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Our deepest condolences to the Royal family on the passing of our beloved Queen. She was an icon and constant in so many lives. She ruled her country and the commonwealth with grace, compassion and thoughtfulness. She will forever be missed. Rest in eternal peace.

Kally P - Baden, Ontario
2022-09-09 22:08:56

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth was a role model to everyone. She was my Sovereign to whom I swore specific allegiance when I was elected MP four times. In a way she was "Queen of the world". She served by example. May we live as well, with her good values and duty to oppose evil and build a better world.

Paul Forseth - Powell River, BC
2022-09-09 22:08:55

Pour souligner une vie exceptionnelle dévouée aux autres et accomplie avec grâce, dignité, honneur et sollicitude
Une Monarque hors norme.

Francine Dinelle - Montréal (Québec)
2022-09-09 22:08:46

It is very unfortunate, however all great things must come to an end. Rest In Peace Her Majesty.

Austin - Beaumont Alberta
2022-09-09 22:08:35

Sincere condolences to the family of Queen Elizabeth and all Canadians who like me only have know her as our head of state almost as long that she served.

Dr Barbara-Anne Huculak - Sioux City , Iowa
2022-09-09 22:08:30

Her Majesty is an amiable, conscientious and memorable Head of State of Canada. I would like to pay my tribute to Queen Elizabeth II for her contribution to free the people for the past seven decades. Though we departed temporarily now, we will reunion in heaven one day. Rest in Peace. Goodbye.

Hinris - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-09 22:08:02

My thoughts and prayers are with the Royal Family. Your presence will be missed within the United Kingdom and The Commonwealth. Rest In Peace. God Bless you all.

Kim - Ontario, Canada
2022-09-09 22:07:41

I have only lived for the last 52 years of her rein, but I have always been awed by the leadership and humor she was brought to the world and really keeping the world together.

Glenn Christopher Lucas - Mississauga Ontario
2022-09-09 22:07:02

I extend my sincerest sympathies to queen family. What I remember most about our queen was her wisdom and warm-heartedness . Our hearts go out to the queen family .

Our deepest sympaties , RIP .


Soufiane Koubaa - Drummondville , Québec
2022-09-09 22:06:55

Her Late Majesty was a true servant-leader. I thank her for her loyalty and service to the people of Canada. As a Canadian and jurist, I mourn her passing.

Phillip - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 22:06:52

I loved to see pictures of Queen Elizabeth with her beautiful smile. May that vision of her sustain you through the days ahead.

Jill - Parry Sound, Ontario
2022-09-09 22:06:36

RIP Queen Elizabeth you were inspiring to all. A very sad day.

Tracy - Port Alberni BC
2022-09-09 22:06:36

Queen Elizabeth the Second has been my queen for my entire life and I always admired her so much. My heart mourns with the Royal Family. 

Karen - Surrey, British Columbia
2022-09-09 22:06:10

Thank you for your many years of service your Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll. You have inspired so many people throughout your life and continue to do so today. May your memory be eternal and live on in each of us. Rest in Peace.

Eva Georgina "Gina" Tsiapalis - Milton ON
2022-09-09 22:05:53

My deepest condolences to the bereaved family May she Rest In Peace out Queen 

Ava - Alberta
2022-09-09 22:05:50

We remember the Queen as the leader of our country. We remember her as our guidance for almost half the life of Canada. I wish condolences to the Royal Family and know our Country will continue through strong and with pride under the leadership of the Royal family. God save the Queen. God the save the King.

Luigi - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 22:05:42

My condolences to the family of the Queen.

Lyra Campbell - Vancouver and Cape Cod
2022-09-09 22:05:40

The tears still roll, and it's been a day, you have always been there...and you always will be...thank you, for being our gracious Queen, a woman that all of us women can look up to and admire. Rest, peace will be with you, your Highness.

Kelly - Whonnock, British Columbia
2022-09-09 22:05:35

I was 11 years old when I first heard that King George VI died. Now I have lived all through Queen Elizabeth II's entire reign. She has always been a wonderful person and even though she was 96 years old, her death shocked me. I now will be experiencing the beginning of a new sovereign, King Charles III. So, I have lived through three sovereigns. Rest In Peace, your Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and Long Live King Charles III.

Pamela - Victoria, British Columbia
2022-09-09 22:05:28

Deepest condolences to The Royal Family.
Sad news that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll has passed. She fulfilled her pledge of life-long service. Her historical reign and legacy, her tireless dedication to duty will be a source of inspiration for years to come. Beloved Queen Elizabeth ll, you will be missed. You will be remembered. You will be celebrated. May you rest in peace.

Adrienne - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 22:05:24

Such a strong, sensible, compassionate, wonderful Lady...Thank You!!

Carole - Waterdown Ont
2022-09-09 22:05:17

My condolences to the Royal Family.

Aidan Samuel Ethan Rozovsky - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 22:05:16

Reposez en paix très cher reine

Matthieu konga - Ottawa Ontario
2022-09-09 22:04:56

Thank you for being a beacon of grace and strength throughout my life, and all of our lives. My heartfelt condolences to the Royal family at the loss of their mother, grandmother, and great grandmother, and to all who’s lives she touched. I will never forget her.

Jacqueline - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 22:04:54

I’m deeply saddened by the sad demise of Queen Elizabeth. She was the only Queen who reigned for seven decades and served Britain and the Commonwealth for so long. She was the Queen of England but she was also Queen for the people of the whole world!

Sabur - Brampton Ontario
2022-09-09 22:04:46

We are indeed very sorry to hear of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II 's death and offer our condolences.

Shelley - Atlanta
2022-09-09 22:04:41

Thank you, sincerely, for everything.

Cara - Invermere, BC
2022-09-09 22:04:32

May the Lord bless and keep you, King Charles. May God be with you as you and your family weep. May Her Majesty rest in peace in Heaven above. God save the king. God save the United Kingdom. God save Canada.

Wesley - Richmond, British Columbia
2022-09-09 22:04:30

Condoléances à la famille Royale et les Britaniques.

Daniel - Mascouche , Québec
2022-09-09 22:04:19

Sending sincere condolences to all members of the Royal Family on the loss of their mother, grandmother and my Queen. What an exemplary life she lived. I am so sorry for you loss.

Daune - Summerland, British Columbia
2022-09-09 22:04:13

Not only was Her Majesty The Queen and important part of Canada's history, she was an important part of my family's history as my mother immigrated to Canada from England as a kid. It was an honor to have her as our Queen, she will be deeply missed 

Dawn - Nakina, Ontario
2022-09-09 22:03:54

My mom in heaven can finally meet you! She had such a huge collection of royalty books, magazines, plates, etc. Sad day on earth, but a joyous day in heaven for my mom

Jennifer Kozak - Armstrong, British Columbia
2022-09-09 22:03:53

Queen Elizabeth has been my queen all my life. She was a touchstone of gracious bearing, of solemn wisdom and playful humour. Death though inevitable, in my memory and heart she lives on.

Grant Harris - Smithers, British Columbia
2022-09-09 22:03:51

Sending healing prayers and comfort during this tough time.

Hania - Kitchener / Ontario/ Canada.
2022-09-09 22:03:50


Leanne - Ontario
2022-09-09 22:03:34

Heart felt condolences to the royal family. We will always remember what an amazing woman she was.

John Marshall - Hamilton/Ontario
2022-09-09 22:03:05

I was born the year of Her Majesty’s Coronation. I am named after this great woman.
My sincere condolences to His Majesty, King Charles III, and to all members of the Royal Family for the loss of their Mother and Grandmother.
May She Rest In Peace along side Her beloved husband Philip.

Betty Ann - Sundre, Alberta
2022-09-09 22:03:04

À toute la famille royale et ainsi qu'à tout les pays sous le règne Britannique mes sincères condoléances pour cette perte historique. À l'image d'une mère pour ces sujets la reine Élisabeth ll restera en mémoire de notre histoire et pour nous les canadiens qui avons eu la chance d'avoir ces nombreuses visites royale. I love You my Queen. Xxx

Caroline Girardot - Drummondville, Québec, Canada
2022-09-09 22:02:52

You definitely earned your angelic wings on earth and flew to heaven to be one with your Creator .He missed you .
May God bless you with eternal peace ,Amen.

Karim Manji - Burlington ,Ontario ,Canada
2022-09-09 22:02:44

It was 1964 when I was in grade 1. I remember standing at attention every morning at school and singing God Save The Queen. I knew that the Queen didn’t reside in Canada but somehow I also knew that she was my Queen, our country’s Queen.
I will truly miss the Queen and what she has represented in my lifetime.

Peter - Ontario
2022-09-09 22:02:27

Merci pour votre belle folie et continuez d'égayer notre quotidien avec votre portrait sur notre monnaie!

Sébastien CoRhino - Rimouski, Québec
2022-09-09 22:01:51

Mes sympathies à toutes la famille

Rosita Duguay - Havre-Saint-Pierre, Province Quebec
2022-09-09 22:01:45

May you rest in peace after ruling Britain for 70 Years Wow. You are with the Lord now and Prince Phillip waiting for your touch once again to lead you to the promised land. God Bless

Duane - Niagara Falls , Ontario
2022-09-09 22:01:42

Ma'am, your legacy will live on forever in the hearts of many. As your family and the entire world mourn your passing, may we - and future generations to come - continue to he inspired by your unwavering sense of duty and kindness. You are in a better place now. You will forever be Queen of our hearts. Rest in peace, Your Majesty.

Aloysius - Montréal, Québec
2022-09-09 22:01:40

I was born in Queen Elizabeth Hospital. You will be missed.

2022-09-09 22:01:35

My sincere condolences to the entire family on the passing of our beloved queen. She was a remarkable woman and her impact on each one of us was beyond imagination. God bless our Queen!

Pooja - Whitby / Ontario
2022-09-09 22:01:21

She did Really good. 

Allan - Calgary
2022-09-09 22:01:07

may her majesty rest in peace

Liam - Nanaimo, British Columbia
2022-09-09 22:00:49

Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II was my Queen when I was a young boy age 6 living in Birmingham, UK in 1952. Her Majesty was still my Queen when I immigrated to Canada in 1980. I was pleased that the Queen was always my “Head of State”. She was a great lady working tirelessly for the good of others. Time passes and at the age of 75, I have a new King Charles III and I wish His Majesty my sincere condolences at this time upon the passing of his Mother together with my best wishes for the future

Roger Crowe - Timmins, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-09 22:00:46

Rip,Queen Elizabeth ,you may now fly with Angels above.

Cynthia - Windsor,Ontario
2022-09-09 22:00:45

Toutes mes profondes sympathies a la famille royale, une grande est décédée mais courage et bonne chance au futur roi .

Mélanie - Canada québec
2022-09-09 22:00:39

My heart is sad to hear of the passing of Queen Elizabeth. Her amazing devotion was incredible, she will be deeply missed. No words can express my sorrow of such loss to the world and to her family. May she Rest In Peace.
Thank-you indeed for your lifetime commitment. You made the world a better place by just being in it 

Leigh - Vancouver B.C.
2022-09-09 22:00:27

An amazing woman who will continue to inspire people for centuries. Rest in Peace.

Patricia - Oshawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 22:00:22

I am incredibly sorry for Royal Family, on the the loss of their loved one. It must be an incredibly difficult time, and I cannot imagine the heartbreak of losing a mother, grandmother, and great grandmother. Her Majesty was an inspirational figure, who was much beloved in my household. I wish the new king much luck in all that he does, as well as the rest of the family.

Long live King Charles III.

Jack - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 22:00:16

Thank you for your 70 years of dedicated service as the Queen of England. You have provided stability for the people of the UK and the Commonwealth, including Canada.
Thank you for setting the highest standard possible for how people serving the State in both employed and elected positions should conduct themselves.

Michael - Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-09 22:00:06

Thank you for the years of service, courage and grace. A shining example of a life well lived.

Elizabeth - Fort Langley, British Columbia
2022-09-09 21:59:58

Rest in Peace

Breanna - North Bay, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:59:56

You will forever be in our hearts. Thank you for your service to the commonwealth. Rest well your majesty.

Sarah - Courtice, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:59:56

Toutes mes condoléances à la famille royale d'Angleterre pour le décès de sa majesté la Reine Elizabeth 2 paix à son âme

Amina - Blainville Québec
2022-09-09 21:59:47

a true monarch

neil - surrey bc
2022-09-09 21:59:41

Sending my heartfelt condolences to the family. Queen Elizabeth was an idol of mine since I was a young girl. My grandmother and I would look at her picture in my grandmother's living room and talk about all her lovely hats. Hoping you can share all your memories with the little ones of how great she was.

Tammie - NL
2022-09-09 21:59:34

My deepest sympathies to the family. I remember seeing Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip when they visited Guelph in 1959. I was 6 years old. I was in awe of her wonderful but difficult life. She was a true Royal Queen.

Marlene - GuelphOntario,
2022-09-09 21:59:32

May you rest in peace, Your Majesty. Thank you for your devotion to your country and the world for 70 years. You were beautiful, strong, and an example to all women.

Michelle - Ontario
2022-09-09 21:59:22

Your majesty will be truly and deeply missed. God bless.

Megan - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-09 21:59:12

She lived a wonderful life. So much history has happened before her and that she is a part of. She is the only queen so many of us have ever known. She will be missed by all. God be with her. Much love and prayers for the Royal Family.

Debbie House - Richmond Hill Ontario
2022-09-09 21:59:10

Our Queen Elizabeth will always be fondly remembered for her thoughtfulness and unrelenting dedication to the people of Canada and around the world. She was there throughout my entire life and will be deeply missed. RIP our beloved Queen

Martha Holly Elizabeth MacMillan - New Westminster BC
2022-09-09 21:59:10

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family. Her Majesty was an example of dignity and honour for all of us.

Ariadne Vanzela - New Westminster, BC, Canada
2022-09-09 21:59:00

RIP your Highness.

Mary - Breton Alberta
2022-09-09 21:58:48

Rest east your Majesty, your duty is done. Be with the love of your life for eternity in the stars. RIP ERII

Thomas - Trenton, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:58:45

My condolences to the royal family

Nita - Barrie,ON
2022-09-09 21:58:35

Mes sincères condoléances à la famille royale britannique pour le décès de Sa Majesté la Reine Élisabeth II. Que la défunte souveraine repose en paix, elle aura été un modèle de paix, de joie et de bienveillance pour nous tous.

Royal du Perron - Montréal, Québec
2022-09-09 21:58:14

Deepest Condolences.

Jill - Cowichan Bay, British Columbia
2022-09-09 21:57:43

My deepest sympathies to the Royal Family at this time of loss. The Queen was a constant in times of change, and an amazing lady. Her loss is immense.

Christina - Orillia Ontario
2022-09-09 21:57:36

Our love and prayers go out the family of our beloved and esteemed Queen, Elizabeth II. Well done, faithful servant. Thank you, Your Majesty, for more than 70 years of giving your life to your people. We love you & will miss you, Ma'am. 

Rev Tami Spires - Cookshire-Eaton, Québec
2022-09-09 21:57:29

She was the bridge between the old world and the new. Hers was a reign that saw changes like no reign before it. History unfolded before her, and she helped shape it. Hers will be remembered as one of the most storied reigns in all of the empire's history. Long lived the Queen.

Montana - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-09 21:57:22

Our heartfelt condolences to the queen’s family.

Packialuxmi - Markham, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:57:10

The entire Royal Family is in my thoughts and prayers over the loss of Queen Elizabeth.

Janette - Saskatoon SK
2022-09-09 21:57:07

My sincere sympathies to Her Majesty’s family.
Queen Elizabeth II faithfully served her God and her country throughout her reign. She earned our devotion, loyalty and gratitude.
Thank You.

Gwen Williamson - London, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:56:48

Heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of our beloved Queen. Sincere thanks to Queen Elizabeth for her life of such unwavering service to all people, she will be dearly missed.
Long live the King.

Sondra - Ontario
2022-09-09 21:56:38

Condolences to all the family , on the passing our Queen !!

Mercedes’ - Little St Lawrence Newfoundland
2022-09-09 21:56:37

My condolences to the Royal Family and all who loved Queen Elizabeth. You were a one-of-kind Queen, Your Majesty. Thank you for your 70 years of service and devotion! You will be greatly missed but never forgotten!

Jacqueline - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 21:56:36

May Her Majesty Rest In Peace. She will be missed! Forever in our memories

Adam - Barrie, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:56:15


2022-09-09 21:56:13

Que l'on soit monarchiste ou non, il est indéniable que vous avez été une grande reine. RIP Lilibet. Sincères condoléances à la famille et aux proches ainsi qu'au peuple britannique.

Johanne - Shawinigan
2022-09-09 21:56:07

Much care during difficult times. The Queen was loved by so many.

Jim - Whitby, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:55:56

Your presence will be missed by thousands of people.
I can only hope and pray that your son, Charles, will do his “job” now, half as well as you did.
Your passing is a solemn reminder that my own mom at 97, could join her husband any time,as you have done.
Well done good and faithful servant!

Erna - St. Catharines, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:55:44

Queen Elizabeth has been a great role model in our generation and I will always remember her as one of the strongest and brightest stars. My deepest condolences to the royal family & extended family. You are all in my prayers. God save the Queen.

Enza - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:55:39

We always did look forward to hearing and seeing the Queen's involvements...
She was special in so many ways..
Our condolences to all of the family...
A fond memory was seeing the Queen in her 1959 visit to Guelph, and Bob's younger brother approached her open car and said "Hi Queen"....taking everyone by a nice surprise.

Bonnie and Bob - Oakville Ontario
2022-09-09 21:55:33

J'ai de la peine que la Reine Elizabeth soit partie.Elle est au paradis elle ce repose.
Merci ce quel a fais pour nous.

Pierrette Lachambre - St- Hyacinthe province de Québec.
2022-09-09 21:55:28

Thank you so much for your service, you have been a amazing queen and have served us and your country for your whole life and made us a promise and kept your promise. You will be dearly missed and you are a role model to us all.

Domenica and Jacob Davison - London, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:54:58

My sincere condolences to The Royal Family. Her Majesty was an incredibly strong, courageous and faith filled woman. She will be missed and always remembered.

Bronwen McRae - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
2022-09-09 21:54:39

Sincere condolences to King Charles III, Camilla, Prince William, Catherine, Prince Harry, Meghan and all the family. May God grant you His love, peace and comfort.

Grace - London, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:54:29

Canada and the world will never be the same. God save the Queen!!!

Carmen - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:54:27

Thank you for your service. May you Rest In Peace with your husband.

Robert - Vancouver BC
2022-09-09 21:54:26

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family in the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. Her life was filled with love, respect and kindness that she not only received but also gave, these qualities that she exemplified to the UK and the rest of the world.

Selena - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:54:03

May the Angels surround you and give you peace on your voyage to reunite with your beloved husband. Your work is done. Condolences, a new born king. God save the King.

Larry Beggs - Valleyfield Quebec. Canada
2022-09-09 21:54:01

On behalf of my family I'd like to express my deepest condolences to the new King and Queen consort as well as the rest of the royal family. Queen Elizabeth II was the only sovereign I've ever known and a comforting constant in a world of turmoil. May she rest in peace.

Dylan - Chatham, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:53:59

You are a Light that will never dim our memories !
God's Blessings be with you and all of your family.
we shall miss you.

Frederick James - Courtenay, BC
2022-09-09 21:53:58


2022-09-09 21:53:55

She lives on in all of our memories. My condolences to the royal family.

Randi - London, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:53:51

Thank you, Your Majesty, for your devotion to your people for over seven decades. You will be missed dearly...

Marie-Eve - Montréal, Québec
2022-09-09 21:53:41

Innaa lillaahi wa inaa ilaihi raaji'oon ”Indeed, we belong to Allah and we will have to return to Him.”
Your Majesty, you led a meaningful life. You were an inspiration to all of us. May your soul peacefully rest in the heaven.
May almighty give strength to the Royal Family to bear the demise of Her Majesty.

Azren - Puttalam, Sri Lanka
2022-09-09 21:53:26

My heart broke when I heard the news of the passing of our beautiful Queen. My mother was one of your biggest fans, I hope she was amongst the heavenly angels welcoming you home. Rest in peace beautiful lady.

Sue Skomsky - Pembroke, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:53:17

The Queen will always live in our hearts!

Her Majesty the Queen is immortal!

Tianyang - Guelph, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:53:14

The Queen was a great leader, Rest in Peace.

Thomas - Guelph, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:53:11

My deepest sympathy on the loss off such a wonderful woman. Thinking of you all during this difficult time. She will be dearly missed 

Shannon - PEI, Canada
2022-09-09 21:53:05

Her Majesty was a strong and gracious role model to us all. May Her Majesty rest in peace.

We are sending our prayers and condolences to the Royal Family during this difficult time.

Nina Voradeth - Newmarket, On
2022-09-09 21:52:53

I am in deep sorrow feeling sad. Queen was great human being and world leader serving humanity since 70 years. I pray for her and believe Allah God will give her best place.

ASIF - Mississauga / Ontario
2022-09-09 21:52:52

Your Majesty.
I swore an oath to you in service to our country. I also had the honor and privilege of working in close contact with you and your family. That oath has never expired.
You were a great inspiration to the world. Your dedication to duty and the example you portrayed clearly made the world a better place.
May you Rest in Eternal Peace.

Graham - Montague, Prince Edward Island
2022-09-09 21:52:52

Rest In Peace your Majesty. You have done more for this planet than you will ever know. This world was better with you in it. Thank you.

Ryan Smith - Ontario
2022-09-09 21:52:44

mes plus sincères sympathies,

lise - st-jérome,québec,canada,
2022-09-09 21:52:30

Sincerest condolences to the Royal Family during this troubling time. May her majesty Queen Elizabeth II rest in peace.

Thank you for taking on and sticking with your career for as long as you have and for providing us with your decades of service with a constant smile on your face. You opened doors for many women - it is an honour to have known of you in my history. Rest Queen.

God save the King.

Daniel - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:52:20

An irreplaceable loss to the world. Queen Elizabeth II will live in our hearts forever!!

Nidhi - Oakville
2022-09-09 21:52:08

Sincere condolences to the royal family. Her Majesty was a truly remarkable and inspirational person to us all. We are both very proud to have been born in two of the countries that meant such a great deal to her, England and Malta. Long live the King

Carol & Charlie - Alliston, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:52:07

I express my profound condolences to HM King Charles III & family on the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. Her Majesty’s personal history of dedicated public service and charity, both at home and abroad in the wake of countless societal change spanning generations, has contributed to the betterment of us all. Her work for the establishment and growth of the Commonwealth has created many positive connections among many peoples of the world.

We offer our prayers and may her memory be eternal.

William C - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 21:51:54

A background of emptiness. How do you begin to live without her highness always being in the background of our lives. She will be sorely missed.

Jeanne - Hillcrest Alberta
2022-09-09 21:51:49

My heartfelt condolences to the Royal family. Her Majesty was a wonderful example to us all of strength, loyalty and grace. I am sure in the hereafter, she was met with the words, "Well done thy good and faithful servant". She will be greatly missed.

Linda - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2022-09-09 21:51:44

Condolences to all of the royal family….. Queen Elizabeth was as beloved by us all here in Canada as she was around the world. A special part of our Christmas each year was to listen to the Queen’s message. We hope King Charles will continue the tradition. God bless.

Lori - St. John’s,NL
2022-09-09 21:51:36

Mes plus sincères condoléances à la famille royale.

Johnny Bordeleau - Sorel-Tracy, Québec
2022-09-09 21:51:28

My sincere condolences to the family of Queen Elizabeth II for their loss. She was in my thoughts recently as we toasted her one evening and I thought how great of a person she must be as she dedicated her years to such service. Even though I did not know her, I enjoyed her sparkle in her eye and her beautiful nature. How blessed she was to have a long, healthy life, and to be comforted by people she loved and those who loved her at the end.

Corinne - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
2022-09-09 21:51:23

My Condolences my Heart goes out to the Royal Family at this time This is such sad news you will be forever missed you were one of a kind QUEEN ELIZABETH you will always live on in all of us Rest in peace to the QUEEN 

Melissa - Delhi ontario Canada
2022-09-09 21:51:11

I would like send my sincere condolences to the royal family. My heart is with you during this difficult time.

Kimberly - Courtenay, BC, Canada
2022-09-09 21:51:05

Rest in peace Her Majestey Queen

Terrie Jones - Athens ontario Canada
2022-09-09 21:50:58

Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth ll will be remembered by many including myself.. my grandmother Gladys Martell of L'Ardoise, NS is celebrating her 97 th birthday on September 23, of this year. She looked so much like the Queen... in her younger days. My condolences go out to the Royal Family at this difficult time. RIP

Yvette Ings - Virgin Arm, NL
2022-09-09 21:50:53

My condolences to the Royal family in this time of heartbreak, Her Majesty will be greatly missed across the commonwealth and beyond.

Hillary - Grand Barachois, New Brunswick
2022-09-09 21:50:47

Sending our love and warm thoughts on the tremendous loss of your Mother, Granny & Great-Granny.

Lindsay - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 21:50:46

Heartfelt condolences to King Charles and the rest of the Royal family.
Thank you Ma’am for your selfless service for 7 decades.
You taught me commitment & the true meaning of keeping a promise.
You never faltered in your service to your people & for that “Thank You”!
My dear Queen, may your soul RIP and eternal light shine upon her soul.
God Save our Gracious King, Long Live our Noble King, God save the King!

Neil - North York, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:50:38

Sending our sincerest condolences on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
She was respected by everyone around the world and her dignity and grace were unmatched. May she rest in peace.

Erika & Javier - Toronto, ON
2022-09-09 21:50:33

You will be missed Your Majesty. Rest in peace.

Greg - Ontario
2022-09-09 21:50:22

Saddened by the death of Queen Elizabeth a women who taught us what true commitment to service looks like. A life well lived. God grant you peace and rest; Job well done . God save the King.

Fran - Calgary Alberta Canada
2022-09-09 21:49:52

May you rest in peace in the arms of your loving husband. Heartfelt sympathy to your family

Cheryl - Schreiber Ontario
2022-09-09 21:49:32

All the best to the Royal Family during this time of reflection and celebration of Life. Here’s to Canada’s Queen for her long wondrous service. Here’s to the new King.

Denny - Corunna Ontario
2022-09-09 21:49:31

A life well lived .

Steven - Ontario
2022-09-09 21:49:04

For your steadfast devotion and unwaivering determination, we thank you. You will be truly missed by many.

Jana - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 21:48:50

Our thoughts and prayers to the family in the loss of our dear Queen. RIP

Linda - Florence Ontario Canada
2022-09-09 21:48:36

I've always held a special place in my heart my whole life for our beautiful Queen. Thank you for your service to England and the Commonwealth. Sending my condolences and love to the Royal family. Highest respects to the new King Charles III

Eva - Tillsonburg Ontario
2022-09-09 21:48:33

My thoughts are with the royal family at this time. Her Majesty was a beautiful and regal woman; a fine leader who inspired thousands. She is the definition of grace, and a fashion icon. My nan told my family of when she was a girl in Jamaica and Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret visited her school. I like to believe this to be true. She lived an incredible, one she never anticipated. I am beyond grateful to have had a Queen in my life time, and only wish I could have met her. God Save The King!

Holly - Peterborough, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:48:28

May your son due you proud as you look down upon him and guide him.Rest In Peace with your husband. God save the King

Patricia, Elizabeth - Parksville BC
2022-09-09 21:48:28

The world has lost a beautiful soul and a strong and dedicated spirit. Heaven has gained our loss.

Colleen - Kamloops British Columbia
2022-09-09 21:48:13

My you dwell peacefully with the lord for all time. Thank you for being a fantastic role model. God bless you.

Austin - Innisfil, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:48:12

Monarchists and non-monarchists alike agree that the Queen was a graceful and effective diplomat, with a strong work ethic and an impressive ability to change as she grew older. Would that more world leaders had these gifts.

Erica Stevens Abbitt - Windsor, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:48:08

My condolences to the royal family on the passing our Queen and their mother and (great) grandmother. Thank you for your years of service and dedication to us all. Your grace and leadership was greatly admired and you will be dearly missed. Rest in Peace.

Catharine - Newcastle, ON
2022-09-09 21:48:04

You were a remarkable person who has left an indelible mark. No one will ever do what you did, the way you did it. Rest in peace your Majesty.

Robert Jenkins - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:48:01

So sorry for your loss , I’m really sorry to hear about her death . she was a wonderful queen.

Elmaroua - Mount pearl, Newfoundland
2022-09-09 21:47:59

My condolences to your family on their loss of a mother, grandmother and great grandmother. My respect to a woman who found time to care for her family, her community, her country and the many other lands she reigned over. You did a great service. RIP

Julie - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-09 21:47:56

May The Queen rest in peace. You devoted all your life to your nation. You will be dearly missed.

Stanley - Houston, Texas (Canadian)
2022-09-09 21:47:51

Une grande Dame qui a marqué l'histoire. Reposez en paix. Mes plus sincères condoléances à la famille royale.

Monique - Lévis, Québec
2022-09-09 21:47:41

What a woman! I don't know you, but tears came stream down when I heard about your passing. There's no reason why, except that somehow you've touched my heart. Just like you touch the hearts of many many others, with your compassion, your grace and your strength. You are truly an exemplary woman and we all have so much to learn from you. Thank you for all your hard work, it's time to go be with your husband.

Selina - Burnaby, British Columbia
2022-09-09 21:47:41

Her dignified composure and empathy towards her subjects will be dearly missed .

Sanjib - Surrey , British Columbia
2022-09-09 21:47:37

Great Queen won respect and love for 70 years great service her people. We will miss your Majesty!

David - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:47:27

In the recent passing of Her Majesty ,please accept our heartfelt Condolences and know that we shall meet again ....

Alice - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2022-09-09 21:47:11

Her Majesty’s reign has been the only monarchy that my generation has ever know and it has been one that has shown the constancy and integrity of service; your steadfast faith in the face of adversity has been so appreciated. Our deepest condolences to the entire Royal family and May God draw near in your season of grief and sorrow. God bless you all 

Natalie - Dorchester, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:47:03

Thanks for being our Queen and for your example of Grace and dignity. May God Grant you Peace and your heavenly reward. Rest In Peace May they have marmalade sandwiches in heaven. 

Marlene - Ontario
2022-09-09 21:46:44

It is a sad end to a incredible era. God bless

Jennifer - Hamilton Ontario
2022-09-09 21:46:42

Your reign was magnificent and an inspiration to all our hearts.

Alexandre - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:46:42

she will be greatly missed

joseph abraham - mississauga ontario
2022-09-09 21:46:35

Dear Royal family, deepest sympathy for the loss of the Queen.
She became Queen when I was born. Our family always had great respect for her. I feel privileged to have lived in a time during her reign.
Dear King Charles, it is always difficult to lose a mother, she will always live in your heart. Long live the King.

Frances M. Jones - St. Lazare, Quebec
2022-09-09 21:46:33

God bless the Queen, God keep our Queen safe your time of service is now complete. Thank you for everything. Rest now in peace you will truly be missed.

Joanne - New Westminster
2022-09-09 21:46:30

My deepest condolences,
My whole life I’ve had the Queen as my sovereign and she will be very very missed by all. It saddens me to hear the news and it still shocks me. God Save The Queen and our new King Charles III.

Jonathan - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:46:27

My sincerest condolences for you at this time. You have my deepest sympathy and unwavering support. Wishing you peace, comfort, courage, and lots of love at this time of sorrow. My heart goes out to you at these difficult times.

Mauricio - London, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:46:17

My deepest condolences to the royal family for the loss of Queen Elizabeth II,
God give them strength during this difficult moments

Roberto Amigon - Windsor, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:46:13

Her Majesty the Queen was an amazing head of state for whom we should all be immensely grateful.

George Roper - Coquitlam, B.C.
2022-09-09 21:46:03

Condolences to the Royal Family and UK.
Had the pleasure of seeing the Royal Family in Yellowknife in 1970.

2022-09-09 21:45:54

We are sending our condolences to the royal family and praying that Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has gone home to her beloved prince. May they Rest In Peace together for eternity

Tracy - Merrickville, ON
2022-09-09 21:45:45

My families deepest condolences to your family from mine. Thank you for all you have done for Canada. You were truly the best Queen and an excellent role model. May you rest in peace.

Audrey - Etobicoke, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:45:41

I am writing to send my deepest sympathy to the Royal family. Her
Majesty, Queen Elizabeth 11 will be missed by all of her loyal subjects.
As we move forward, I wish all the best to King Charles 111. Long live our king. May G-d bless our king.

Heather - Toronto ontario
2022-09-09 21:45:33

Thank You, Your Majesty, for your life of duty and love. Rest in Peace.

Aneta Zuzanna - Ajax/ Ontario
2022-09-09 21:45:33

You are truly missed and truly blessed.

Yvonne - Okotoks, Alberta
2022-09-09 21:45:30

You will be greatly missed. My mom passed down to me scrapbooks all on your coronation. I am 2nd generation Canadian and love my English, Scottish & Irish heritage. I have followed the English Monarchy and studied lots of my heritage, which is strong. I will continue to be loyal to the head of my country. I know you are with your loved ones who have been waiting for you, you won't be alone. Love to you and yours.

Cynthia - Coalhurst, Alberta
2022-09-09 21:45:14

There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart. I love you & wish you rest in peace.

Katherine - Holland Landing, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:45:07

My condolences to the family and to all of us members of the Commonwealth and the World at large. She was our Queen and she served us well. Thank you for your service my Queen. Long Live the King

Heather - Penticton British Columbia
2022-09-09 21:45:03

May she rest in peace

LIDIA - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:45:03

thank you

Louise - Ottawa Ontario
2022-09-09 21:45:02

Rest well Your Majesty. Thank you for your years of dedication and service to The Commonwealth. You have truly been an inspiration.

Valdine - Kelowna, BC
2022-09-09 21:44:27

Our condolences to the entire royal family on the loss of the beloved mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Heaven has gained a beautiful, caring dedicated soul. May you Rest In Peace our dear Queen along side your beloved Philip.

Walter and Gail - Langley, BC
2022-09-09 21:44:11

Dear Queen, may the long road ahead on the next step on your journey might be love and grandiose as your legacy.

Yannick - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-09 21:44:10

Une reine qui a été jusqu’à la la fin très présente pour son peuple. Sympathies a la famille royale

Carol - Drummondville, Quebec
2022-09-09 21:43:58

Quite simply one of the greatest, if not the greatest, contemporary world leaders. Her Majesty's undying love for Canada and the whole Commonwealth was simply unmatched, and the feeling was definitely mutual. I find myself at a loss for any more words.

Patrick - The Goulds, Newfoundland and Labrador
2022-09-09 21:43:52

Such an amazing person the Queen was. She performed all her duties with warmth and charm until the end. She will be missed.
My sincere condolences to the Royal Family and to the people of the UK.

Cheryl - Bolton, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:43:39

Thank you for your great service in the past seven decades. We will never forget about you.

Yifei - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 21:43:38

Your majesty, may you rest in peace. I will always remember how you devoted your entire life into public service wholeheartedly.

Desmond - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:43:33

May the memory of her graceful rule and long life bring you peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Alexander - Oakville, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:43:31

May you rest in peace, Your Majesty.

Kyle Dias - St. Catharines, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:43:28

I was always interested in hearing what the Queen was doing or saying. She was a very dignified lady and played her part well. Saw her in London in 1969. Sad she is gone.

Vicky Pearce - Chilliwack, BC
2022-09-09 21:43:23

God bless my Queen in her new itinerary

Jorge Ramos-Chara - Fort McMurray Alberta
2022-09-09 21:43:11

My sincere condolences to the entire family and to my Idol the Queen

ZINEENA - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-09 21:43:09

Sending my heartfelt condolences to the Royal family on the loss of HRH Queen Elizabeth II. She is an inspiration to many for her devotion and dedication to her commonwealth, as well as her graceful and compassionate ways. Thank you for your benevolent 70 years of service. You will live on in our hearts. Rest In Peace 

Gillian - Surrey BC
2022-09-09 21:42:49

Rest In Peace Your Majesty.

Mar Sison - Toronto, Ontario Canada
2022-09-09 21:42:46

God speed Your Majesty

Susan Moyer - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:42:45

Rest in peace your Majesty. It was an honor to serve Canada and the Crown in my various careers over the years. Thank you for being a sign of stability throughout my life.

Victor - Surrey, British Columbia
2022-09-09 21:42:41

May the soul of her majesty queen Elizabeth ll Rest In Peace our condolences to royal family’s

Bikash - Chillliwack,BC
2022-09-09 21:42:31

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has touched the hearts of countless people over her 70 year reign, during which time Her Majesty was a shining example of British courage, strength, and grace. My deepest condolences go out to her family, may they find comfort in knowing just how widely loved her majesty was, and how deeply her loss has been felt by her subjects.

Zachary - Grand barchois New Brunswick
2022-09-09 21:42:22

Condoléances à toute la famille Royale.

André Blais - Québec, QC.
2022-09-09 21:42:11

Thank you for your service. May your Highness Rest In Peace.

Bertha - Hamilton, Ontario/ Hong Kong
2022-09-09 21:41:59

My prayers and sincere condolences to His Majesty King Charles and the members of our Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth’s example of servant leadership and selfless devotion to her duties will continue to inspire us for many years to come. She was a women of deep faith and that faith was reflected in her work, her messages and in her life so well lived. Anglicans across Canada are giving thanks to God for her life and witness and our prayers are with you in the days ahead.

Rt. Rev. Michael Bird - Barry’s Bay, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:41:57

My deepest condolences to the entire Royal Family & the citizens of the United Kingdom & the Commonwealth. Thank you Queen Elizabeth for all of your years of tireless service. Your reign will never be matched. May you Rest In Peace. You deserve it.

Sherri - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-09 21:41:29

The world is very saddened to lose a great queen, we will always miss her kindness, and dedication to the nation. RIP

Winnie - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2022-09-09 21:41:29

Queen Elizabeth was an amazing leader for us to expire to. I had the privilege or seeing her when I was 10. She will be missed by me.

Greg D. - Richmond BC
2022-09-09 21:41:06

I am saddened to hear of the passing of Her Majesty, the example she set in her actions have made a lasting impression on many

I send my best wishes to His Majesty as he takes the throne

Warren Danforth CD - Laval Quebec
2022-09-09 21:40:59

Condolences to the family of uk
Love from Mary and Flair
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
Lest we forget

FlairMary - Winnipeg,Manitoba
2022-09-09 21:40:56

On behalf of my family. Thank you Queen Elizabeth II for your dedication and guidance.
Sincere condolences to the Royal Family. RIP Queen Elizabeth II.

Debbie - Pembroke Ontario
2022-09-09 21:40:55

Our deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences on the passing of Queen Elizabeth. May she Rest In Peace . May her memory be Eternal!

Irene Fortoma - Brantford, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:40:51

Our hearts reach out across the miles to express our sympathies to the Royal family for the passing of Queen Elizabeth, their matriarch, a much loved dynamic soul who has touched the hearts of so many around the world! Her memory will remain in our hearts for ever!! God grant you comfort and peace!!

Cathrine - Cargill Ontario
2022-09-09 21:40:40

Mes sincères condoléances a la famille royale.
God bless the King

Amel - Montreal, Québec
2022-09-09 21:40:34

Thank you for your 70 years of service. You were an incredible example of a leader, a lady and a monarch. You were steadfast, led by example and I am proud to have called My Queen. You will be so missed. Godspeed

Alison - New Westminster
2022-09-09 21:40:27

Thanking HRH Queen Elizabeth II for her service to Country and Commonwealth and Canada.

Joanne Forbes - Linden Alberta
2022-09-09 21:40:21

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, was always an inspiration for me. I'll never forget the words of encouragement she gave in a New York church immediately after the 9/11 terrorist attacks. The Queen proved herself once again to be a caring, very strong leader of the Free World. She will be sorrowfully missed.

Kenneth Brown - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 21:40:18

My condolences to the Royal Family on the loss of a wonderful woman,Mother,Grandmother & Great Grandmother .

Carol Ann - Paradise,Nl
2022-09-09 21:40:10

She was a beautiful woman and amazing queen she will be missed.

Mylène - Sydney, Nova Scotia
2022-09-09 21:39:44

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth was a role model to so many of us that grew up in Canada. A few years ago we traced our UK lineage. Ended up the we are very distant cousins. Somehow I sensed that from the time I was wee. Her Majesty is now with the Lord. We will celebrate.

Patricia Graham - United States
2022-09-09 21:39:32

Very sad time in history, to loose the one constant in our lives, thank you for not only for being our queen and watching over us but for just being you, we will never forget you, you will be forever loved and very sadly missed Fly high your majesty your work is done, rest easy & God bless you all 

Lisa - Nova Scotia canada
2022-09-09 21:39:31

My condolences go out to the Queen, her family and rest of the UK and Canada . We lost a great lady . She will be dearly missed . Long live the King !

She lived an amazing life and now reunited with her prince !

Meghan - Ontario
2022-09-09 21:39:09

I have no words to describe my sorrow and sadness. May the Royal family find the peace, consolation and love that they need in the days forward.

Anderson Pinheiro Da Silva - Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-09 21:39:08

My condolences to the Royal Family. You were everything a great leader should be and more. Thank you! Your dedication, wisdom and smile will be sorely missed.

Susan - Kingston, New Brunswick
2022-09-09 21:39:00

As a 50% first generation Canadian who’s mum was born in Portsmouth, England, I grew up with knowledge of the Queen, the good work she did to combat the negatives of yesteryear, and an understanding of her ability to be a stabilizing force in the commonwealth. A life well lived in service of her people, she shall be remembered well for generations.

Thor - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-09 21:38:54

The world won’t be the same

Brenda - Salmon Arm BC
2022-09-09 21:38:34

Our deepest condolences to all members of the Royal Family.
She will be greatly missed.
Thank you Queen Elizabeth II for 70-years of service.
Rest In Peace your Majesty.

Lina & Eric Wyatt - Drumbo, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:38:32

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has always been there. We are both the same age as King Charles and The Princess Royal Anne. Every life event we have known has been during her reign. We will never again witness such selfless devotion to duty with honesty, nobility and kindness. Rest in Peace your Majesty.

Linda & Harold Duff - Sudbury, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:38:28

My Queen, My Queen, I’ve known you all my life. You filled my home with Hope, Selflessness and taught me how to lead by virtuous example. Thank You! You will forever be the Queen of our Hearts 

Neil - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:38:25

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II . She will be sadly missed by the whole world .

Beata - St.Thomas, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:38:25

She was a good Queen, ruled for 70 years, sadly didn't make it to 100 years old.

Thomas - Caledon, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:38:19

In light of your families loss I send love and prayers. Our hearts and prayers are with you as you deal with the loss of your Queen. Thank you for sharing her with the world who loves her and misses her so much. I hope you have time to grieve in piece as a family before you watch the world grive for her.

Brenda - Mount Albert, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:37:57

May god bless you ..

Reza - North York Ontario
2022-09-09 21:37:48

It is so difficult to let go of those we love and my heart goes out to the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth was so solid and gracious in her role as monarch and she will be remembered with respect.

Charlotte - Vancouver, B.C.
2022-09-09 21:37:29

Thank you for your lifetime of service and your outstanding example of commitment to excellence. When I became a Canadian citizen, I gave careful thought to swearing allegiance to you and your heirs and successors. But over time I came to know you and your heart, and my commitment came to be wholehearted. God bless you, and God save the king.

Linda - London, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:37:24


2022-09-09 21:37:22

Sleep in eternal peace my Queen !! May God bless you and keep you! You are with your Philip now, you will be missed but never forgotten 

Catherine - Kelowna BC
2022-09-09 21:37:10

God Bless

Robert - Edmonton, AB
2022-09-09 21:37:03

Mes sincères condoléances pour le décès de la reine Isabelle ll

Clara Patricia Villalobos Benavides - Longueuil Québec
2022-09-09 21:37:01

We grew up with Queen Elizabeth. We will miss her immensely
My condolences to all members of the Royal Family.

Maureen - Ottawa, Ontario,
2022-09-09 21:36:58

J’offre mes plus sincères sympathies à la famille Royale pour le décès de Sa Majesté la Reine Elisabeth II, que j’ai eu le privilège de rencontrer à 3 reprises durant mes années à Rideau Hall. Reposez en paix.

Chantal Charbonneau - Gatineau (Québec)
2022-09-09 21:36:55

Je présente toutes mes sincères condoléances à la Famille Royale,une triste nouvelle pour tout le monde, elle a marqué l'histoire par ses belles actions et son engagement de peserver la paix dans le monde,elle sera dans nos coeurs à jamais.

Naima - Montréal,Quebec
2022-09-09 21:36:55

You lived a good life, rest in peace

Anuoluwapo - Nigeria
2022-09-09 21:36:40

I praise and thank The Queen for being an exceptional servant-leader. It's not coincidental that many successful nations are constitutional monarchies whose only duty is to serve - all the people, all the time - training from early age to listen, to search for understanding, to always respect, to speak multiple languages, and to work tirelessly. Her Majesty did this better than anyone. Now it's Charles' turn to do his best. God Save the King.

Gary - Courtice, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:36:39

Sending condolences to the Royal family on the death of Her Majesty the Queen , a strong , courageous and brave lady right til the end who always had a smile for everyone.My late mother loved her ,she always had her picture on our wall .Rest in peace dear Queen and sleep well.

Georgina - Nova Scotia
2022-09-09 21:36:34

It is with deepest sadness that I send my heartfelt condolences to His Majesty, King Charles III and his family on the passing of Queen Elizabeth. She was loved by Canadians and a constant influence in our lives, showing us her strength, dedication and life long service to us all. Rest eternal grant unto her O Lord: And light perpetual shine upon her.

Susan Bird - Barry’s Bay, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:36:19

My condolences to the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth II will be remembered for her dedication and 70 years of service for the people of the UK and around the world. Rest in peace.

Stefania - Vaughan, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:36:11

You gave so much to so many, RIP you will be missed

Chris Davies - Duncan, BC
2022-09-09 21:36:09

As we all move on, we leave behind our memories with those that we love.

Giovanni Striano - Roma, Italia
2022-09-09 21:36:08

my heartfelt condolences to you and your family during this time of sorrow, rest in peace queen.

MAKIYOU Drame - Brampton
2022-09-09 21:35:57

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. I join the world and the rest of my fellow British citizens leaving abroad and at home, in mourning the loss of our monarch who served us all with such grace, warmth and dignity for more than seventy year. I am honoured to have called you My Queen.

Sara K - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:35:54

Condolences to the Royal Family. I felt as if I lost my Mom.

Alice - New Westminster, B.C.
2022-09-09 21:35:53

RIP, Queen Elizabeth

Curtis - Burnaby
2022-09-09 21:35:42

My deepest sympathies to the royal family, the death of the Queen was quite sad and she will be forever in our hearts

Rylan - Ontario
2022-09-09 21:35:33

As an avid royal watcher from a young age it was a privilege to live in England last year for 7 months. I loved all my visits to royal sites from Buckingham Palace, Sandringham, to St Pauls.
Her Majesty was the essence of grace and dignity, I will miss her.

Christine - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 21:35:25

My heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family. So proud to be a Canadian all of her reign. She is the definition of royalty, grace, compassion and extraordinary leadership. As well as a wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and friend.

Evelyn - Kitchener, Ontario
2022-09-09 21:35:20

Thank you for your years of service. You are an inspiration to all Canadians.

Lindsay - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 21:35:01

It is with deep sadness that yhis is written. You were here for all my 64 years. I swore an oath for the Queen and country when I joined our Cdn Forces. Sadly missed but not forgotten. RIP my Queen.

Lore - Saint John New Brunswick Canada
2022-09-09 21:35:00

Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth the second,Thank you for your 70 years of service as Queen.

Nisha and Steve - Victoria, British Columbia
2022-09-09 21:34:56

Sincères Condoléances

Michelle - Balmoral, Nouveau-Brunswick
2022-09-09 21:34:26


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