Queen Elizabeth II. Your loss is felt all around the world.

Joanne - Ottawa, ON
2022-09-13 17:10:36

Our Queen spent her life serving us. May she Rest In Peace now. Thank you Ma’am.

Ed and Leigh - Surrey BC
2022-09-13 17:10:32

You will always have a place in our hearts.

Yangsoo - Coquitlam BC
2022-09-13 17:10:29

Sincerest condolences to the royal family on the loss of Her Majesty. Her memory will endure. May she rest in peace.

Jeanelle - North Vancouver, BC
2022-09-13 17:10:13

Thank you for everything you did to make this world a better place...Say hi to everyone in Heaven !

David - Ottawa
2022-09-13 17:10:05

I believe that monarchs, as are other leaders, placed thence by God Almighty. While the royals of our age do not have the absolute power that was once given them by divine providence, they are nonetheless an important part of our way of life and heritage. I pray that the Queen is resting at the foot of the Almighty and I thank her for her tireless service. The realm will miss thee, Elizabeth.

John - Courtice, ON
2022-09-13 17:09:50

My condolence to The Royal Family.

Akash - Abbotsford, B.C.
2022-09-13 17:09:50

My deepest condolences on the death of Queen Elizabeth.

Kathleen Hayes - North Sydney,Nova Scotia Canada
2022-09-13 17:09:45

Rest peacefully beautiful Queen Elizabeth.
You will be missed beyond measure.
God save the Queen.

Wendy and Kent - Sydney, Nova Scotia
2022-09-13 17:09:26

Thank you for everything you have done for the World to make it a better place her Highness; you will be solely missed. Praying for your Souls Peaceful Journey to the World Hereafter. Will see you on the other side.

Sadiq & Fatima - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:09:20

I love you soooooooooooooo much

John - Vancouver BC
2022-09-13 17:09:18

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family. What a wonderful Queen and a true example of duty and service. RIP M'aam.

Stephanie - Victoria, BC
2022-09-13 17:09:01

My deepest condolences

Lori - Sudbury Ontario
2022-09-13 17:08:58

Sorry to hear of this majestic lady's passing. Her strong character, legacy and dedication will be remembered for years in our hearts and in history.

Elizabeth and John - Airdrie Alberta
2022-09-13 17:08:48

My sincere condolences to the family and the people of the world who grieve for her. I remember seeing a portrait of Queen Elizabeth when I was a child and I have admired her since. A remarkable lady indeed. May she rest in peace.

Carmen - Sherwood Park, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:08:33

Rest peace queen Elizabeth.

Bruce wilson - St Thomas ont canada
2022-09-13 17:08:28

Thank you mam for your dedication and love for the UK and her communities. You will be missed.

Alexander - New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:08:19

Your contributions and commitment in the 70 years you were Queen were remarkable. Thank you!

Daniela Barber - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:07:44

Rest in Piece Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II , you served our country well you will be missed

Janet Cormier - Moncton,New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:07:32

You will very much be missed. Thankyou for your dedication and service. Rest in peace.

Suzette - Yorkton, SK
2022-09-13 17:07:27

With deepest sympathy for the loss of our great Queen and to thank her for over 70 years of faithful service.

Ina and Paul Scholfield - Nobel, wOntario
2022-09-13 17:07:24

Thank you, Queen Elizabeth II for your lifetime of service! When I lived in Windsor UK, it was always a nice thought that you lived close by. My husband who is from Windsor recalls fond memories of you coming to his school and making the time to visit with all the students. Rest in peace

Amy Cross - Langley, BC
2022-09-13 17:07:11

My deepest condolences to your family

Melissa - Quispamsis, New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:06:58

Thank you for the beautiful legacy, prayers for your eternal rest and may you keep guiding the monarchy with your love and devotion.

Nancy - Regina
2022-09-13 17:06:47

My sincere sympathies on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was an extraordinary person whose selfless dedication and devotion to public duty were remarkable. The world has lost a shining light of hope. My thoughts and prayers are with her family during this incredibly difficult time.

Glenda - Stittsville, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:06:46

Thank you, your majesty.

Isaac - Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-13 17:06:43

I was shocked and stunned to hear of the Queen's death and have been mourning her passing since. I have always admired her selfless commitment to duty and her service to the Commonwealth and I have prayed for her (according to the Book of Common Prayer with which she herself grew up) my whole life. May she rest in blessed peace with those who have gone before her.

Jane - Rankin Inlet, NU
2022-09-13 17:06:37

In memory of my Mom who passed away not long ago who adored the Queen and took a fantastic picture of her when she visited Miramichi NB years ago which still hangs proudly in the family home!

Janice & John Wrigley - Moncton New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:06:35

The passing of our Queen is a significant historical moment in time. Condolences to all the family and her close friends who mourn the loss.

Colleen Macknak-Edwards - Mill Bay, British Columbia, Canada
2022-09-13 17:06:35

Our sincere condolences to the Queen's family staff and close friends and to all our fellow neighbors who were privileged to have her as their Queen. May you now rest in peace and enjoy Heavenly dances now that you can be reunited with your love.

Tina n Dennis - Oromocto, New Brunswick
2022-09-13 17:06:08

Thank you to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for a lifetime of dedication to service and condolences to the Royal Family at this difficult time.

Alicia - Tsawwassen, BC
2022-09-13 17:06:03

The dedication with which The Queen devoted most of her life to the service of others is truly remarkable and admirable. My condolences to the family for their loss.

Sheena - Saskatoon, Saskatchean
2022-09-13 17:05:58

Rest In Peace!

H Gill - Brampton
2022-09-13 17:05:52

Rest in peace our Queen.

Terezia - Cambridge, ON
2022-09-13 17:05:45

Rest in peace Your Majesty, you will always be in our hearts...

Ana - Calgary, AB
2022-09-13 17:05:37

My deepest sympathies to the royal family for your loss. I hope you get time to grieve privately and rest. Queen Elizabeth II has been a part of my entire life. A great lady that I have admired and respected - she never wavered from the promise that she made. Life tested her many times and her devotion held strong. She was loved by so many people around the globe and we will miss her. May she rest in peace with her beloved husband, parents,
sister, and countless others that left before her.

THERESA - Barrie, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:05:19

Thank you for your life time of service and dedication. You kept your word to your people and nations, serving with dignity, honour and fulling the duty entrusted to you.

Jillian - Toronto
2022-09-13 17:05:08

The great queen has done great work in her lifetime. May she rest in peace

Jason - Richmond hill, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:04:54

My deepest condolences to the Royal family. May the Queen rest in peace and finally join the love of her life for the rest of eternity.

Stephanie - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:04:53

I’m terribly sad to hear of the passing of our Queen. She embodied such dignity, grace and an incredible sense of duty to all of us. I had the opportunity to see her twice which memories I will treasure. She will be sorely missed worldwide. God Save The King!

Susan - Aurora Ontario
2022-09-13 17:04:53

Thank you for your service. God love you,Rest in peace your majesty Queen Elizabeth. 

Martina - Rothesay NB
2022-09-13 17:04:46

Thank you and Rest In Peace.

Glenn - Québec, Canada
2022-09-13 17:04:40

You were an incredible woman, one that we can all look up to as a role model. I don't think we will ever see anyone like you again. Bless you.

Heidi - Squamish, BC
2022-09-13 17:04:34

My deepest condolences to the King Charles, and entire Royal family. May she rest in peace.

Shoushan - Cambridge, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:04:09

My deepest condolences.

Navneet - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:04:06

My dear Queen, you will be solely missed!

Sze-Ming Chan - Coquitlam BC Canada
2022-09-13 17:04:04

My heartfelt condolences go out to the family and loved ones of Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II; may you be spared further sorrow. She was the only queen I've ever known, and she did a fabulous job of it. Her memory will serve to remind us of what greatness can be.

Richard - Quebec
2022-09-13 17:04:00

Thank you , your majesty, for your many years of service to the country and the people. We will always remember you. R.I.P.

frances - COQUITLAM, B.C.
2022-09-13 17:03:56

Au nom de la société culturelle Beaubassin, je souhaite sincèrement que ces condoléances, vous étant offertes à titre de souverain monarque de notre peuple, ne soient les dernières auquel le peuple Acadien n’ai le malaise de commémorer en tant que sujets de votre institution.

“La meilleure façon de rayer le passé est d’enlumineur l’avenir.” -Antonine Maillet

Société culturelle Beaubassin - Pré des Bourg, Acadie
2022-09-13 17:03:54

My deepest condolences to the royal family. The Queen was such a constant in our lives, it’s hard to believe she’s passed.
Thank-you Your Majesty, may you rest in peace

Adham - Surrey BC
2022-09-13 17:03:51

My deepest condolences to the Royal family. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was a remarkable figure for our country. Will be truly be missed by all. RIP Her Majesty.

Paula - Oakville. Ontario
2022-09-13 17:03:45

I greatly admire her and her family. I only saw her once, when I was a child over 50 years ago. She appeared at the back of the train to wave to a group of us at the tracks. My grandmother walked me there especially to see the Queen. May she Rest In Peace.

Chantelle - Stouffville, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:03:41

Thank you and Rest In Peace.

Sandy - Québec, Canada
2022-09-13 17:03:32

It is with much love and sadness that I offer my deepest condolences to the Royal Family and all who are mourning our Glorious Queen Elizabeth II. She has been a beautiful example for all who serve. God Eternally Bless Our Queen

Donna Good-Nielsen - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-13 17:03:26

Your Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II , You were an inspiration and the most wonderful Queen I've known.

Pearl - Gatineau, Quebec
2022-09-13 17:03:25

Votre souvenir restera dans mon cœur pour toujours.

2022-09-13 17:03:17

My deepest condolences to her and the royal family

Vandan - Cambridge, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:03:02

To the Queen. You were and continue to be an inspiration to women around the world. May you rest in peace. Also, if you could say a quick hello to my grand-mother Murielle, I'm sure she would love to have a spot of tea with you. xo

Michèle - Navan, Ontario
2022-09-13 17:02:46


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