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Thank you for your many years of service, your Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. May you rest in peace

Azmat - Toronto, ON
2022-09-09 23:48:24

Your Majesty,
thank you for your wisdom, kindness and service. May God bless you.

Sue - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 23:48:11

Your majesty may God bless you may you Rest In Peace with your beloved Philip and to your family my deepest condolences Thank you your majesty 

Vincenzo - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-09 23:48:03

You were the best Queen we have ever known.
We will never forget your steadfast attitude and gentle demeanour.
Thank you for being you.

Janice & Chris - Stirling, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:47:53

Her majesty will be missed! My condolences to the royal family in this dark time.

Krysta - Nanaimo British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:47:48

Thanks , you will never be forgotten

Nancy Dodwell - Richmond Hill, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:47:46

I'm sending you my deepest condolences. I'm really sorry for your loss, your majesty. My deepest condolences to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family. Our deepest condolences to Her Majesty and the entire Royal Family. May Allah rest you in peace

Ibado Hagi MohamudEgal - Scarborough Ontario
2022-09-09 23:47:44

Her majesty will be missed dearly.

André - St. Adolphe, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:47:40

My heartfelt sympathy and condolences to all the Royal Family on the passing of our dear Queen Elizabeth II. I thought of her as best of women, a devoted wife, mother and monarch. Her Majesty was a role model my whole life and I deeply admired her. All the anecdotes I’ve heard from around the world from people who knew her has only solidified my regard. I wish His Majesty King Charles III the very best as he steps into some very large shoes.

Maureen - Kelowna, B.C.
2022-09-09 23:47:19

My sincere appreciation and respect to Queen Elizabeth II for her lifetime of service and dedication. My sincere condolences to her family. She will be missed!

Sandra - City of Kawartha Lakes, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:47:12

I am thankful for the Queen's steadfast duty to service, unfailing strength of character, genuine interest in people, and the resolve to put others before herself. In a world full of petty politics, we needed to set our eyes on someone who stood above the fray with a quiet and gentle wisdom, representing the values many of us reach for but can't attain. I can't imagine a world without her steady presence.

Cynthia - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-09 23:47:04

RIP Your Majesty, Thank You for your service.

Muriel - London, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:47:03

Rest in peace to another woman in power! once a legend, always a legend. may your soul receive its evermost care while you lie at natures core. grow stronger and wiser, Queen Elizabeth II. All the love,

Patience Destinee the 1st xoxo

patience - London, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:46:58

Long live her legacy.

Shawn - Cambridge, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:46:52

Her Majesty the Queen. You will be my Queen in my heart forever. Thank you so much for your kindness, your smile, your caring. We all miss you. May God lead you to the heaven.

Rebecca Lam - Toronto
2022-09-09 23:46:43

RIP Queen Elizabeth ii

Matthew - Orillia,On
2022-09-09 23:46:41

May you rest in eternal peace and may yourself and prince phillip find each other again.
Canada knows you'll be watching over our Country.

Rhea, Kerrigan, Sierra, Blade, - Ottawa
2022-09-09 23:46:37

With great sadness, we send our deepest condolences to the Royal family on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Her devotion to the crown, the privilege as well as burdens that came with it, has proven a profound strength held by the queen. She has truly set an example of incredible class and will be remembered for her lifelong commitment. RIP Queen Elizabeth II

Francesca - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:46:09

We are deeply saddened to hear of passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was remarkable and amazingly dedicated sovereign to her country and the Commonwealth! She is the only monarch we have known and a true inspiration to us all. Our deepest condolences go to her children and grandchildren and to the Nation! God Bless.

Leena and Anil Vekaria - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:45:35

My sincere condolences to the Queen's family. My heart is broken. I can not beleive she is gone...

Andrea - Gatineau , Quebec
2022-09-09 23:45:23

Thank you for your service, strength, poise, and grace and your very admirable dedication to duty. My sincere condolences to the Royal Family.

Christine Horne - Port Perry, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:45:13

I am really sorry to the Royal family, the Commonwealth citizens, and the world for this tremendous loss of ours. May our beloved Queen rest in peace. She will always remain unforgotten.

Sawda - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-09 23:45:02

My deepest heartfelt condolences to all the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth was a gracious, down to earth, kind, and loving inspiration for me. I feel the loss as if she were my own Grandmother. Peace and love to you on your journey. Best wishes for the future to all the Royal Family, may you find comfort in the happy memories.

Gwendolyn Jane - Victoria, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:45:00

My condolence to the entire Royal family. It's a great honor for me and my family to live in Canada under your reign for the past decade. My Queen, Your Majesty, thank you for many lives you have transformed across the globe.May your gentle soul rest in Peace.

Comfort - Edmonton, Alberta.
2022-09-09 23:44:56

I was devastated to learn of the death of Queen Elizabeth II. She was a charming lady with a wonderful personality. She served her country well and she will be deeply missed. I have followed her with great interest during her long reign. My sympathy & prayers to all of her family. She will now join her beloved Phillip..Rest in eternal peace Queen Elizabeth II.

Sharon Saito - Brandon, MB
2022-09-09 23:44:54

Rest in peace

Vaughan - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-09 23:44:39

We are mourning as if we lost our grandmother. Our love and prayers are with the people of the UK and Commonwealth. May She rest in peace.

Eric - Nanaimo, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:44:37

I am deeply in shock, I will miss The Queen. God has her in the Glory.

Ricardo - Victoria, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:44:25

May Her Majesty the Queen rest in peace. My deepest condolences to you and your family.

Shuhao - Mississauga, Canada
2022-09-09 23:44:22

You will be always remembered as a Gracious and Beloved Queen.

Venice - Surrey,British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:44:13

My heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family on your loss. She was a great lady and great Queen. I believe she is with Prince Philip again. God bless.

Sheena - Swift Current, Saskatchewan
2022-09-09 23:43:48

My heartfelt condolences for the passing of Her Majesty.

Jeffrey - Richmond Hill, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:43:19

To the Family of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Our family would like to send our Sincere Condolences to you in the Passing of a Wonderful Queen, respected by all. She shared so much of herself with the world and we respected her greatly. She was proud of her family and I'm sure she'd be so proud to have Charles follow in her footsteps as he Leads the People as she did. God Bless you and keep you during this time of Great Loss.

Ria and Stan - Delhi, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-09 23:43:12

My condolences to the whole royal family. My thoughts are with you at this difficult time

Donna - Ottawa, ON
2022-09-09 23:43:12

Thank you for your many years of tireless service; you have been a true inspiration to many people. Now, our dear Queen, you can rest.

Loraine - New Westminster/BC
2022-09-09 23:43:06

You will forever be remembered, one of the best, one of the most important, may you rest in sweet peace forever - Queen Elizabeth

Leanna Ryder - Canada London Ontario
2022-09-09 23:42:50

You’re always be in our prayers, your highness.

Luciana - Mississauga, ontario
2022-09-09 23:42:49

My condolences to the royal family.

Silvia - Calgary, Ab
2022-09-09 23:42:33

In a world that sadly disregards fidelity, she was indeed a great example in showing what it means to be faithful. As a Canadian Catholic, the Royal Family can be assured of my prayers for them, and for the repose of the soul of her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II.

Michael - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:42:29

Your majesty... thank you for all the wisdom grace and passion you showed over the 70 years you reined over us . You will always be remembered as the beacon of guidance and strength. Thank you

Hamza ballout - Edmonton AB
2022-09-09 23:42:26

A royal like no other. Our Majesty the Queen, may she rest in peace.

Bonnie - Niagara Falls, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:42:24

Thank you for your many years of service.

Jeff Talbot - Alberta
2022-09-09 23:42:12

Thank you, for everything!

Andrew - Kingston, ON
2022-09-09 23:42:06

May your Soul Rest In Peace
Heartfelt condolences to all in the family
Respect & honour our Queen always.

Sasha - Ontario
2022-09-09 23:42:03

When I joined the CAF I gave my oath to the queen. I now pledge my service to HRM King Charles III. Long Live the King.

Kevin - Victoria BC
2022-09-09 23:42:00

Without your Strong Leadership, Countless Guidance and Supports, Canada won’t be such a unique successful modern G7 Country in the world to date. Your absent will be always realized and felt, as we lost the real parent of Canada with shocking news. We all miss you and remains in our heart forever. R.I.P.!.

Shankar - Brampton, ONTARIO
2022-09-09 23:41:49

Thank you for the stability you brought to our country and so many others.

Darryl - Preeceville, Saskatchewan
2022-09-09 23:41:48

Rest in peace Your Majesty, no one will ever be as good as you were!

Liana - Hanley, Saskatchewan
2022-09-09 23:41:42

Blessings to you on your final journey… God speed. May you and Philip Rest in Eternal Peace …

Jean - Ontario
2022-09-09 23:41:33

My deepest condolences on the loss of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth ll.

Jacques - Lebanon
2022-09-09 23:41:30

Rest In Peace Her Majesty Elisabeth II

Yulia - Toronto
2022-09-09 23:41:21

Our deep condolences from family SammyKabyemera .We are praying for the royal family ,relatives, friends and for the entire countries of commonwealth .

SAMMYKABYEMERA - Vancouver British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:41:10

Rest easy lizzy.

Océann Lamoureux - Drummondville, Quebec
2022-09-09 23:41:01

Sadden to learn passing away of Queen Elizabeth II. My sincere condolences to the Royal family. She had a great life leaving lots of beautiful memories all over the world. She will be missed dearly.

Ruvani - Markham, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:40:52

Thank you for your life long service to your country. Steadfast and never failing.
Loving wife, mother, grand and great grandmother! What a beautiful live you have had and what an amazing legacy you leave behind .
HRH will be greatly missed

Monique D. - Vancouver, B.C.
2022-09-09 23:40:42

I am deeply saddened for the death of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. The world lost a brilliant and compassionate monarch of all times. But heaven gained an Angel. Rest In Peace our dear Queen. You will always be remembered.

Anna Mebel Bontor - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 23:40:30

May you now rest in peace Your majesty. My thoughts and prayers to all the royal family. I hope you can find comfort with each other and knowing she is at peace now and resting. God bless.

Jennifer - Edmonton, alberta canada
2022-09-09 23:40:16

Our deepest condolences to the Royal Family. The Queen was an inspiration to us on what duty and service mean.

Jennifer Chabot - Abbotsford, B.C.
2022-09-09 23:40:12

You were my Queen for 70 years. You put your people and country first before yourself for this I thank you. Safe passage to the other
side your husband is waiting.

Aileen - Kanata
2022-09-09 23:40:09

Toutes mes plus sincères sympathies à la famille royale. Nous venons de perdre une grande dame .

Hélène - Longueuil
2022-09-09 23:40:04

Memories as a child singing, God Save the Queen, first thing in my classroom, every morning.
I was born 1 year after Queen Elizabeth II became Queen.
My sincere condolences to family are sent from me and so many within Toronto, Ontario, Canada with passing.
The Queen and Prince Phillip are once again together in heaven.
God Bless.

Sharon - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-09 23:40:03

To the family of her majasty elizibeth the ll so sorry for your loss in 1975 i was in england visiting relitives and my first time visiting england and to see the changing of the gaurds i was 14 then and what a memorable trip the english people so lovely and friendly and the country side beautiful dispite the rain and the love of there animals i was there only for 2 weeks but i still remember well. May she alway be in your hearts . And god bless the king

Toni - Ontario canada
2022-09-09 23:39:58

I have loved and admired Her Majesty for as long as I can remember. I feel like I’ve lost another of my own grandmothers again. Kind of like being set adrift with no more anchor. My thoughts are with the Royal Family at this sad time. Long live the King.

Peggy - Kelowna BC
2022-09-09 23:39:29

Sad to hear about the loss of such a great Queen.
You were one of the rare gems. God has a beautiful reward for you! RIP.

Subir - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:39:28

My deepest sympathy for the loss of our highness Queen Elizabeth II, may your soul rest in peace  you will be surely missed

Annabelle Sanidad-Dela Pena - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:39:25

I wish to give my condolences to the Royal Family, losing their mother, grandmother and I would say a very important person to the whole world. I live in canada now and looked forward to her visits here. I worked at Deer Lodge a veterans hospital and then then became Deer Lodge Centre for all and including veterans. She came to this special place a few times and I was happy to see her waving from her car. Rest in peace

YVONNE CAMPBELL - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:39:21

Our deepest sympathies to the royal family… We both grew up with a picture of Queen Elizabeth in our classroom and singing God save the Queen…. We will deeply miss the queen for her calmness and bright sense of humour she had 

John and Roxanne Shaddick - Chilliwack, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:39:13

Rest Easy Your Majesty

Kaitlynn - Stratford, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:39:03

I shed tears when I heard she had passed, she was an amazing lady strong and gentle and she will always be missed and remembered with love. Sending deepest condolences to her family, the people of Great Britain and those around the world. My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very sad time.

Ellen - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:38:47

Such an extremely classy lady. You will be greatly missed.

Kathy - British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:38:47

The death of her majesty was a big loss to all Canadian. Her sense of duty and an image of stability inspired many younger generation. She has always been there to witnessed big and small changes in the world. 70 years and 15 prime minister later, she has lived a long life. We all felt the sadness and sorrow along side the royal family, but we also glad that she can join her beloved husband, father, mother, and sister in the heaven beyond. Farewell Your Majesty, you will always be a legend

Kevin - Vaughan, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:38:43

I'm sending you my deepest condolences. I'm really sorry for your loss, your majesty. My deepest condolences to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and the Royal Family. Our deepest condolences to Her Majesty and the entire Royal Family. May Allah rest you in peace

Kieran Knott - Scarborough Ontario
2022-09-09 23:38:43

To King Charles lll, Princess Anne and Prince's Andrew and Edward. My heart is broken and my eyes are wet and I am want to offer my deepest sympathy and condolences to the phenomenal woman who was your mother. I wonder if she really knew how loved and respected she was. She served with grace and humility. As a member of the church of England, she was my spiritual leader and I hope she will continue to be an inspiration to the world. God Bless

Jacqueline - Edmonton Alberta
2022-09-09 23:38:42

You have been my gracious and faithful sovereign for all my 70 years. I am still trying to cope with the fact that you are gone. May you find the peace and light you so well deserve. Thank you for all these years.

Steven - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:38:36

Our family are deeply saddened by lose of our Queen Elizabeth 2nd. Our hearts go out to her family and loved ones. She was a great lady and roll model. God Save The Queen.

Rhonda - Oshawa Ontario
2022-09-09 23:38:30

Queen Elizabeth II has been exemplary in her dedication to service to her countries … the great inspiration, its sad u passed but will be always missed…. RIP THE QUEEN 

Dilbar sandhu - Scarborough , Toronto , ON
2022-09-09 23:38:27

Queen Elizabeth II was the Mother & Grandmother of England, and with her passing, we see the end of an exceptional era. This Brit who calls Canada home will miss the Queen, and we mourn with the Royal Family. RIP your Majesty, it’s your time to rest now.

Kirsty - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 23:38:21

You are the queen, you are the mother to your soul, peace from the land of glory, the land of religions, Jordan - Canada
Mercy and light on your soul

Sa’ed ALAbbadi - Ottawa
2022-09-09 23:38:06

Thank you for all you did and for being an amazing role model.

Jenny - Spruce Grove, Alberta
2022-09-09 23:38:01

My condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and her family. You have more than earned your rest! Go be with Philip now, may you both Rest In Peace…..

Dolly - Langley, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:37:45

My sincere condolescences to the Royal Family on the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II . Sept. 8, 2022 was a sad day for Canadians and people around the world as a truly great and wonderful person was called to return to God. She will never be forgotten for her truly outstanding character. RIP.

Richard - Richmond, B.C.
2022-09-09 23:37:43

Thank you.
Thank you for your long, devoted, loving service to your nation and to the Common Wealth countries. You will be remembered as an icon to all and never forgotten. You were a hard working, amazing female, role model, in all your life roles. As a wife, mother, grandmother, a fellow Girl Guider, and as a leader. You were a constant for all; Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll, you will be missed. Sending much love and hugs to your family. Xo

Cassandra - Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:37:35

Dear Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II,
You have proved to be a great leader in all your British Territories. You will always be in the heart of all people of goodwill. May you rest in peace and love. God bless you and your country.

Louis So - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-09 23:37:34

It is sad to know you are gone your Majesty. Our condolences and prayers to the Royal family.

Diana - Toronto Canada and Philippines
2022-09-09 23:37:29

Thank you, for your bravery in paving-the-way where equality begins, between male and female, for 96 years and beyond; therefore, modernizing many countries with your grace.

Launcy - Powell River, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:37:18

We are deeply saddened at the news of our great and wonderful Queen Elizabeth's passing. We send our heartfelt condolences to the Royal family, the people of Great Britain and the people of the Commonweath Countries.

Abraham & Janice - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:37:16

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She will be missed. May your sorrow be made lighter when you look into your heart and find her there at any and all times. To King Charles III and Queen Consort Camilla all the best for the road ahead. The rainbow which appeared over Buckingham Palace was a special recognition and blessing of the Universe for Her Majesty.

MaLa - Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:37:16

My condolences to the royal family on the passing of Queen Elizabeth ll. Grief never ends but it changes. I really loved her vibrant outfits. I will miss them.

Christina - Morden, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:37:13

May she rest in peace.

Christian - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:37:13

Rest now your highness, your legacy lives on! You will be missed!

Candice - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 23:37:12

Your Royal Highness, I am deeply saddened that you are no longer with us. The love i, those in the Commonwealth , Realms and beyond have for you cannot be put into words. Thank you for all you have given us and the example you have set all these years.

God Save the Queen

Matthew - Victoria , BC
2022-09-09 23:36:57

Rest easy Lizzie

Kyle Klco - Brossard, Quebec
2022-09-09 23:36:38

RIP dear Queen Elizabeth. Thank you.

Catherine - Niagara Falls, ON
2022-09-09 23:36:37

Condolences to the family.
Thank you very much for making this world a better place.

Sandra binda - Ontario
2022-09-09 23:36:35

The end of an Era but Elizabeth the Great will never be forgotten!

Jeanne - Victoria, BC
2022-09-09 23:36:33

Gone, but never forgotten. May she rest in peace. Long live the King!

Ahmad - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:36:23

We extend our deepest sympathy to King Charles and all the Royal family in the passing of the Queen. She was a wonderful human being who displayed kindness and a sense of duty throughout the World. We will miss her constant presence.

Robert and Joann Stalker - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:36:22

May her Majesty rest in peace, thank you for everything.

Billy - Markham Ontario
2022-09-09 23:36:06

will miss u dearly you were in my life from the beginning

Giovanna - surrey bc
2022-09-09 23:36:01

Thank you for your wisdom, your kindness and lifelong service. You will be greatly missed. Rest now.

Patti - Barrie Ontario
2022-09-09 23:35:53

We are deeply sorry for the loss of Queen Elizabeth II and send our thoughts and prayers to all of her family.

Barrie & Sally - Ontario
2022-09-09 23:35:45

rip. you are the best.

Enid - ontario
2022-09-09 23:35:35

My heart and love is with the Royal family. Queen Elizabeth II was an inspiration to not only me but the world. Her kindness, humour, and curiosity to the world will be greatly missed.

Jennifer - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 23:35:32

Thank you, Your Majesty, for serving our country for over 70 years. For my entire life, I have admired you and the work you have done for everyone in the commonwealth and beyond. You have an unforgettable smile and personality. You will be deeply missed. However, I am happy that you will be reunited with Prince Philip. May you rest in peace.

Almen - Markham, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:35:19

Your majesty queen Elizabeth ll you are the amazing leader having kind heart & support for everyone irrespective of cast creed religion & nation world ever seen .you will remain in all hearts .may your good soul Rest In Peace 

Balaram - Coquitlam British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:35:14

I’m Heartbroken of the death of Her Majesty.

Ishaan - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 23:35:08

My sincere condolences to the family
Of Queen Elizabeth ii

Christine - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:35:05

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family - Queen Elizabeth was the essence of stability in an unstable world, as much matriarch to all of us as monarch. Thank you, Ma’am, for your years of devoted service. God bless

Mark Marshall - Innerkip, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:34:55

With love and respect, rest in peace your majesty, 

Peter - Brandon, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:34:51

You will never be forgotten

Valdemiro - Mississauga Ontario
2022-09-09 23:34:50

Thank you for your service and devotion

Janet and Allan Roberts - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:34:50

With love and respect, rest in peace your majesty, 

Tony - Brandon, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:34:21

Sending Condolences to His Majesty and the Royal Family, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II may you Rest In Peace you will be greatly missed.

James&Nancy - St Stephen,NB
2022-09-09 23:34:19

So many of us mourn the loss of a very great monarch, dear Queen Elizabeth. What a dignified, reassuring and good-humoured presence she has been in our lives. May our new King, Charles III, be great also. Long live the King!

Bernard - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-09 23:34:19

Thank you, your Majesty. Rest In Peace.

Maria & Carol Los - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-09 23:34:10

I send my condolences and prayers to the royal family, and all of the United Kingdom for the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the second, May her legacy continue on through her children and grandchildren, she was an amazing person and amazing Queen.

Patricia - Barrie,ON
2022-09-09 23:34:09

Such a lady. Dedicated her life to service

Donna - Burnaby BC
2022-09-09 23:34:04

Thanks for everything you have done . Never to be forgotten.

Adam Dodwell - Richmond Hill ,Ontario
2022-09-09 23:34:01

RIP your majesty. You we a great gift to humanity. To your family, you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Marcel - Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:33:48

I wish to express my condolences to the Royal Family on the loss of their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen has been there for my whole life - a constant and reassuring presence. Governments rise and fall, politicians come and go but the monarchy carries on providing a much needed sense of security and continuity in an ever-changing world. Thanks to you all for your service.

Barbara MacLellan - Nanaimo, BC
2022-09-09 23:33:28

You have been an inspiration to all living generations and you will continue to inspire generations to come. Rest In Peace Your Majesty

Morgan - Winnipeg, MB
2022-09-09 23:33:24

God bless

Kevin - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:33:20

Elizabeth The Great!

L.M. - Ontario, Canada
2022-09-09 23:33:20

Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth 11 I am sending my condolences to the whole family the Queen will be sadly missed..

2022-09-09 23:33:15

We love you Queen Elizabeth. Rest in peace. Thank you for being here for 70 years.

Helen - Brossard, Quebec
2022-09-09 23:33:07

My deepest sympathies to all the Royal Family. I have great respect for the Queen. I loved watching her Christmas broadcast.

Laura - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-09 23:32:47

God Bless.

Tim - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:32:38

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family. I feel great sadness with the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty was truly an inspiration to so many people and nations during her incredible 70 years reign. Thank you for your service, your devotion to duty and to your people. Rest In Peace with your beloved Philip, Your Majesty. The entire world shall surely miss you.

Kallia - Markham, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:32:21

A Queen , will remembered for over 70 years , now you can rest !

Audrey - Alberta, Canada
2022-09-09 23:32:20

Your gracious Majesty, may you rest in peace with your beloved husband Prince Philip, you were a remarkable lady for serving all these years, we will miss you.
Long life to King Charles III and my deepest sympathies to your family.
From Canada 

Bibianne - Longueuil, Québec
2022-09-09 23:32:07

Our deepest condolences.
May she Rest In Peace.

Maria - Whitby, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:31:43

Our nations greatest ruler for 7 decades. She ruled with poise, humility, love, compassion and respect. Queen Elizabeth was our mother figure to our country and her people and will always be remembered. Condolences to her family and may she reign in our hearts forever
Rest In Peace her majesty, Queen Elizabeth.

Danielle - British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:31:36

Thank you for your 70 years and 214 days service.
Thank you for your contribution.
Rest In Peace your Majesty.

Ching Kwan - Richmond,British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:31:09

My condolences to the Royal family, my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. May her royal highness rest in peace

Anna - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:31:02

You were a woman to look up to, our Queen. May you Rest In Peace.

The Wallace family - Vaudreuil Québec
2022-09-09 23:30:57

Queen Elizabeth was class and dedicated to her role always. It is that dedication that will never be forgotten.

Michelle and Ruby - St. John's, NL
2022-09-09 23:30:47

I met my Queen in 1978 at the age of 11 in Edmonton. In 1984 I swore my allegiance to my Queen when I joined the Loyal Edmonton Regiment. I served my Queen for 20 years, and you will be missed. RIP my Queen.

Jeff - Vernon, BC
2022-09-09 23:30:44

The Queen was the epitome of class and dignity. Thank you for your many years of service. Sympathies to the Royal Family. May God Bless the Queen and God Save the King.

Donna - Thunder Bay, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:30:44

My deepest condolences to the Queens family during this time. Rest easy ma’am, you are reunited with your Prince.

Diana - Amherst Nova Scotia
2022-09-09 23:30:41

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family as they grieve the loss of their mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. And to the world who are left to grieve a queen who conducted herself with the utmost class, decorum and dignity. The world will be just a bit sadder with The Queen's loss.

Paula Mc - Edmonton AB
2022-09-09 23:30:30

Nos plus sincères condoléances à la Famille Royale et à tout les Britanniques suite au décès de sa Majesté la Reine Elizabeth II.

Ginette - Otterburn Park. Québec
2022-09-09 23:30:29

Our deepest condolences to the Royal Family for the death of Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II !
Thank you , your Majesty ! You served your country with respect and dignity throughout the world . We are honoured to have attended your Jubilee and forever you will be remembered! 

Caterina Pascuzzo & Michael G Lake - Calgary Alberta
2022-09-09 23:30:14

may her soul rest in peace

Gurpreet Reehal - Alberta
2022-09-09 23:29:44

I have never meant her Majesty's the Queen but, I know this isn't just a great loss for the United Kingdom and Canada but, the world as well. She touched us all with her sweet words and great leadership. She will live in our hearts forever. My condolences go to her family and all of Britian.

Emilyann - Saint John, New Brunswick
2022-09-09 23:29:39

Rest In Peace, Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary.

Crystal - Winnipeg, MB
2022-09-09 23:29:33

Thank you very much, Your Majesty, for dedicating your life to the people and for being the physical embodiment of your nation. Your honour, care, and personal being will never be forgotten. I believe that the double rainbow over Buckingham Palace was not a coincidence, and I wish you love and happiness in paradise.

Daniel - Richmond Hill, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:28:47

Dear Royal Family,
Our deepest condolences for your loss. Queen Elizabeth II was such an amazing role model for seven decades...she was the Strength and Stay for countless. She will be sorely missed.

Maria & Angie - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:28:36

May the soul of the Queen rest in perfect peace.

Olushola - Winnipeg , Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:28:18

GOD bless the queen,to to royal family .im deeply sorry to such a lovely lady ,thank you for such a classy Queen.RIP,,

Sandy - St catharines ontario
2022-09-09 23:28:16

You will remain in the mind of millions as a symbol of unity and peace. Rest In Peace The Queen Elizabeth II.

Saif - Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:28:15

Sa Majesté s'est envolée vers un autre rivage ... que la Paix l'accompagne!

lise - st-lambert québec
2022-09-09 23:28:11

You will always be remembered for your kindness though out your 70 years on the Throne R.I.P

Ursula and Wayne - Bracebridge Ontario
2022-09-09 23:28:02

The Queen will be missed by all. She led such a dedicated life and was loved and respected by so many, a true leader. I hope she rests easy now in the company of Prince Phillip. Their lives of duty completed, may they have peace in the afterlife.

Christabelle - South River, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:27:48

thank you for your many years of service and dedication to serving your country you will be missed by many people from around the world

Monica - Windsor Ontario
2022-09-09 23:27:43

Our deepest condolences to the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth will forever be in our hearts.

Betty & Darrell - Oakville, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:27:36

Thank you queen Elizabeth for everything you have done for us. You have seen the creation of my country and you have been a consistent figure in my life. I am sad that you are gone, you will be sorely missed.

Adam - Victoria, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:27:16

Our sincere condolences go out to King Charles and all of the Royal family. As a child, we sang God Save The Queen, along with Oh Canada, every morning in school. She was, not only a Monarch, but such a beautiful soul. We all mourn with you. Much love always.

Heather - Clifford, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:27:01

My condolences you will be greatly missed you were an amazing Queen inside and out you will never be forgotten.
Thank you for 70 years of service..

Alexandra - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-09 23:26:50

A great example of service. I was hoping to meet you one day in person. You will be missed.

Fernanda Chackery - Ontario
2022-09-09 23:26:41

Your Majesty King Charles III and Family,

I was very disappointed to learn of the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Having lost both of my grandfathers recently in July, I can empathize and share in your grief. I thank Her Majesty for her service and look forward to the reign of our new sovereign. LONG LIVE THE KING

Robbie - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:26:25

On behalf of my family I would like to send my deepest sympathy to the Royal family on the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, she was truly a remarkable lady, and a true leader, she will be greatly missed by so many RIP your Majesty.

Bernadette - Harwood, ontario
2022-09-09 23:26:18

In quiet times and in turbulent times you were a constant reassuring presence. In colourful hats and sensible shoes you led with grace and dignity and an unending devotion to duty. You will be dearly missed, Ma'am. Rest with the angels.

Winnie - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:26:17

We shall not look upon her like again. Rest in peace, Queen Elizabeth.

Catherine - Surrey, BC
2022-09-09 23:26:12

RIP with the Lord, Good Queen.

Norma - Ontario
2022-09-09 23:25:54

You will be deeply missed by many around the world. You did it girl!

Aline - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-09 23:25:51

We mourn the loss of you. Thank you for your never-ending service, your compassion, your grace and for sharing your life with us. You were the only monarch I knew throughout my life and you were inspirational. I'm positive you've been lifted to heaven on the wings of angels to meet with your beloved Prince again. After 70 years of service to the world it's now your time to rest. Your work is done. Sending heartfelt condolences to everyone grieving this sad loss. In our hearts forever 

Donna - Victoria B.C.
2022-09-09 23:25:43

My condolences and prayers go out to the royal family and all of the United Kingdom during this terribly sad times with the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II. Me and my family are very saddened to hear of her passing but let us all remember her amazing 70 year reign as well as her strength and wisdom she gave over the 96 years of her life. R.I.P. Your Majesty you will be truly missed but never forgotten. God save the Queen and long live the King.

Stephen B. - Barrie, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:25:41

Queen Elizabeth was a shining example of duty and love. A beloved person that will be missed by so many people world wide. RIP your majesty

Kim - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:25:38

My granddad always raised us to respect the monarchy and I always have. You were a through line of the 20th century and now the world is diminished that you are not in it.
Rest in peace.

Michael - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:25:35

My deepest condolences to the royal family.

Dayell - Lumby, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:25:15

I will greatly miss you. The world is truly challenging and I suspect it will be more challenging with your passing. You were the one positive influence of love and respect. Good night my Queen. Thank-you for your service. Be at peace with your loving husband Philip.

Theresa - Victoria, B.C.
2022-09-09 23:25:13

Rest in peace the Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Prawin - Coquitlam, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:25:12

I Paul Chinatu Ofoegbu from AMAINYI, IHITTE UBOMA Local government area, Imo State Nigeria, wish to onbehalf of my Family wish to condole with the King and the Kingdom on the passing of Her Majesty the Queen. May you have solace in God that the Queen is in Heaven. My sincere and deepest condolences.

Paul - Benin City, Nigeria, West Africa
2022-09-09 23:25:10

I have proudly served 36 years for Your Majesty as a member of the 48th Highlanders Of Canada. May you RIP.

CPL George Boast - Brampton, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:25:08

My brother,Bruce, was one of your biggest fans. He too has recently passed but I’m sure he’s made his way to be first in line up there to welcome “his Queen”! The world will never be the same without her.

Brenda - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:24:55

My deepest condolences to all the royal family members on the loss of a wonderful woman. Our majesty will always be remembered.

Gisele - Abbotsford, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:24:19

Rest in peace your majesty you were a wonderful women in so many ways

Denise - Toronto
2022-09-09 23:24:17

God bless Queen Elizabeth II and may she rest in peace. My sincerest condolences to King Charles III and royal family.

Jane - Bradford, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-09 23:24:05

Thank you

Robert - Concord, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:23:53

Thank you your majesty for 70 years of grace, dignity and commitment to serving your people. Your presence will be greatly missed. God Save the Queen.

Donna - Port Coquitlam
2022-09-09 23:23:43

Rest on the Queen, Your visit to the University College Hospital, Ibadan, in 1957 was phenomenal, an institution that gave someone like me an opportunity to be called a Medical Social Worker.
Thank you, God grant you eternal rest.

Oluwagbemiga - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-09 23:23:35

Miss you, Queen Elizabeth .

Teresa - Markham, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:23:23

My deepest sympathies to the Royal family, my father was a British subject in the Royal navy as where his two brothers.This is a tremendous loss to all of the commonwealth. Rest in peace HRH.

Diane - Montreal
2022-09-09 23:23:18

I was born in British Hong Kong. And now living in Canada.

Your Majesty, you have served us diligently and loyally, setting up an excellent example for all of us. May your loving smile remain forever in this world. Rest in peace. You will be missed forever.

My sincere condolences to the royal family. God save the King!

Alan Paddington - Indian Head/Wolseley, Saskatchewan
2022-09-09 23:23:16

My condolences to King Charles lll and the entire Royal Family on the loss of a much treasured icon. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll has reigned my entire life and her charm, grace and dignity will be sorrowfully missed.

Andrea - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:23:01

Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
Matthew 5:4

My sincerest condolences to the British Royal Family at this time of loss. May you experience the comfort of the Lord Jesus at this time.

Thank you, Lord Jesus for saving our Queen. May she rest in your peace, always.

Dr. Jo-Ellen Worden - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-09 23:22:53

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family. Her Majesty will be missed by many.

Melinda - Whitby, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:22:51

My heartfelt condolences. The queen was a inspiration for me throughout my life. My mother (92 years old from Scotland) has followed the monarchy all her life and I followed.


James - Kamloops, B.C.
2022-09-09 23:22:43

Rest in Peace our beloved Queen Elizabeth ll

Lynnda - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 23:22:38

RIP her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Raymond Tse - British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:22:18

Although I was only alive for a fraction of her reign, she was a figure for the unity of all Canadians. She will be missed.

Chris - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 23:22:16

Queen Elizabeth served her country and the commonwealth with grace and dedication. My condolences to her family in this time of grief. She was my queen for 67 years and I will miss her. Rest In Peace

Sylvia - Prince George, BC
2022-09-09 23:22:14

My condolences to the royal family on the loss of our Queen
May she Rest In Peace
God save the King!

Shavaun - Brantford, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:22:07

RIP Queen Elizabeth you will be greatly missed by your loyal subjects

Martin - Ontario
2022-09-09 23:22:05

On behalf of myself, my family and my late mother... may you RIP and find mother:) you will have a beautiful disscion!

Adrian - Toronto
2022-09-09 23:22:05

Rest In Peace. Thank you for your service.

Jose - Quito, Ecuador
2022-09-09 23:22:01

My condolences.You were an amazing Queen and a beautiful soul inside and out and you will always be in our hearts forever ..You will be greatly missed..

Alexandra Dimitropoulos - Montreal,Quebec
2022-09-09 23:21:59

My condolences to the whole royal family .
May she Rest In Peace !

Alexandra - Montreal , Canada
2022-09-09 23:21:56

You were grace, hope and pride for everyone

Jane - Long Sault Ontario
2022-09-09 23:21:22

Thank you for your years of service and grace.

Tait - Barrie ontario
2022-09-09 23:21:18

Your Majesty displayed a grace and elegance from day 1 on the throne. You presence will be missed terribly. Rest peacefully Your Majesty. I remain your humble servant.

Geraldine - Pitt Meadows BC
2022-09-09 23:20:56

Its not an easy job. As a grandmother and a public figure rest easy.

Grace - Thornhill Ontario
2022-09-09 23:20:50

Extending my deepest sympathy to the family of Queen Elizabeth II. She was a beautiful woman. So down to earth and accepting of everyone. I never had the opportunity to meet her majesty inperson, but she was the only queen I ever recognized. I was born in Nov of 1953. I will miss her, so I can only imagine how her family will be lost without her. May she Rest In Peace.

Patricia - Swan Lake MB
2022-09-09 23:20:49

Thank you for your lifetime of service. You were always a part of my life & will be sorely missed. You were a guiding light through life’s journey. May you Rest In Peace.

Irmi - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:20:45

I would like to pay my respects to the Royal Family for their tremendous loss. There has never been a time in my life without her in it, from our money to parks to even my passport. I can’t wait to see what new things lie ahead with our new King. King Charles III.

Craig - Langley, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:20:38

que l'ame de sa majeste la reine reste en paix. qu'Allah le tout puisssant l'accorde son pardon.

Muiydeen - lome/ Togo
2022-09-09 23:20:30

My deepest condolences to the family of Queen Elizabeth ll. May God bless and keep you during this time of mourning and transition.

Lori Jean - North Saanich, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:20:03

Sending healing thoughts to the Royal Family at this hard time. I will not for get the first time that I had the chance to see her up close was 1983 in my home town of New Westminster.She left a strong positive impression on me ,at a time of my life were things were not so good.May you rest now my Queen.

Jamie - Maple Ridge BC Canada
2022-09-09 23:19:57

My sincere condolences to her Majesty

Vasiliki Georgitsos - Ottawa Ontario
2022-09-09 23:19:51

A job so well done. Thank you.

Karen - London Ontario
2022-09-09 23:19:37

Mes plus sincére condolences à la famille Royal et tous les proches.

Carmen Mc Mullen - LavalQuebec, Canada
2022-09-09 23:19:30

Our family sends our deepest condolences to all the royal family. Queen Elizabeth lived a long life, but it is always hard to lose a loved one no matter how old they are. Our thoughts are with you.

Sara - London Ontario
2022-09-09 23:19:16

My deepest sympathy to the family. A great lady, admired by all.

Noreen Watt - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:19:14

We are very sympathetic about her majesty’s death and how it has been affected on people. She will be forever missed by all, Westyn

Westyn - Oak bluff, Manitoba
2022-09-09 23:18:50

Thank you for your dedicated service. You are an inspiration and an icon. Your legacy will live on through many globally. Your presence unified us.

Brian - Brantford, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:18:48

You will be much missed, Your Majesty. Your presence on the screen always brought me comfort, especially after my beloved grandmother passed away. I hope you and her share tea and laughter in heaven. Rest in peace and thank you for your service.

Miriam - Vaughan, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:18:35

I felt like I had lost my grandmother. Queen Elizabeth was an excellent leader who inspired people all around the world. There will never be another her. Sleep with Angels, My Queen.

Craig - North York / Ontario
2022-09-09 23:18:35

I would like to express my deepest condolences to Her Royal Majesty and the Royal family for their loss. I was extremely saddened to hear of the passing of the Queen. I was came from Hong Kong that was one of British colony before 1997. She was respected by everyone around the world and her dignity and grace were unmatched. May she rest in peace.

Faye Yuen - Richmond, BC
2022-09-09 23:18:29

our thought are with the royal family at this time god bless you all

karen - kelowna
2022-09-09 23:18:16

Queen Elizabeth,my family and I would like too Thank you for everything you did. You will greatly missed

Antonella - Ontario
2022-09-09 23:18:14

My deepest condolences to the family, and may your soul rest in peace. God bless.

Ursula - Whitehorse, Yukon
2022-09-09 23:18:08

My condolences to the family of Queen Elizabeth. A woman of great strength and loyalty to her family to Britain and all current and former Commonwealth's.

Steven - Hamilton Ontario
2022-09-09 23:18:08

Queen forever. 

Armand - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-09 23:18:00

I remember singing God Save The Queen every morning in grade school. It was as regular as singing O Canada. We never really thought much about it but now that she has passed it reminds me that I’ve never known a world without her. She will be missed.

Brian - Long Sault Ontario
2022-09-09 23:17:57

To your majesty, my queen, Thankyou for your service and leadership. Thankyou for sharing your birthday and name with me. In God we trust, he take care of you and all of us. Your subject Emma x

Emma Elizabeth - Prince George British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:17:51

You were a woman and leader who performed your duties with grace, humour and humility. You will be missed.

Linda - London Ontario
2022-09-09 23:17:46

A strong and wise inspiration, you will be missed. Thank you for your service. 

Nadene R - Ontario
2022-09-09 23:17:14

I would like to thank you for being an unwavering beacon of strength, poise & grace both for little girls and women around the world. Ever in our hearts as our queen eternally. Our thoughts are with your family, during this very difficult time.

Mandy - St. John’s, Newfoundland
2022-09-09 23:17:07

I was born in 1952, the same year you became Queen. Thank you for the 70 years of amazing service reigning over us. You will be remembered for ever.

Leonard - Montreal Quebec
2022-09-09 23:17:07

My most sincere condolences to the Royal Family on the death of our gracious Queen. May she rest in peace after 70 long years of labour in behalf of all her realms. I have always admired her dedication to duty and know that she will be missed by all but remembered with fondness and love in our hearts. To our new king Charles III, I send my best wishes for the future.

Teresa - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-09 23:16:59

May I offer my humble condolences to the Royal Family . The Queen was like a Grandmother , to many of the younger generation like myself , and I am truly saddened by her passing . I can only pray she is back beside her steadfast Phillip, and is at peace . GOD BLESS THE QUEEN Xo Love from Vancouver Canada

Marie-Johanne - Vancouver
2022-09-09 23:16:55

You will always have a special place in the hearts of all Saskatchewan people. You will be missed profoundly

Debi - Saskatchewan
2022-09-09 23:16:54

Honour and Duty.

Aiden - St. Albert, Alberta Canada
2022-09-09 23:16:53

My deepest condolences on the loss of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth ll.

Katherine - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2022-09-09 23:16:53

Citizens of the Commonwealth including the United Kingdom must strive to be the very best of examples of citizenship in their respective countries if we are to show the respect and honour that Her Majesty in over 70 years of her own service.

Avinash - Toronto, Canada
2022-09-09 23:16:48

My sincere condolences. She was a great woman.

MOUTHANA - Ontario. OK
2022-09-09 23:16:45

Dear Royal family,
I am deeply sorry but the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Although I haven’t personally met The Queen but I know and am grateful for everything she has done in her 70 years of being Queen. My deepest condolences from my family to yours. We love you.

Jennifer - Stratford Ontario
2022-09-09 23:16:45

My deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family.

Michelle - Québec
2022-09-09 23:16:37

She did her best and deserves her rest. But oh, how the world will miss her.

Catherine Fitzgerald - Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:16:32

You were crowned Queen in 1952 just 2 months before I was born. You have been a constant in my life since then. My mother who used to visit me yearly in Canada educated and enthralled my two daughters with the magic of the Monarchy. Thank you for you service to all of us your steady and constant presence in our volatile world will be sadly missed.
Rest In Peace your Majesty.

Janet - Kelowna British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:16:25

Rest in peace, Mam. Your service to your people has been appreciated. Thank You for being fair with so many of us.

Steve - Cornwall, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:16:24

Saying Good Bye to a lovely lady...

Mike and Joyce Norton - Coquitlam, BC
2022-09-09 23:16:23

We will miss you. and thanks for your kind guidance to the government.

Daniel - Richmond Hill, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:15:57

I am so terrible sorry for the loss of Her Majesty The Queen. I recall seeing her several times when she visited Ottawa, Ontario Canada. she was our Queen may she Rest In Peace.

Tammy - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:15:51

It may be a sad occasion but a wonderfully long life lived.
We must have sung the song well.

Kenneth - New Westminster, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:15:38

Sending my deepest condolences to the entire Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth II was the ultimate Sovereign of our lifetime. It was raining in Sydney when the sad news broke around the world which reflects this momentous day of sorrow.

May Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Rest In Eternal Peace.

Jennifer - Sydney, Australia
2022-09-09 23:15:37

I was born in Scotland, raised in a royalist household - the Queen's message at Christmas was an important part of the day.. You were a presence throughout my life - and my parents. May you rest in peace. Thank you!

John - Stratford, Ontario
2022-09-09 23:15:08

En tant que citoyen canadien d'origine arménienne, j'étais bouleversé et profondément ému de la disparition de Sa gracieuse Majesté la Reine Elisabeth. Elle était non seulement un symbole de la continuité et de doiture mais aussi un lien d'attache à une stabilité dans ce monde tumultueux.

Sincères condoléances à la famille royale et aux Canadiens.

Aram Elagoz - Laval, Québec
2022-09-09 23:14:56

Forever loved and missed.

Rosalind Bisley - Nanaimo, British Columbia
2022-09-09 23:14:53

Je vous transmets mes sincères condoléances. La Reine fut un exemple de rigueur au travail, de diplomatie et de stabilité.

Richard - Montréal, Québec
2022-09-09 23:14:48


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