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I have always respected Queen Elizabeth for her devotion to her people and her country. She was a part of living history and her passing is the end of an era. May God bless her soul. My condolences to her children and grandchildren.

Heather - Walkerton, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:42:46

Honouring & Respecting the long life of service of Queen Elizabeth II.
Thank you to our Lady for her lifetime commitment to the Monarchy and for her tremendous example of a strong & gracious Woman.
Our deepest sympathies to the Royal Family.
May you be at Eternal Peace our Queen.

David & Valentina - Oakville, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:42:46

R.I.P. your Majesty and sincere condolences to the entire Royal Family

Anna - Moncton, New-Brunswick
2022-09-14 12:42:45

I was sadded by the death of Her Majesty The Queen. I expect the new King to continue the legacy

Jonathan - Momtreal, Quebec
2022-09-14 12:42:40

God bless you and thank
You for your unwavering service

Bonny Tess MacPhail - Calgary Alberta
2022-09-14 12:42:32

Mes plus sincères condoléances à la famille, les amis, le peuple de l'Angleterre. Bon courage à vous tous.

Diane - Quebec
2022-09-14 12:42:28

Thank you for watching over us all and being a shining light in turbulent times setting a wonderful example of duty and service to all people of the world. Steady King Charles III and blessings to all your family.

Catherine - Wellington, ON
2022-09-14 12:42:20

I wish to express our deep condolences to the Royal family. The Queen will be greatly missed. Thank you for a life time of service. May you RIP and long live the new King!

Terry - Bramalea, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:42:19

On behalf of myself and my husband, our sincerest condolences to The Royal Family upon the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.
Thank you Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II for your lifetime of service.

Jillian - Cambridge, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:42:06

My deepest condolences to the Royal family.

Lachlan - Blackie, Alberta
2022-09-14 12:41:39

God Bless Your Majesty!!

Linda - Maple Ridge British Columbia
2022-09-14 12:41:25

Queen Elizabeth II has always been my monarch. God Save the Queen was always sung in school etc. (before 1980). She worked hard in and for the Commonwealth and will be greatly missed.

Joilyn - Brampton, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:41:19

My condolences to the Royal family on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. May she rest in eternal peace.

Melanie - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-14 12:40:43

Our thoughts are with you Charles and the Royal family at this time of grief. Your Mom, Our Queen was devoted to truth honesty and the love of life and to the well being of all things on earth.
We pray for you Charles to continue on as your mother has done before you.
God bless our late Queen, God bless our King.

Margaret & Peter - Ontario
2022-09-14 12:40:28

Rest In Peace Your Majesty. You showed the world how to live with grace, beauty and power through many difficult times. As a wife, mother grandmother all the while a Queen. Thank You.

Norma Hergott - Waterloo Ontario
2022-09-14 12:40:22

Mes condoléances à la famille Royale et aux sujets de la couronne anglaise dans tous les pays de la communauté et de tous les royaumes.

Luis Corredor - Quebec
2022-09-14 12:40:10

As the Canadian son of an English war bride, I have always thought Queen Elizabeth was a paradigm of selflessness and civility which will be missed with her passing. Condolences to Britannia.

John - Hamilton Ontario
2022-09-14 12:40:04

My sincere condolences to all of Queen Elizabeth's family and friends. I have admired the Queen's class, style and sense of humour my entire life. It has always been obvious to me that she was both an ordinary and an extraordinary human being. Her memory will live on.

Tracey - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2022-09-14 12:40:02

You are a light that will shine forever. Your grace, courage and dignity will be greatly missed.

Dan - Ottawa
2022-09-14 12:39:31

Our sincere condolences for your loss.

Julie Bruno, Kristina Pallisco - Vaughan Ontario
2022-09-14 12:39:23

C'était une grande dame très discipliné, elle avait un grand sens du devoir et à toujours fait de son mieux pour faire son travail! Que Dieu est son âme!

Patrice - Montréal, province Québec
2022-09-14 12:39:22

Deeply saddened by the passing of our beloved Queen. It marks the end of the second Elizabethan era. She remained a beacon of stability and model of service to all.

Bryan - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:39:21

So very sorry for the loss of Elizabeth

Joanne - Coquitlam, BC
2022-09-14 12:39:09

You were my Queen since the day I was born! Thank you for everything!! You will always be my Queen in my heart!! R.I.P. Her Majesty!!

David - Las Vegas, Nevada USA
2022-09-14 12:38:29

Dear my Queen.
We're all very sadened by your passing. I am so very proud to have been born and raised in my kid years in England. Such a beautiful country with such a beautiful lady as Queen.
You'll never be forgotten or replaced 

Gemma - Qualicum Beach, British Columbia
2022-09-14 12:38:15

Your Majesty, Thank you for your service. I will miss you! We will be well served by your son, King Charles III.

Kevin - Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-14 12:37:50

The Queen was born the same year as my mother and I have always felt an unspoken connection to her as another mother figure. Her selfless commitment to duty and the demanding requirements of her position as monarch will always be an inspiration.

Meg - Nanaimo, British Columbia
2022-09-14 12:37:48

I have aways admired Queen Elizabeth's sense of duty and service, her curious mind, her humour, and her commitment and sacrifices. It is with great respect and affection that I wish her peace.

Susannah - London, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:37:24

Thank you for your devotion and service. An inspiration to us all.
My deepest condolences to all the royal family

Christine - Maple Ridge BC
2022-09-14 12:36:56

Hats off to you, dear Queen! Dedicating more than half of your life to the service of others is truly remarkable. Thank you!

Marissa - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-14 12:36:00

Thank you for all you have done in your reign and for being an amazing role model for women everywhere. Rest peacefully

Charlotte Currie - Smiths Falls, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:35:44

Mes sincères condoléances à la famille royale et aux peuples du Commonwealth.

Alain - Montréal, Québec
2022-09-14 12:35:40

My deepest condolences on the passing of Her Majesty The Queen. My thoughts and prayers are with the Royal family.

Amy - Gatineau, Quebec
2022-09-14 12:35:27

I shall miss your presence Queen Elizabeth.
I was seven at your coronation x

Jill - Leatherhead Surrey
2022-09-14 12:35:24

Thank you for your service. You were a fine Queen through out all your years. So regal and elegant. Rest in peace.

2022-09-14 12:35:12

May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace

lateef - Winnipeg Manitoba
2022-09-14 12:35:10

My family and I like to send our deepest condolences to the king family

Viji - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:35:06

Would like to send my deepest condolences to the Royal Family.
Be strong in faith, hope, love, kindness, courage, and in peace.
Be there for one another in this moment of grief.

May she Rest In Peace and join her beloved husband Prince Phillip .
May the Lord God be with you all and your angels protect you also in wisdom. May the Holy Mother be with you also.
Alexandra Salmaniw

Alexandra - Trenton, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-14 12:34:58

To the most courageous woman: Your guidance will always be with us. Thank you for shaping the world: Queen.

Shashank - Mississauga and Ontario
2022-09-14 12:34:44

I am deeply saddened by the loss of the queen!! She was truly a remarkable woman and the monarch won’t be the same without her!!

Brenda - Ingersoll, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:33:38

My deepest condolences to King Charles III and The Royal Family.
My thoughts and prayers are with you during this most sad time.
Rest in peace Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Melodie-Dianne - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:33:36

Rest in Peace. Thank you for your service.

Bonny - Courtenay, BC
2022-09-14 12:33:25

Just a note to thank you Ma'am for your many decades of loyal service. You are much loved and will be missed.

Candace - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:33:21

We wish to express our sincere condolences to the Royal Family. We are forever grateful for your devoted service to your country, to Canada and the Commonwealth.
You have been the only sovereign we've ever known. You'll be dearly missed. Rest in peace.

Melanie - Oshawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:33:19

I have been singing your praises from the day I started school in 1969 ..God save our gracious Queen ..God keeps his You can reside in your heavenly mansion that God has prepared for you ..Amen ...Thank you for your Life of Service.. God save our gracious King..May God watch over your family ...

James William Gilmore - New Brunswick
2022-09-14 12:32:49

Condolences on the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. It is, sadly, the end of an era.

John & Evelyn - Carbonear, NL
2022-09-14 12:32:36

Queen Elizabeth has been the epitome of a leader, mother, and grandparent. My sympathies and prayers are with her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and all other family members. She has set a great example for us, but I especially admire her for her "motherly role" to William and Harry when they lost their own mum. God has blessed us with her lengthy time on earth, and now she gets to enjoy eternal life in heaven with her loved ones.

Janice - Lion's Head, ON
2022-09-14 12:32:14

Rest In Peace, you did more than enough for our world. Thank you and god speed!

crystal - Ontario
2022-09-14 12:32:00

My sincere condolences to the Royal family and I ask that heavenly angels send you strength during this difficult time. Queen Elizabeth II was such a strong, positive role model, loyal and dedicated. She will be missed by so many people all over the world but not forgotten. May you rest in peace.

Annick - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:31:57

My most deepest condolences to the Royal Family on your loss. The world will miss Her Majesty and is grateful for her great personal sacrifice and dedication to her role as a most beloved Queen.

Adriana - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:31:38

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family and those that held the Queen, dear. The Queen was a fantastic monarch and I am proud to have been her subject in both Canada and the United Kingdom.

Michael - Spallumcheen, British Columbia
2022-09-14 12:31:09

The queen was my hero, she will be missed by me everyday

Breadward - Wayne Alberta
2022-09-14 12:30:42

As the longest ruler of the kingdom you will be remembered for generations. Rest in Peace Your Majesty.

Meghan - British Columbia
2022-09-14 12:30:37

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was a faithful and good servant to God and the people of the Commonwealth. She had run the race and fought the fight with distinction. She lived a quality life right to the end. Now she may rest in the arms of her Lord. May God bless the King as He blessed the Queen!

Vicky - North Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-14 12:29:58

Paying homage
with heartfelt condolences on the death of our noble Queen. Who has inspired us, guided us with wisdom and courage more than our Queen, who has served more or better?

Carmelita - Fredericton
2022-09-14 12:29:55

Our condolences

Crystal - Ontario
2022-09-14 12:29:47

Thank you for all your devotion to us.

Elaine - Markham Ontario
2022-09-14 12:29:44

May Queen Elizabeth's dear soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.

Akwugo - Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:29:01

Your Majesty, it is hard to imagine the world without you in it. Yet, here we are. My most sincere thanks for your many years of service, always carried out with the utmost elegance and grace. Godspeed.

Jason - Moncton, NB
2022-09-14 12:29:00

My deepest condolences to you all. Rest in Peace beautiful Queen.

Kim - Medicine Hat Alberta, Canada
2022-09-14 12:28:58

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family in these hard times. May Her Majesty rest in peace alongside her loving husband.

Lucia - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-14 12:28:42

We are saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth II, who reigned for most of our lives. She was a wonderful example to everyone with her devotion to duty and her service to the UK and the Commonwealth. We will miss her.

Kent & Eleanor - Chilliwack, BC
2022-09-14 12:28:06

RIP Queen E

Matthew - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2022-09-14 12:27:42

My condolences to the Royal Family and the military members of the Commonwealth.
To my Colonel in Chief, Rest in Peace, your duty is done.
God Bless

MWO(ret'd) T. F. Ryan - ASHofC , Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:27:30

You will forever be in our hearts and never be forgotten. May you dance above the clouds with your Prince, the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip. Rest in Power Your Majesty, our beautiful Queen.

2022-09-14 12:27:30

My Deepest Sympathies to the Royal Family for the loss of such a great and inspirational woman. She was my grandmothers favourite celebrity and we lost her this year as well at the age of 92, Gowri Parameshwaram worshipped the Queen from a far from her youth in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka until her passing in Toronto, Canada, but she passed on the love of the Royal Family to her grandchildren. We mourn these losses together.

Reuben Shanthikumar - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:25:54

My sincere condolences to the new King Charles III and all of his family on the recent death of the darling Queen Elizabeth II. I have adored the queen and all she has done with her life, and I wish nothing but the best for the royal family. May we always remember her sense of humor, her beautiful smile, and her long reign as her Majesty the Queen. May she forever rest in peace along side her loving husband.

Jennifer - Barrie, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:25:29

The dedication to Service by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been second to none. An example to emulate. As a public servant, I am proud to serve Canada. Born in Switzerland from Italian parents and having at one point held both those nationalities, I am now a proud Canadian, a true privilege. My deepest condolences to the entire Royal Family. RIP Your Majesty, You will be missed.

Maria - Barrie, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:25:24

My deepest condolences to the royal family, to the longest reigning queen you’ve done so much good for this great world you will truly be missed by all !

Jacob - Doaktown NB
2022-09-14 12:25:22

Queen Elizabeth II may you Rest In Peace.
Thank you for everything!

Jacqueline Simard - Carleton Place Ontario
2022-09-14 12:25:16

Mes plus sincères condoléances à toute la famille royale. Sa Majesté la reine Élisabeth II était une grande dame entièrement dévouée à son rôle.

Conrad - Québec, Québec
2022-09-14 12:24:49

Merci pour votre grand dévouement et paix à votre âme. Sincères condoléances à votre famille, Agathe et Claude Cuerrier

Agathe et Claude - Ste-Anne-des-Lacs, Québec
2022-09-14 12:24:32

Thank you for all your service and thank you for being a role model to so many. You will be deeply missed and my heartfelt condolences go to your family.

Krista - Okotoks Alberta
2022-09-14 12:24:18

Thank you for your years of loyal devoted service to the United Kingdom, to the nations of the Commonwealth, including Canada, and to the world. Sincere condolences to King Charles III, the Royal Family, and the world for this great loss.

Colleen - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-14 12:24:15

Thank you

Mary - Langley, B C
2022-09-14 12:24:04

It feels that you and your family have always been a part of ours as well. I appreciated her kind heart, her Christian conviction, her honesty and caring, her Majesty's annual Christmas message, her example set as Queen, as a mother and as a grandmother. Know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers as you mourn her loss. Please take the personal and family time you need to celebrate and cherish her away from the rush and the crowds. God bless her and God bless you.

Susan - Burk's Falls, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-14 12:24:02

May her gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Amen

Mubarak - Nigeria
2022-09-14 12:24:00

It is still a shock that Her Majesty is no longer with us. Her ability to adapt to these changing times yet following traditions is what I admired most about her. I will miss her as she was my Queen. My deepest condolescences to the Royal Family.

Rhoda - Burnaby, British Columbia
2022-09-14 12:23:58

I lost my Mother this year, and losing the Queen as well harkens the end of a special generation in our time.

Irene Hart - Sydney, Nova Scotia
2022-09-14 12:23:58

My deepest sympathy on the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was a remarkable woman, admirable leader and gifted diplomat.

Jane - Napanee, ON
2022-09-14 12:23:39

May the peace of God be with the Royal Family

Cathrine - Whitby, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:23:38

May your majesty's soul rest in peace God-bless you

Charles - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:23:14

It is with great sadness that I have experienced the loss of a truly loving and dignified monarch - Our Queen Elizabeth II.
I want to express my deepest gratitude for her ceaseless service promoting peace and democracy throughout the world.
Queen Elizabeth II’s legacy will endure for generations to come.

Marlene - Grand Valley, ON
2022-09-14 12:22:51

Thank you Queen Elizabeth for being a constant part of our lives. You will be sorely missed. Condolences to entire Royal family

Hollis - Langley, B C
2022-09-14 12:22:41

Je vous adresse mes plus sincères condoléances en ce moment de deuil et vous témoigne toute ma sympathie et mon soutien.

Souad OUCHBAKOU - Fes Maroc
2022-09-14 12:22:30

My family would like to offer our sincere condolences on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty was a truly amazing example of self dedication for the good of all.
God save the King.

Steven - Port Elgin, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:22:26


Alain - st lin des laurentides QUEBEC
2022-09-14 12:22:25

Born in Scotland 1947. I remember the Coronation of our beloved Queen . I immigrated to Canada in 1954 and applied for Citizenship in 1980. I recall the Judge asking me if I had a problem swearing allegiance to the Queen. I thought it a ridiculous question since I was a British Subject. But unless I stated yes I would not obtain citizenship. I swore my allegiance that day and still do. God Bless our Queen. Rest in peace great lady.

Carol Scouller McCreight - Sault Ste Marie Ontario Canada
2022-09-14 12:22:21

Dear your Majestiy you will be missed by so many. You were such a great monarch and I will always have wished of meeting you. I am sorry to the whole Royal family.

Valentina - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-14 12:22:13

With deepest sympathy on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - she personified service to Country and Commonwealth over her many decades of reign. Rest in Peace.

Robert - Lion's Head, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:22:02

Rest in peace, lived a strong long life

Haneen - Windsor, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:21:15

God Save the Queen. Her Majesty will be dearly missed and remembered. "It's worth remembering that it is often the small steps, not the giant leaps, that bring about the most lasting change." We will remember all of your steps that have brought lasting changes and guided our country with grace, poise, and honor. "Grief is the price we pay for love."

Holly - Newmarket, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:21:04

As the only sovereign I have ever had, Her Majesty was a true leader. She counselled, guided and provided comfort to Canada for over half a century. I am blessed to have lived during her reign.

Aparna - Whitehorse, Yukon
2022-09-14 12:20:42

RIP your majesty. Since as a kid, you were the only queen I knew through media. I felt jubilantly when I had a glimpse of you in 2010. I was amazed of the ceremony Toronto put on. You put your country and the commonwealth duties above your family. But still find the time to be a mother, grandmother and a great grand mother. Hope King Charles 111 and Queen consort will continue the duties. God bless your journey to other world. God bless the King Charles.

Maria - Toronto, Ontario and Guyana
2022-09-14 12:20:23

My sincere, deepest condolences to the Royal Family
May her memory be forever in our hearts.
Her Majesty was a remarkable woman.

Christie - Calgary Alberta
2022-09-14 12:20:04

My deepest sympathy to the members of the Royal Family, to those who worked in service to Her Majesty, and to all in the Commonwealth. Thank you Queen Elizabeth II for your life of service. RIP

Sheila K-Blackmore - Sandy Cove. Bonavista Bay, NL
2022-09-14 12:19:31

My condolences go out to the Queen's family, to the Britons near and far, to the Commonwealth people , and to her larger family, which is the whole world. We admire and respect her for her duty and diligence, and we love her for her warm personality. Always.

Margaret - Washago Ontario
2022-09-14 12:19:27

You will be greatly missed.

Anthony Quinn - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:18:28

My sincerest condolences to the family of Queen Elizabeth II. May she rest peacefully after an entire life of service. May you all find comfort in your private memories of her.

D. Tennyson - Ottawa, ON
2022-09-14 12:18:16

My deepest condolences at the loss of Her Majesty. She was an incredible woman who will never be forgotten. I hope you can have a sense of peace knowing how much she was respected and loved by so many around the world.

Heather - New Brunswick
2022-09-14 12:18:11

You never forget meeting the Queen! I was very young and was in a highland dance group who performed for her. My mother was playing the accordion for a number of different groups as she toured around Melville. She said to my mother "oh my, you again :)!" She seemed like she would be a cool grandmother and I admire her dedication. Condolences to her family.

Jaquie - B.C.
2022-09-14 12:18:02

My sincere condolences to a remarkable lady a wife; a mother and for me above all our gracious Queen who through strength of character ruled through my livetime. Rest in peace. Soar of the wings of a the doves of love.

Janet - New Minas, Nova Scotia
2022-09-14 12:18:01

Recevez l’expression de notre sympathie la plus profonde.

Sonia Acevedo - Mirabel, Québec
2022-09-14 12:17:48

Thank you your Majesty! May you rest and guide us with your light.

Janice - Sherwood Park, Alberta
2022-09-14 12:17:48

In an ever changing world since 1952, you have always been the voice of reason, the constant and leader that the world has needed. As a member of the CAF, it has been my honor to serve. Thank you for your 70 years of excellence and leadership to the entire planet.

David - Selkirk, Manitoba
2022-09-14 12:17:03

My condolences to the family of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth. She has my upmost respect. She was truly an amazing woman I’m so glad she was the Queen , for all of my life.

Marilyn Jean Clayton - Calgary, Ab. Canada
2022-09-14 12:16:57

May Her Majesty RIP, she will be missed. Lived a wonderful life I hope.

Marli - Victoria, BC
2022-09-14 12:16:45

We hail from Guildford Surrey in the UK, we are fortunate to call Canada home now. It's a very somber feeling being this far from home at this sad time. Our thoughts are with everyone back home and with her Majesty's family, she has been a steady rock our whole lives, we are forever grateful for her sacrifice to serve us. She will be greatly mourned and missed.

Sincerely in loss,
Kandy & Lee Boulden.

Kandy & Lee - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:16:11

Your Majesty, your reign, from the moment the title of queen was bestowed upon you, has given not only England but the world, such hope and comfort for 70 years. You are truly England’s greatest Monarch of all time.

Jane - United States. Hawaii
2022-09-14 12:15:54

Toujours gracieuse, vous avez su porter une lourde couronne avec dignité toute votre vie. Votre visage fait parti de l'histoire, notre histoire. Reposez en paix, votre majesté.

Eve-line - Québec
2022-09-14 12:15:33

My condolences to the Royal Family on the death of your "mommy" and "grannie", to her beloved corgis and horses, and to everyone who loved and admired Queen Elizabeth II and who will miss her strength, stability, wisdom, and good humour.

Mary - Ottawa, ON
2022-09-14 12:15:23

I will always remember Her Majesty’s picture in my primary school classrooms. She inspired me as a child to be a good citizen.

Beverley - London, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:15:18

Rest in Peace your Majesty! My your family find peace and reconciliation during this difficult time.

Shirley - Torbay, Newfoundland
2022-09-14 12:13:51

Thank you for your service. You have been an inspiration for many. May your family have peace and blessing in this time.

Carol - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-14 12:13:28

We share your great loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Kim - Maple Ridge, B.C.
2022-09-14 12:13:00

I am the same age as Queen Elizabeth and an avid admirer of the Royals. My sincere condolences

Winona - Langley, B C
2022-09-14 12:12:49

I am so sorry for your loss. This is truly a tragedy for all of us. She was truly a great person.

Alvi Masud - Niagara Falls Ontario
2022-09-14 12:12:41

Rest in peace Your Majesty. Thank you for your years of loyal devoted service to the United Kingdom, to the nations of the Commonwealth, including Hong Kong before 1997. Sincere condolences to King Charles III and the Royal Family. You made Hong Kong a place of freedom, democracy and the rule of law, before 1997, and let Hongkongers live through the golden years. We love you!

Dave - Toronto
2022-09-14 12:12:34

Sa Majesté la reine Elizabeth II, vous avez laissé la vie conjugale pour vous consacrer au UK, la vie matrimoniale pour vous consacrer à la diplomatie, ô qu'elle fût ardue la tâche de tendre l'oreille à la chambre des communes, de convaincre ou de dissuader les différents dirigeants d'outre mer pour ne pas sombrer dans la guerre. Combien de conflits vous nous avez évité ! Que dieu vous accueille en son vaste paradis... Repose en pais chère Elizabeth II

Mourad - Bouira, Algérie
2022-09-14 12:12:31

Condolences to the Royal Family. Thank you Her Majesty for your grace and keeping Canada free.

Jean Bryant - Perth-Andover, New-Brunswick
2022-09-14 12:12:25

We wish to extend our deepest sympathies, condolences, and love firstly, to the King & Queen Consort, and the entire Royal Family.
Our heavy hearts of sadness extend love to the nations of Great Britain, the other Commonwealth nations. Her Majesty was such a professional and family woman, that was devoted to her service and duties. She carried out everything magnificently. Thank you, and God bless you Ma'am.
With much love & affection

Elizabeth - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:12:13

A magnificent woman on earth, who now reigns in heaven. Rest in peace.
My condolences go out to the family and everyone in the UK.

Leonardo Turchen - Brazil
2022-09-14 12:11:44

May you rest in peace.

Nikolai - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:11:39

My sympathies to the royal family at this difficult time. The Queen has been a main part of my entire life...a glorious lady. I am still true to the oath I took for the Armed Forces 45 years ago.

Patti - Sudbury, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:11:22

She took the role of queen 70 years ago and did it with grace, dignity, beauty you will be missed but never forgotten

William - Ayton ontario
2022-09-14 12:11:18

God Save the Queen
Queen Elizabeth II will live with us forever in our hearts
Rest in Peace

Darlene Bannon/Steve Gunning - Maple, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:10:08

Merci pour ces 70 années de dévouement et de dignité. Reposez en paix auprès de votre époux.

Odette - Québec,Québec
2022-09-14 12:10:05

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family!! May The Queen, Her Majesty rest in peace!! Thanking her for 70 years of service. She will be missed!!

Cynthia - Baie Verte, Newfoundland
2022-09-14 12:09:00

Thoughts and Prayers for the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth was a beautiful, strong lady. R.I.P. You will always be remembered.

Deborah Marchand - Windsor, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:08:45

Rest in peace beloved Queen Elizabeth II; We will remember you with special affection forever.
Our deepest condolences to the Royal Family and the people of the United Kingdom.

Ardila-Barrera Family - London, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:08:33

Born five years into her reign, Queen Elizabeth II was a constant presence in my life. A truly remarkable woman of strong character, of dedication to country and countrymen, and to family. There was always so much to admire. I loved her radiant smile and sense of humour. Characteristics to emulate. I am Elizabethan. Rest in peace and sweet dreams, your Majesty.

Sheila - Ottawa, Canada
2022-09-14 12:08:24

To Her Majesty the Queen Elizabeth II, thank you for your commitment and support through all these years. Rest In Peace xx

Julie Sanfacon - Quebec City, Quebec
2022-09-14 12:08:20

Thank you to the Queen for all of your service. To not only to your people, but to the whole commonwealth. Sincere condolences to the Family. Rest In Peace your Majesty, your duty is done . You will soon be with your beloved husband and God. God safe King Charles lll.

Barbara - Terrace Bay, Ontario , Canada
2022-09-14 12:08:00

Thank you, Your Majesty, we will miss you

Debbie & Dave - Lethbridge, AB
2022-09-14 12:07:33

Thank You!

David - Ottawa
2022-09-14 12:07:28

Reposez-vous en paix Majesté et merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait en tant que reine et cheffe du Commonwealth . Vous avez été une inspiration pour nos chefs politiques et pour toute une nation pendant 70 ans.

Louise - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:07:25

Your Majesty, you are the only Sovereign I've known, and I hold a Commission in your name. Your impact on the world will never be fully realized, and I hope you find peace in your return to HM King George VII, the Queen Mother, your beloved Prince Philip and of course your devoted Corgi's. Thank you for your lifetime of service to the UK, Canada and the world over.

Courtney - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2022-09-14 12:07:06

My deepest condolences to the Royal family on the passing of their beloved Mother, Grandmother and Great Grandmother. May your hearts be filled with your many memories. RIP Queen Elizabeth II . Find joy being reunited with your beloved Phillip.

Rachel - Toronto
2022-09-14 12:06:09

My sincere sympathy on losing such a wonderful person and a wonderful role-model for the world.
The Queen Elisabeth II fulfilled her life with the service, grace, honor and dignity. Rest In Peace.

Zeljka - Ottawa, ON
2022-09-14 12:05:47

I met our Queen in Hamilton. She rolled down her window and had a chat with us. She was a lovely lady and the few moments of her time means the world to me.

Lucia - Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:05:43

I am filled with sadness for the passing of her Majesty. My love of her and pride in the institution of the Monarchy as a non political, inclusive, loving leadership is an integral part of me.

Catherine - North Vancouver BC
2022-09-14 12:05:25

Thank you ERII. May Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II rest in peace. Best wishes and condolences to the Royal Family. Long live the King.

Markus - Aurora, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:05:15

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family.

Colleen - Dawson Creek, BC
2022-09-14 12:05:08

Deepest condolences to all of Her Majesty's family.
The world has lost a remarkable figure of intelligence, grace, and dignity.

Lois - Chatham, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:05:03

Rest In Peace You have served for so well and so long...........

Fern Greslik - St Catharines Ontario
2022-09-14 12:04:57

My deepest sympathy to all members of the Royal family on the loss of Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and truly an amazing women and leader. She will be missed. May she rest in peace, reunited with Prince Phillip.

Bonnie - Nanaimo, BC
2022-09-14 12:04:43

My very deepest condolences to the Royal family. My heart is saddened at the loss of an amazing Queen who reigned magnificently during an era that saw many changes. Thank you for everything you have done in your exceptional lifetime.

Atif - Ajax, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:04:34

It is with profound sadness that I offer my condolences to the Royal family at the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. My own mother recently passed away in August. She was named Elizabeth, after the Queen and was born on March 30, 1926.

Peter - Ottawa, ON
2022-09-14 12:03:50

I am so very sorry to the family of Queen Elizabeth for their great loss. Thank you your majesty for your tireless dedication and service. We all adored you. Wishing King Charles all the best as the new King.

Richard - Chilliwack British Columbia
2022-09-14 12:03:44

In Winnipeg we grew up with you as our Queen. We sang God Save The Queen in elementary school. Our family were strong believers of the Royal Family.
Rest in peace, you will be missed.

Bev - Regina, Saskatchewan
2022-09-14 12:03:31

Deepest sympathy to King Charles and all the royal family at this very sad time on the loss of your mum.
Sending our thoughts and prayers.Thank you for your dedicated service and care these past 70 years. A truly amazing legacy.
Blessings of peace and prayers.

Judy and Jack - Lanark, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:03:28

The world has lost an example of unwavering leadership, public service and grace with the death of Her Magesty Queen Elizabeth II. The unprecedented scale of global mourning validates the love and respect people all over the world held toward her. My thoughts and prayers with her family during this difficult time.

Thea Breen - Saint John, New Brunswick
2022-09-14 12:03:19

Condolences to the Queens Family

Richard Bourgeois - Halifax,N.S.
2022-09-14 12:03:06

My sincerest condolences to the Royal Family. Dearest QIIR, how deeply you touched everyone’s heart so unobtrusively throughout your exemplary reign, RIP.

Natacha - Westmount, Quebec
2022-09-14 12:02:56

Mes sincères condoléances à la famille royale pour la perte de la sa majestée lal reine

Eric - Québec, Québec
2022-09-14 12:02:52

RIP your heightens and thank you for your devotion.

Bernard - Trois-Rivieres, Québec, ÇA.
2022-09-14 12:02:46

Deepest and sincere condolences on the passing of Queen Elizabeth. To reign so long and to have started so young is truly exceptional. A woman who inspired women everywhere that leadership at the highest of levels is truly possible. The crowds and the popularity show the admiration. Rest peacefully now.

Dori Mueller - Waterloo, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:02:38

Your dedication and sacrifice have been an inspiration to me all my life. My late father spoke so highly of you and was proud and honoured to have been responsible for your safety during some of your visits to Canada.. Thank you and rest in peace now.

Frances - Kanata, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:02:21

Words are not enough to say anything for Her Majesty,
May the departed soul Rest in Peace.

Mohanjeet Singh Gulati - Delhi India
2022-09-14 12:02:11

Sincere condolences to the Royal Family

Tara Bourgeois - Sooke B.C.
2022-09-14 12:02:04

Thank you Ma'am, for everything <3

Victoria Perry - Lethbridge, Alberta
2022-09-14 12:01:58

I was born the year of your Coronation..... and now am nearly 70. There will never be another like the Queen. What a wonderful woman! Heartfelt sympathies go out of the Family.

Mary - Douglas, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:01:51

You will be sadly missed and always remembered. Thank you for your service.

Sarah - Oxford Station, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:01:41

May her Majesty Queen Elizabeth Rest in Perfect Peace .

Joycelyn - Ghana
2022-09-14 12:01:34

Nos sincères condoléances de la part de moi et ma famille à la vôtre. En espérant trouver bonheur et joie dans la vie et d’honoré le prince Charles

Francis Manseau - Salaberry de valleyfield Québec
2022-09-14 12:00:55

My condolences to the Royal Family

Laurene Mills - Halifax,N.S.
2022-09-14 12:00:36

Rest in peace!!!!

Samuel praveen - Niagara Falls/Ontario
2022-09-14 12:00:33

Condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Virginia - Courtland, ON
2022-09-14 12:00:21

i loved the queen was the best, she was on the 20 dollar bill :)

Keona - Medicine Hat, Alberta
2022-09-14 12:00:18

God Bless our Queen Elizabeth. Rest in peace.

James L. - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 12:00:18

We give God thanks for the life and reign of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. As she rests in the arms of her Lord, we pray God's blessings of comfort upon her family, and all who grieve her loss.

Thomas and Marie Keeley - Richmond, BC
2022-09-14 12:00:09

Je tiens à exprimer ma tristesse face à cet évènement, et souhaiter mes sincères condoléance à la famille royale est amis.

Denis - Comox, Colombie Britanique
2022-09-14 11:59:39

Sincere sympathy to the Royal Family .All I’ve been doing is crying.Queen Elizabeth was a wonderful Woman.

Cheryl Bourgeois - Halifax,N.S.
2022-09-14 11:59:27

So very Saddened to hear of our Queen's Passing. Our sincere and heartfelt condolences to All Her Family. She is now reunited with Her Beloved Phillip. Rest in Peace Your Beautiful Majesty.

JohnGloria - Matheson Ontario
2022-09-14 11:59:19

My deepest condolences to the family The Queen. May she rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with the Royal family at this very sad time. Very sorry for your loss.

Gagan - Kelowna, BC
2022-09-14 11:59:02

Du fond du cœur tout mes sympathie a la famille royale. C'étais ma Reine, je l'aimais, elle vas me manqué énormément.

denise - Granby, Québec
2022-09-14 11:58:32

Sending my deepest sympathies to the family.

David Wong - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:58:14

Rest In Peace, thank you for everything!

Tazi - Burlington
2022-09-14 11:58:07

I am truly saddened by the loss of Her Majesty the Queen. Her 70 years of service showed the leaders of this world that a woman is completely capable of leading with dignity, grace and integrity. I will miss following her.... sending love and light.

2022-09-14 11:57:58

Thoughts and Prayers to the Royal Family, The Queen will be Greatly Missed.

Elizabeth Scott Settels - Rawdon Québec
2022-09-14 11:57:54

May Her Majesty rest in peace. Thank you for your life of service.

Barbara - Copper Cliff Ontario
2022-09-14 11:57:39

Queen Elizabeth will forever be remembered as a kind, intuitive, progressive individual who has been a role model for all age groups across the eras. May the queen’s unrelenting commitment to her position in life bring peace to all the hearts she touched during her reign. Our condolences to the royal family and staff.

David and Pamela Bates - Cobourg, Ontario Canada
2022-09-14 11:57:39

As a young girl in school, I remember singing "God Save the Queen to start the school day; before "Oh Canada." I also remember The Queen's portrait watching over all us students, like having a loving Mom watching over us. This is a sad time, as well as a grateful time for a wonderful Lady. Who was a constant in my life and my family's life. Thank you for your service.
Rest in peace with your beloved Phillip.
Heart felt condolences to the King and the Royal Family.
"God Save the King"

Lori - Alliston, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:57:26

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,

Thank you for your example and life long service to others. I am a decedent of Black Loyalist who settled in Nova Scotia, Canada. For the rest of my days I will fulfill the honour and trust bestowed upon me by your command as an Officer and member of the Canadian Armed Forces. My respect, and gratitude always.

- 2 Lt. Jerome L. Downey

Jerome L Downey - Halifax, Nova Scotia / Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:57:14

Our thoughts and prayers to the Royal family on the loss Queen Elizabeth. The Queen had a remarkable life and service.

Jean & Howard - North Gower, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:56:47

Thank you for all the years of service nad kindness
You have showed. May you rest in peace

Diane - Moncton
2022-09-14 11:56:46

Her Majesty was an example to us all of commitment to duty and carrying on regardless of any difficulty. Her smile shone on so many around the world and united us. She will be missed.

Matthew and Wendy - Victoria, British Columbia
2022-09-14 11:56:43

Rest in peace

Saida - Montreal
2022-09-14 11:56:34

Sending our sincere condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. May she RIP along side her Prince. God Bless.

Shelley - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-14 11:56:22

Nos plus sincères condoléances à la famille royale pour le décès de Sa Majesté la reine Elizabeth II. Puisse-t-elle reposer en paix.

Étienne - Montréal, Québec
2022-09-14 11:56:20

Alan and Florence Gould would like to extend our Condolences to the Queen's family. We are going to miss the Queen who has been a stabilizing force in the world and a highly respected Leader. As a veteran of the Royal Navy, she was also my Boss. I have met her on a few occasions whilst in the Military. We are very sad about her passing and have shed a tear or two. Sadly, the Queen is Dead Long live the King.

Alan - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-14 11:56:19

My family is sending our deepest condolences and prayers for the family. And to the Queen, mother of all, rest in peace.

Criselda Sarte - Iqaluit, Nunavut
2022-09-14 11:56:06

I will miss my Queen, may she rest in peace.

Margaret Hermeston - Cochrane, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:56:02

Sending our condolences on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, from the Ingersoll Downtown BIA Board of Management and membership.

Virginia - Ingersoll, ON
2022-09-14 11:55:34

Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.
Thank you for your years of service, for 70 years you have been OUR strength and stay and our lives are the better for it.
Rest In Peace, you have earned a rest xxx

Ivan Ternovoy - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-14 11:55:34

Rest in peace.

Julia Emma - Lévis
2022-09-14 11:55:22

C'est avec une grande tristesse que j'ai appris le décès de la Reine. Un choc. Une grande dame, qui a accomplie beaucoup et qui a eu un long périple avec ses 70 ans avec nous. Elle avait l'air tellement gentille et aimante. Je ne la trouve pas froide contrairement a ce qui se dit. Je n'ai connu qu'elle comme monarque. Une Ère se termine. Elle veillera sur sa succession de la haut avec son mari. Je souhaite à sa famille, amis, mais aussi à touts et toutes mes sincères condoléances.

Annie-Claude - St-Jérôme, Québec
2022-09-14 11:55:11

R.I.P. dear Queen

Jean - Ariss, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:54:14

Always our Queen. Rest In Peace, your service to your subjects can not be matched. God Save the King

Catherine - Regina Saskatchewan
2022-09-14 11:54:11

Thank you for your service Rest in peace

Patricia - Markham, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:54:02

Your devotion to Canada, to duty and to your country will always be remembered and cherished.
Rest in peace. May the angels bring you to your resting place and may you always look from the heavens at the people who loved you so.

Karin - Edmonton Alberta
2022-09-14 11:53:47

With great admiration and respect, my prayers are with your family. A rest well deserved .

Colleen Rathwell Warawa - Wainwright. , Alberta
2022-09-14 11:53:44

May your soul find rest, Your reign was Godly and you will be remembered. I will miss singing "God Save the Queen"

Edison Tan - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
2022-09-14 11:53:39

I was saddened to hear about the passing of Her Majesty, she reminded me so of my Grandmother, whom I loved dearly. She will be truly missed. My condolences to all of her family and best wishes to them in the future.

Chad - Fort St John, BC
2022-09-14 11:53:37

You will be truly missed. A steady beacon of stability, hard work and a true love for her people around the world. I will miss you greatly.

David - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-14 11:53:21

To My Queen, Thank you for your service. It was an honour serving under your name.
To The King and Family, Take strength and courage knowing that Queen Elizabeth was so loved by the world. God Bless.

Michael - Gabriola, BC
2022-09-14 11:53:13

Dear Queen Elizabeth II, you have been an inspiration for many in the world including myself and my family. I believe God embraces all who welcome the Holy Trinity into their soul. Long live the head of the church of England. Long live the king. With love Robert Price Anglican and Loyal Orange Lodge member.

Robert Price - Canada
2022-09-14 11:53:08

The Queen was a wonderful monarch, wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother who served her country with dignity and grace. My thoughts and prayers are with her family at this sad time.

Shirley - Sydney, Nova Scotia
2022-09-14 11:53:08

May your Soul Rest In Peace.

Mitsie - Scarborough, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:53:04

My most Sincere Condolences to King Charles, Consolette, her many Family Members who are mourning the death of The Queen Mother.
May you “Rest in Peace”

Rita - Ontario Canada
2022-09-14 11:52:52

Rest In Peace dear Queen.

Coralee - Boyle, Alberta
2022-09-14 11:52:51

Our deepest condolences to all the family .May Her majesty rest in peace.

Linda - Port Sydney ,Ontario
2022-09-14 11:52:43

Recevez nos très sincères condoléances et l'expression de notre sympathie la plus profonde.
Zakaria Hamraoui

Zakaria Hamraoui - Montréal
2022-09-14 11:52:36

Ride on Your Majesty, I will miss photos of your rides and ponies. My sincerest condolences to all friends, family and staff. You are an inspiration.

Theresa - Langley BC
2022-09-14 11:52:20

To your majesty the Queen. You are all I have know in my life and you have fulfilled your promise you made when you became Queen to serve as long as you lived. REST IN PEACE NOW, you have earned it and Thankyou for your service and loyalty to the people..
You shall be missed greatly my Queen..

Nathalie - Cambridge ontario
2022-09-14 11:52:13

Her Majesty the Queen did a wonderful job. Condolences to the family.

Jackie - St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
2022-09-14 11:51:41

I would like to express my sincere thanks to the Queen for being such a graceful, intelligent women who led with dignity and integrity. She will be greatly missed.

Karen - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:51:34

Reposez-vous et merci pour votre dévouement accompli avec devoir et grâce.

Céline - Laval, Québec
2022-09-14 11:51:27

My deepest sympathies to King Charles III and the royal family. Queen Elizabeth had such an immeasurable impact on her subjects (and I am proud to be one) with her grace, wit, devotion to duty and family. She was truly iconic, a human being whose values we can only strive to emulate and live. Elizabeth will be sorely missed as she was a constant in our lives. Rest in Peace, Your Grace and be with your beloved Phillip.

Margaret - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-14 11:51:21

Rest in peace... Queen, Grandmother, Mother and love of Prince Philip.

My prayers are with you and also your lessons of how to do service - Self-less.

Ananth Kasic - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:51:20

May you have eternal peace. It was a pleasure to have you as our Queen. You will forever be in our hearts

Diana - Victoria, British Columbia M
2022-09-14 11:51:19

Vous avez été un exemple parfait de l'engagement de plein coeur au service public. Malgré les tempêtes parfois houleuses, vous avez su garder le cap. De ma famille à la vôtre - nos plus sincères condoléances.

Jean-Pierre Godbout - Gatineau, Québec
2022-09-14 11:51:18

With my deepest sympathy on the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Rest in peace - thank you

Marie-Claude - Brampton, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:51:16

For all my life the Queen has always been there. First in every classroom there was a portrait of the Queen and yes we used to sing God Bless The Queen. It was always a special time when the Queen would visit Canada and attend special events around the world. She was our Queen. Long live the Queen!

Murray - Lacombe, AB
2022-09-14 11:51:11

Thank you for your unwavering service.

Shelley Allen - Chilliwack, British Columbia
2022-09-14 11:51:05

Merci pour tout ce que vous avez fait. Vous étiez une personne que je respectais beaucoup surtout par votre bonne humeur légendaire et du fait que vous aviez toujours l’objectif de rassembler les personnes qui étaient disposées à vous écouter.

Diane - Montréal, Québec
2022-09-14 11:51:02

Queen Elizabeth blessed so many people with her dedication, her faith and her kindness. Praying that the family finds comfort in your memories of her and in the knowledge that others are missing her too.

2022-09-14 11:50:57

Well done thou good and faithful servant.Enter in the joy of the Lord. We will miss her grace, charm and dignity of her Majesty! Plus humour! God comfort the royal family! RIP

Judy - Etobicoke, ON
2022-09-14 11:50:53

Our deepest condolences to His Majesty the King and the Royal Family in the loss of their mother, grandmother, great grandmother and our Queen

Alan, Craig, Patsy Brett - Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
2022-09-14 11:50:44

Rest in peace Your Majesty

Stuart McKerell - Edmonton Alberta
2022-09-14 11:50:32

With deepest sympathies to the Royal family

Jacquelin Buchan - Peterborough,Ontario
2022-09-14 11:50:29

My deepest condolences to our Royal Family. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth was a good and faithful servant to God and the people of Canada. Her reassuring presence will be missed. Many blessings to her family. And may you find rest and comfort in the arms of our Lord. God bless the Queen and God bless the King. Long live the King!

Jennifer - Arnprior Ontario
2022-09-14 11:50:14

HM Queen Elizabeth II was an extraordinary leader who will long be remembered for her life of service. Our deepest condolences to her family during this difficult time.

Madelaine - Toronto, ON
2022-09-14 11:50:14

My deepest condolences at the loss of your mother, and Grandmother. Your memories will keep her with you always.

Theresa - Abbotsford, British Columbia
2022-09-14 11:49:59

Rest in peace, lived a strong long life.

Jordan - Winnipeg MB
2022-09-14 11:49:52

My deepest condolences to The Queen, Her Majesty...may you rest in peace now with your loving husband Philip! Thank you for your 70 years of service. You will be missed!!

Margaret - Collingwood, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:49:06

You have been my queen all my life with such grace and dignity. I shall try to emulate your characteristics in my own life. Thank you for your love, strength, direction and loyalty. Rest In Peace together again with your beloved Phillip 

Marion - Ontario
2022-09-14 11:49:00

May you Rest In Peace your Majesty. You will be missed. I had the honour to serve you for 33 years in the Canadian military. Condolences to the King and the Royal family

Wendy - Lethbridge, Alberta
2022-09-14 11:48:57

Feeling so sad for all of you’s for your loss I know she had started to fail but always thought she would always be here.

Lynda - Woodstock Ontario Canada
2022-09-14 11:48:51

Thank you for your many years of public service. Rest in peace and condolences to the Royal Family.

Rachel - Rouleau, Saskatchewan
2022-09-14 11:48:48

Sincères condoléances à toute la famille.

Pascale - Gatineau, Québec
2022-09-14 11:48:37

Des personnes comme Sa Majesté la Reine Elizabeth II, la terre n’en produise plus!
Que la terre vous soit légère.
Vous avez été aimée de plus d’uns!
Courage aux habitants de tous les pays du monde que ce départ affecte et Mes Profondes Sympathies à la famille Royale spécialement Harry!

Marie José T. Lucien - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:48:25

May her Majesty rest in peace.

Shawn - Arnprior, On.
2022-09-14 11:48:10

Send her victorious
Happy and glorious
Long to reign over us

Deborah W. - Cambridge Ontario
2022-09-14 11:48:03

You have kept your promise your Majesty, and then some. Rest now, in peace. You will be missed. Our condolences go out to the Royal Family, the United Kingdom, the Commonwealth, and the rest of the world.

Kerry - Comox, British Columbia
2022-09-14 11:47:57

I have always been mesmerized by the queen and her family. She has been one constant in my 60 plus years. I had a metal tin given to me by my grandmother with the queens likeness on it where I kept stamps and other treasures. I came upon it the other day, I don’t think by accident. I’m in awe of her life devoted to service and how well she carried out her role. A beautiful figure of family and loyalty. May she Rest In Peace. I will miss you.

Pauline - ESTERHAZY Saskatchewan
2022-09-14 11:47:51

An inspiration to us all. With gratitude and love for your life long service. Rest in peace.

Michele - Burlington, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:47:45

Thank you for your commitment and dedication to service. Rest in eternal peace, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Our sincere condolences to the Royal Family.

Lea Anne - Brampton, Ontario
2022-09-14 11:47:40

Thankyou for your unwavering stand throughout the years. An example and faith I pray all of my children and their children will follow.

Milton Daniel Marek - Black Lake Saskatchewan
2022-09-14 11:47:32

We are devastated by the passing of our Queen Elizabeth but heaven will celebrate. Not until we see God's face will we know the full impact of the Queen's divine royal calling on the world. God Save the King.

Jeannie - Whitehorse, Yukon
2022-09-14 11:47:24


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