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Page 158 of 240 — Book of condolences for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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RIP dear Queen Elizabeth. Condolences to your family. You will be fondly remembered.

Nancie - Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia
2022-09-09 20:45:08

Thank you for everything you did!

Olivier - Petawawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:45:07

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family at this most somber time. May our beloved Queen rest in peace in the arms of her dear Phillip.

Bob - Nanaimo BC
2022-09-09 20:44:53

You were and are my queen, I emigrated to Canada from the UK in 1970. I love Canada but my roots are in England. I will greatly miss you and your steading presence - May god bless the queen, and long live the King.

Paul - Kamloops BC
2022-09-09 20:44:49

I will miss your BELOVED PRESENCE.
I saw you in 1951 in North Bay when you were a princess. Thank you for your service. I know it will continue over there!

Lois - Horseshoe Valley, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:44:38

Sending deepest condolences to her family on the loss of their beloved matriarch. And thank you to Her Majesty for the years of selfless service to the Commonwealth and world. May you rest in eternal peace.

Katrina - Victoria, British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:44:27

Rest in peace, your majesty. You were a humble, yet mighty presence among billions and executed your role with respect and reverence. Thank you.

Ricardo de Menezes - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 20:44:19

Our condolences to everyone on the death of Queen Elizabeth, praying to God to have mercy on her and enter her into heaven

MUTHANA - Oakville, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:44:17

My deepest condolences to the Royal family. My heart bleeds for you. Our Queen Elizabeth was a wonderful person and a great leader. She will be missed.

Brenda - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 20:44:09

It is a sad day for the families and for the people she served. Queen Elizabeth is all I’ve ever known , her pic on our Canadian money is all I have ever known . She will be missed greatly .

Karen - Abbotsford BC
2022-09-09 20:43:55

Rest in Peace my Queen Betinha.
With love from Brazil

Najla Carneiro - Burnaby, British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:43:53

Merci Élizabeth pour avoir utilisé les fonds publics à bon escient.

Sans votre majesté, je ne sais point ce que j'aurais fait de l'argent que j'aurais encore dans mes poches avec votre noble icône!

Jacquouille Tremblay - Québec, Montréal
2022-09-09 20:43:53

My condolences at the loss of Queen Elizabeth the second . Thank you for your long service , dedication and leadership. Your reign was exemplary. Rest In Peace .

Vicky - Toronto , Ontario
2022-09-09 20:43:48

Thank you, Your Majesty, for your unwavering service.

Chris - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:43:42

“Here’s something else I saw on this earth. I saw an example of wisdom that touched me deeply.”
Ecclesiastes 9:13 NIRV

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll, Rest in Eternal Peace.

Serge - Sherbrooke, Quebec
2022-09-09 20:43:41

Thank you, your Majesty, for all that you have done in your seven decades. You have truly lived up to those words that you have said so many years ago. Rest in peace. You will never be forgotten.

Lucy - Toronto
2022-09-09 20:43:38

R.I.P Queen Elizabeth II. My sincerest condolences to the Royal family and the British people. She was the only Queen I knew and I feel like I lost someone important to me.

Cheryl - Guelph, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:43:35

Eternal be her memory!

George - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-09 20:43:30

Thank you for all the years of your service, compassion and strength, your smile will be missed

Annemarie - Vaudreuil quebec
2022-09-09 20:43:26

My condolences to your family at this time. You were such a kind hearted person and glad you were the Queen 

Carlene - Burnaby, British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:43:25

A life that has been the example for all.

Robert - Cameron, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:43:24

Sending my heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family!

Rhonda - Ontario
2022-09-09 20:43:20

My condolences to her Royal Highness and her family; may she rest in peace for her lifelong dedication to her duties and to Canada. May her family be given the necessary support during this time, and forever; Long Live the Queen Forever!

Michael - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:43:16

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family for the great lost of our beloved Queen, a great and remarkable women , may rest in peace

Mark - Thetford mines Québec
2022-09-09 20:43:15

My deepest condolences to the family, friends and all those affected by her passing, she was a great lady. May she Rest in Peace. xox

Lyne Godin - Bathurst, New-Brunswick
2022-09-09 20:43:12

Queen Elizabeth was a standing figure in a world of turbulence. I will forever remember her as the kind, caring, and wonderful sovereign she was. May she Rest In Peace and let her memory and contributions to the world last forever. I was proud and am proud to be a commonwealth citizen under her reign and the reign afterwards.

Jaden - Toronto, Canada
2022-09-09 20:43:04

Mes condoléances à toute la famille royale, a nous les canadiens d avoir perdu notre reine repose en paix ma reine.

Alice Nsuami Muaka - Montreal Quebec
2022-09-09 20:43:04

May her majesty rest in peace, she has blessed this world in so many ways.

Steven - Surrey, British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:43:00

I had the privilege of meeting you in person twice, and of seeing you at Buckingham Palace in London. Thank you for caring so deeply for your people and the world. You will forever be an inspiration.

Jill Hayward - Louis Creek, British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:42:51

Thank you for your service.

Paul Bawden - Belle river Ontario
2022-09-09 20:42:44

In memory of the most gracious of ladies.

Jonathan - Parksville, BC
2022-09-09 20:42:36

Our condolences to HM the King and the Royal Family on the passing of a beloved mother and Queen. May she find peace in God's loving arms, and may our Lord be with King Charles III as he comes to rules over the 15 Commonwealth Realms. We have the honour to remain Your Majesty's most humble and obedient subjects.

God Save the King!

Savio - Lacombe, Alberta
2022-09-09 20:42:36

Rest In Peace Your Majesty. May your soul be surrounded by a multitude of angels. Thank you ma'am for your many years of service to your country and the Commonwealth. My sincerest condolences to the Royal Family. I will cherish every memory of our beloved Queen.

Sara - Coquitlam, British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:42:32

We are so saddened to hear of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. May she Rest In Peace now that she is reunited with Prince Philip.

Wendy - Bala, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:42:31

Merci a la reine elisabeth 2 pour tous les belles choses qu elle a fait toute sa vie ,pour son pays .merci

Jeannette denis - Longueuil
2022-09-09 20:42:28

You are an inspiration for how you lived your life in service to the Commonwealth and the World. You will be dearly missed.

Susan - Victoria, B.C.
2022-09-09 20:42:22

To the next generation I know you will have learned from the majesty the Queen! I will look forward to see how things will progress! However I am deeply saddened to learn of her death as I am sure you are right now! I wish you peace and prayers in your time of mourning!

Angela - Victoria BC
2022-09-09 20:42:15

Queen Elizabeth II was a respectful, graceful, and honest Queen. She was a wonderful person, mother and leader, she will be missed. May she rest in peace <3

Ayla - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:42:13

Such a loss to our societies.
She was a true people living person.
Thank you for all you did

Kelly - Welland
2022-09-09 20:42:08

My heart and prayers go out to the family and to all of the people who have been touched by her passing. She was an amazing lady who felt duty bound and served not only her family and country but the Commonwealth. She led with decorum and grace and was appreciative of what she had and what she had accomplished. Peace be with everyone.

Wendy - Surrey, BC
2022-09-09 20:42:06

I never thought I’d be alive to see this day. I remember the Queen growing up , saw her coronation, her wedding and the birth of her children. Rest In Peace you have earned it…….

Karen - London Ontario
2022-09-09 20:42:03

Thank you for keeping your promise to remain faithful as our Queen . You brought me inspiration to continue in being steadfast & committed in my profession, after all you accomplished 70 years of service! God rest your soul xo God save the King
Thank you being a constant in our lives

Heather White - Port Stanley On Canada
2022-09-09 20:42:02

Your Majesty, you are loved by so many and have touched countless lives. You will be missed beyond measure. Rest in peace, Our Queen.

Natalie H - London, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:41:53

All I have ever know is the Queen. Not only was she the Queen of England she was my head of state in Canada. She has remained dignified through out all the challenges thrown at her. She has been through countless prime minister, presidents and heads of state and at all times shown poise and unwavering leadership for all that she stands for. I am proud she was my queen.

Jennifer - Victoria, BC
2022-09-09 20:41:49

Please accept our heartfelt condolences.
When I would watch the eloquent Queen listen and lead our country with such grace, I knew she had never given up, not once. She continued to believe in our world leaders and allowed others to lead their way. You will be missed Queen.
May your family be blessed and comforted during this difficult time.

Jody - Canada
2022-09-09 20:41:39

My deep condolences to the Royal family

Mauro - Barrie Ontario
2022-09-09 20:41:31

Deep condolances to the Royal Family

Riaz - Kuwait
2022-09-09 20:41:28

R.I.P Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2
thank you for your service, and you will be missed greatly.

Jakub M Rudnicki - Guelph ,Ontario
2022-09-09 20:41:19

Mes condoléances, à la famille royale, nous avons perdu une grande dame, reposez en paix votre majesté

IRINIA - montreal, QUEBEC
2022-09-09 20:41:17

We would like to send sincere condolences to all the Royal family on this vary sad occasion

Irene - Dowson
2022-09-09 20:40:49

My condolences go out to Queen Elizabeth's entire family. She was such an incredible woman with a tremendous work ethic. What a class act and will be sorely missed by myself and the people of Winnipeg, MB Canada RIP

Hope - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 20:40:22

The world will be different without you. We will stay strong and carry on the courage and will power you provided us. You touched the hearts to tens of thousands of people around the world. There will be no other quite like you for a long time. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II may you rest in peace. "The Queen is dead, long live the King."

Jonathan - Leamington, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:40:20

Extending my deepest condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. A remarkable woman and a great loss.

Melanie - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 20:40:17

Queen Elizabeth, you will be so missed! You were an inspiration to so many people and touched so many lives!! Rest In Peace our forever Queen Elizabeth II. 

Franca Scopelliti - Vaughan, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:40:05

My condolences to King Charles and family on the passing of
Queen Elizabeth. RIP

Louise - Mount Pearl, Newfoundland and Labrador
2022-09-09 20:39:57

The Queen has left a legacy that cannot be matched. It will live on long after her and will always be remembered. She will be greatly missed. Condolences to the Royal family.

Joel - Calgary
2022-09-09 20:39:51

I send my condolences and hope that her majesty Queen Elizabeth II rest and find peace with Prince Philip in heaven.

Anita - Waterloo, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:39:46

I did not know a lot about the queen I want to send my condolences to the royal family and to all people around the world morning the queen

Louise Rogers - Calgary Alberta Canada
2022-09-09 20:39:43

Rest In Peace with your loving husband. Thank you for your service, we are forever grateful.

Alison - Victoria BC Canada
2022-09-09 20:39:31

Rest In Peace Your Majesty. You have done your duty, now go join your beloved Phillip.

Toni - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:39:24

May your family find comfort in all of the flowers, sad wishes and how much the queen was loved. I’ve looked up to her my entire life. May you rest in peace and have all the angels come down and take you home. You will be missed. 

Jody little - Grande Prairie, Alberta
2022-09-09 20:39:08

My heart is so saddened by the death of our Queen She was a strong leader in the world and her commitment to her duties will not be matched for a long time. The positive is she is able to join her Phillip

Christine - Alberta
2022-09-09 20:39:04

To the dearest Queen, I hope that you may now rest peacefully and know that you were loved by so many across the globe. Your achievements and successes will go down in history forever as the longest-reigning and most successful monarch the world has ever seen. May you finally be reunited with your dear Philip and family members long lost. Thank you, Lilibet

Samira - Ontario
2022-09-09 20:38:59

My heart goes out to the Royal Family for the loss of a wonderful lady Queen Elizabeth II she will always be I in my heart
We will miss you dearly

Hannelore wilson - Calgary alberta
2022-09-09 20:38:58

Deepest condolences at the the loss of a wonderful Monarch I’ve been proud to follow and support since my infancy in England to my home in Calgary. She was known and loved by so very many.

Dave - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 20:38:46

Our deepest condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth. She will stay forever in our hearts and remembered and admired not only as the most devoted and hard working monarch, but also as an animal lover and fellow horsewoman! May she rest with the angles.

Birgit & Jörg - Sherwood Park, Alberta
2022-09-09 20:38:40

My heart goes out to the family.

Kayla - Ontario
2022-09-09 20:38:27

What a remarkable and truly one of a kind human being. Her life and service can never be matched. An example of so many wonderful characteristics. Rest in peace your Majesty. You will be greatly missed.

Feroz - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:38:20

My husband, Rick and I would like to extend our sincere condolences to the Royal family on the passing of Her Majesty. We thank her for tremendous service to the UK and commonwealth nations over the last 70 years.

Maria and Rick - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 20:38:13

Thank-you your Majesty for your seventy years of service.And the wonderful example you set for us all.You will be missed but never forgotten.

Theresa - New Westminster BC
2022-09-09 20:38:03

Our deepest condolences to the Royal Family for the passing of
her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Dora - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-09 20:38:00

To the entire Royal Family please accept my deepest and most sincere sympathy on the passing of Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II. I admired her untiring perseverance and relentless energy. She will be missed by all people around the world. May it comfort you to know, she is now at peace with her beloved Phillip. Rest in Peace your Majesty.

Valerie - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:37:53

May you Rest In Peace Your Majesty.

Manal alawawda - London Ont
2022-09-09 20:37:53

My sympathies to Her Majesty's family.
Never has one woman done such an important job so well and for so many for so long. But despite encantation, alas, God did not save you. Whatever is a poor subject to do now? You were everything we could want in a queen: dignified, full of grace and beauty, and better than all her prime ministers. So, fare thee well, my Queen Elizabeth -- serene may your passage be to the Otherworld. It has been a royal pleasure in this one.

Alex - Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:37:53

Reposez en paix notre reine. Que le Seigneur vous accompagne

Henri - Chateauguay
2022-09-09 20:37:50

My condolences to the family R.I.P Queen Elisabeth you and Philip are together once more 

Debbie - Ontario
2022-09-09 20:37:47

The loss of my Queen Elizabeth II is like the loss of a member of my family. Thank you for your service of 70 years. You were a much loved Queen throughout the world. Thank you.

Davalea Tindle - Powell River, BC, Canada
2022-09-09 20:37:35

I would like to send my deepest condolences to the Royal family. Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth will always be remembered as a symbol of love, wisdom and kindness. May her soul rest in peace.

Saif - Milton, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:37:34

Remarkable women,brave caring , steadfast,and so faithful too her subjects,rest in peace ,

Nancy - Parksville BC
2022-09-09 20:37:29

Our hearts are heavy with the loss of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II. Her devotion to her people and country is an inspiration - a vow kept until the end. My husband and I send our most heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family - we can only imagine your feelings of loss. May God bless Her Majesty as she reunites with her husband and parents. And may
God Save the King!

Susan - Elora, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:37:26

Your Majesty was such a great Lady, God fearing Christian, who
exemplified what a virtuous person should live like.
May God reward you for what you had contributed to your
country & for the world.

Abigail - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:37:24


Q Romenov - Uranium City, Saskatchewan
2022-09-09 20:37:20

Thank you, Ma'am, for everything. You have always been a steady beacon of light in stormy times, and I shall miss you very, very much.

Edmund - Vaughan, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:37:05

Thank you, Your Majesty, for your dedication to duty and setting an example of grace, strong leadership, and fortitude. Rest In well-earned Peace. Condolences to the Royal Family, Realms, and countries in the Commonwealth.

Carolyn - Simcoe, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:37:04

I wish to send my condolences to the royal family. She was a “Lady” in every sense of the word!
When I heard of her passing, it was as if I had lost my own grandmother all over again! She will be truly missed by everyone!

Kathy - Ingersoll Ontario Canada
2022-09-09 20:37:03

I will miss you. You are in all our hearts forever

Brenda - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-09 20:37:02

May your majesty rest in peace.

Cathe - Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
2022-09-09 20:36:58

Sorry for your loss and she was amazing queen . My prayers are with you and your family

Leanne - Calgary Alberta
2022-09-09 20:36:58

So sad to see you go. RIP your magesty. Royal City has a special connection with royalty. Miss you very much.

Tajinder kang - Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-09 20:36:55


Balihar singh - Ontario
2022-09-09 20:36:47

Rest In Peace Your Majesty

Paula - Brampton
2022-09-09 20:36:46

May we strive for a better and more just Commonwealth respecting the efforts of those who have come before and setting the opportunity for a bright future. In spite of those who could have opposed, She oversaw the dismantling of much of the old and set the stage for the new. Let us not regress

M Ahsanur Rahim - Waterloo, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:36:46

The world has lost more than a monarch and it feels as if Canada has lost their Gran.

Laura - Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:36:40

Sending condolences to the Royal Family as they have to say good bye to Her Majesty the Queen. Her memory will live on in our hearts forever.

Pennie - Mount Pearl NL
2022-09-09 20:36:29

So pleased to watch this remarkable woman since I was a young girl. Proud of the time I spent in Canada and the opportunity to meet her during a Saskatchewan visit.

Barbara - Waldport, Oregon
2022-09-09 20:36:16

Thank you for your years of service. You were a remarkable lady. Rest easy now my Queen

Kim - Ottawa Ontario
2022-09-09 20:36:13

God Bless and keep our Queen

Viola Coltman - Nova Scotia Canada
2022-09-09 20:36:11

Je vous ai toujours admiré , vous êtes un modèle pour vos sujets!
Et partout dans le monde!
Bravo pour tout ce que vous avez accompli!

Diane - Drummondville, Québec Canada
2022-09-09 20:36:10

Deeply saddened by the passing of a wonderful lady who gave her life to duty

Kamal - Hamilton,Ontario
2022-09-09 20:36:06

Condolences to the family and friends of her Majesty. May her humour, fantastic hats, and the delightful person she was and will always be, never be forgotten.

Eleanor McGreal - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:36:01

Sending Condolences to all members of the Royal Family.

Lisa - Lindsay ON
2022-09-09 20:35:53

great privilege to have lived so many years. rest in peace queen.

Kathy fuhr - Mexico city.
2022-09-09 20:35:44

Condolences to your family. Queen Elizabeth was an inspiration to all and we as Canadians will miss her as will the whole world. She was one special monarch.

Linda - Victoria,British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:35:28

R.I.P. May everyone learn from your life-long sense of duty and commitment to hope and peace.

Noah - Smithers, Canada
2022-09-09 20:35:27

Her Majesty will always be fondly remembered for her dignity and grace. My deepest sympathies to the Royal family.

Kristine - Ontario
2022-09-09 20:35:22

The world lost a strong woman. I hope you’re resting in peace. Condolences to your family.

Julie - Fort Erie, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:35:18

Une grande dame, 70 ans à régner comme reine , comme mère, sans histoire et scandale. Aimant le Canada et parlant français.

Alain - Riviere-du-loup, Québec
2022-09-09 20:35:11

A life well lived, never to be replaced. God save our Queen.

Donna and Bob Webb - Lethbridge Alberta
2022-09-09 20:35:09

The deepest condolences to the Royal Family and to King Charles lll on the passing of Queen Elizabeth ll. She was a treasure for all the countries she was Queen for and she will be missed by all.

Michael - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:35:06

Words can not express the sadness we feel at the loss of our beloved Queen of Canada.
Her compassion, intelligence, kindness, and wisdom will be something we all keep in our hearts.

Mike - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-09 20:35:06

My Deepest Condolences to the Royal Family for your loss. My heart is sad. We wish Your Majesty a safe and loving final journey. Thank-you for all your love, support and kindness you bestowed to your peoples. You shall be missed. Respectfully!

Shelley - Kamloops BC
2022-09-09 20:35:04

I was born over 50 years after you took the throne. You were the only monarch I ever knew. Thank you for your service and deep respect for Canada. May you find peace.

Bailey Christiansen-Burrows - Nanaimo, British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:34:56

When WW2 started, my Dutch Queen Wilhelmina fled to England. The rest of her family bunked down in Canada. Heroes all around.
Princess Elizabeth joined the Auxiliary Territorial Service, put on a uniform and became a mechanic. She and her family never left England.
From that day on she became my Queen in heart and soul. And after I landed in Canada I officially became her subject.
What a Lady!! I will miss her forever.

Adri - Toronto, ON.
2022-09-09 20:34:52

Shine Bright in heaven .

Sherry - khan
2022-09-09 20:34:38

As everybody in the UK, the territories and the commonwealth, I have been saddened by the news of the passing of our late Majesty, Queen Elizabeth. May her memory be a blessing! Long live king Charles III, God save The king!

Joseph - Montreal Québec
2022-09-09 20:34:36

A wonderful Queen for all her people, and a role model of grace, dignity, and public service to us all. You will be with us always.

James - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:34:29

Our deepest condolences to the Royal Family. May she Rest In Peace.

Victoria - Markham, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:34:26

My heartfelt condolences to the Royal family on the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. We will never see anyone like her again. Her strength, wisdom, compassion and dedication to the service of people of the United Kingdom, the Realm and the Commonwealth was a gift to all. She was beloved by millions and will be remembered with love and admiration. May she rest in peace with her beloved Phillip. God bless the Queen. Long live the King.

Diane - Meaford, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:34:25

Condolences to her family. Queen Elizabeth II was a great human being. She will be missed by so many.

Susan - Lunenburg NS
2022-09-09 20:34:23

My sincerest condolences on HM Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, she was a wonderful monarch, i and many others will miss her constant & steady presence.
God Bless!

David Cregmile - Cardinal, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:34:23

Thank you. You will be missed.

Diane - Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:34:20

I am overwhelmingly saddened by the passing of our Queen. I pray God will give His Majesty the needed strength to pick up the baton and continue in the way so wonderfully laid out by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth, your dearest Mama.

Catherine - Burlington, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:34:12

I am truly sorry to hear about the passing of the Queen. She was outstanding in every thing that she did. She will be dearly missed.
My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the Queen’s family.
My dear Queen will be with her darling husband! Rest In Peace.

Eileen - Edmonton Alberta
2022-09-09 20:34:10

She was a wonderful woman. She will be missed

Wendy - Markham, Ont
2022-09-09 20:34:03

My sincere condolences to Her Majesty’s family as the reality of her passing hits us all with not only sadness but gratitude for her 70 years of selfless dedication to her beloved family, her country and the commonwealth and humanity. I remember well the few times I was fortunate enough to see Her Majesty in person the last being inside City Hall in Victoria, a memory I treasure. We have lost a treasure in the passing of
Queen Elizabeth.
Rest In Peace Your Majesty.

Frances - Qualicum Beach. BC
2022-09-09 20:33:59

Sending my deepest condolences to the Royal Family on the loss of your beloved mother and grandmother. I grew up with her example, intertwined with that of my mother and grandmother who loved her deeply. She was a model of everything a woman should be, and united us all. May she Rest In Peace.

Patricia - Kingston Ontario
2022-09-09 20:33:52

I would like to send my deepest sympathies to the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth II will be missed but remembered around the world as one of the most likeable and respected Queens of all time. She was ‘simply the best’. RIP Queen Elizabeth II.

Pat - Warman, Saskatchewan
2022-09-09 20:33:48

Thank you for your service and may you rest in peace. You inspired us all to do better. God Save King Charles lll and Queen Consort, Camilla.

Norah - BC
2022-09-09 20:33:32

I would like to send my condolences to the Royal family.i I remember her wedding ,her cornation and was able to see her and her husband in their car in Calgary in 1972 my middle name is Elizabeth May she rest in peace God save our new King

Sharon - Windsor,ontario
2022-09-09 20:33:20

May you rest in peace you have earned the right. Thanks for your service for 70 years what a achivement.My condolence to the family. May your kind and gorgeous soul act as a beacon of light, guiding us through life.

carole - Sainte Ursule, quebec
2022-09-09 20:33:09

Queen Elizabeth is gone from our lives but not from our hearts. I will miss her always being there, making the world a happier place. Rest in peace.

Sheila - Victoria, British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:33:04

Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth, you will never be forgotten. My condolences to the family.

Terri - Ontario
2022-09-09 20:32:50

My deepest condolences to the family. She was an amazing woman. May she rest in peace.

Melissa - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:32:38

May you rest in peace your majesty. Your inspiration will live on for decades and decades after your passing. That is a legacy to be proud of. My thoughts are with the Royal family at this time. God Bless!

Nida - Calgary
2022-09-09 20:32:28

Please accept our heartfelt condolences for the loss of Queen Elizabeth II.We admired her kindness,her courage and leadership.She truly was a remarkable woman and will be missed by the world.I especially loved her amazing wardrobe.Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth you definitely deserve it.

Catharine - Guelph,Ontario
2022-09-09 20:32:17

Having always been a staunch monarchist, I feel terribly saddened by the passing of our beloved Queen. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the Royal Family at this time. She will be terribly missed.
Bless you Your Royal Highness King Charles III. May God be with you

Wendy - Duncan, BC
2022-09-09 20:32:07

Sincere condolences to the family of dear Queen Elizabeth II. She died as she had lived, with dignity

Joan - Duncan, BC
2022-09-09 20:32:04

She dedicated her life to public service and lived an extraordinary life.
We will all miss her, may her soul rest in peace.

Thaneshan Sri - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:31:56

Your Majesty,
It is time to rest. Your reign was completed successfully with grace,
commitment and care.
You were such an inspiration, for so many years. Receive the peace you have earned and thank you for everything 

Brigitte - Ontario
2022-09-09 20:31:55

My sincere condolences, the Queen was an amazing and inspirational woman.

Terri - Guelph, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:31:54

Thank you for all your years of service, you will be dearly missed. As a refugee and now a Canadian citizen, you were always an inspiration for how I wanted to show up in the world. Rest In Peace.

Andrea - Waterdown, ON
2022-09-09 20:31:48

My condolences to everyone who lost their family member, friend and honourable Queen. May she rest in Peace. A Historical era has ended with you. You witnessed and led several good and bad decisions on this earth and never lost faith in yourself. Salute to you for being a strong woman, a strong leader.

Reena - Ajax, ontario
2022-09-09 20:31:38

My condolences to the Royal Family. Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip came to Cornwall in the early 80's and I was lucky enough to see them. Much love from Canada. Truly a hero and will be missed. Honor and dignity.

Colleen - Cornwall Ontario
2022-09-09 20:31:32

RIP your Magesty. Thanks for your tireless service for your subjects. We will miss your presence in the coming years. You will always live in our hearts.

Onkar Kang - Guelph, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-09 20:31:30

HM was a great lady.She will remain ever in our hearts. We miss you sweet mom. We miss you.

Mahboob - Toronto
2022-09-09 20:31:30

Thank you, your Majesty for you service. You are an inspiration for all. You are so loved and you will be missed. Rest in peace.

Patricia - Melfort Saskatchewan
2022-09-09 20:31:25

Amazing Queen. Amazing Reign

Crystal - Camrose
2022-09-09 20:31:20

The world has lost a caring and kind monarch, who reigned with wisdom and honor. She was unique and there will never be anyone quite like her. Rest in peace your majesty.

Wade - Oshawa Ontario
2022-09-09 20:31:18

Condolences to all the royal family in mourning. Thoughts and prayers. Are being extended to you at this most difficult time. Hugs to all

Romeo and Jean - Lancaster, Ontario . Canada
2022-09-09 20:31:06

When I started school, at the front of the room there was a picture of the two princesses, and throughout school there were pictures of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. I felt I knew them; I knew I loved and admired all of them. We've all lost a great queen, but how great it is to have lived through her reign, and her father's. Sympathy and condolences to all the Royal family, and God Save the King!

Isabel - Ontario and Saskatchewan
2022-09-09 20:31:01

My deepest sympathies for your loss. She will be greatly missed from coast to coast in Canada. May she Rest In Peace.

Joseph - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:30:56

My deepest regards to the royal family at the loss of a wonderful person.

Wade - Mermaid, PE
2022-09-09 20:30:51

Really sad to hear about the Queens passing. May she rest in peace.

Philip - Toms River NJ USA
2022-09-09 20:30:48

Queen Elizabeth was a great role model of kindness and hope.

Jamie - Oakville, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:30:47

Sorry to hear of the QUEENS passing,,,,I would like to send our condolences from the POWER FAMILY

Glen - Grand falls windsor. Newfoundland
2022-09-09 20:30:46

mes condoléances 

El mahdi menani - Québec
2022-09-09 20:30:38

Captured the hearts and inspired the world to be better. Under all that discipline and process, she still made it ok to smile and laugh. A true leader and mentor to everyone. Will be missed but never forgotten. Thankyou...our Queen...

Paul Matthews - Ottawa Ontario
2022-09-09 20:30:36

I had the privilege of being inspected by Queen Elizabeth II in the Honour Guard at the 1994 Commonwealth Games. I pledged allegiance to her 3 different times. She was the ultimate Royal that other leaders should aspire to be like! God speed my Queen! You will be missed but We will remember You forever!

Kelly - Bruderheim, Alberta
2022-09-09 20:30:34

Our Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll 

Connie - Toronto,Ontario
2022-09-09 20:30:21

Toutes mes sympathies. Vous étiez et serez toujours une grande modèle.

Jonathan - Sherbrooke, Québec
2022-09-09 20:30:18

Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth ll. Thank you for everything you have done for this country.

Amanda - London, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:30:13

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth will be missed by all. She was a beautiful lady. God bless you, and thank you. Deepest sympathy to all her family.

Jane - St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-09 20:30:13

My husband and I would like to send our condolences of the passing of your dear and precious Mummy. She was as such a great lady that will be missed by all. As a Canadian citizen we always would sing God save the Queen in school and will never sing to a queen again in our life time. R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth .

Barbara - St George Ontario Canada
2022-09-09 20:30:02

Wishing the Royal Family condolences for the passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was a great Monarch setting an example to be followed by any remaining Monarch or member of a Royal Family around the world and she will be missed dearly.

Justin - Sudbury,Ontario
2022-09-09 20:29:53

From the years of her reign, her high monarch queen of the British kingdom and of Canada, did a lot for emigrants and oppressed people, was an icon in the support of human rights... she left her legacy very well to the younger generations... The world you will feel your physical absence, but you will always be in our memories and hearts... peace to your soul...

2022-09-09 20:29:46

My mom was born in Kent England..when she was a little girl she presented a handkerchief to the Queens mother..although she came to Canada ..her heart was in England..when it was on television we had to sit and listen ..may she Rest In Peace and be with her husband once again ..

Lorna - Etobicoke Ontario Canada
2022-09-09 20:29:44

Our sympathy to her family from ours. She was a excellent Queen to all and a shining light in turbulent times. God Save the King.

Matt - Alberta
2022-09-09 20:29:36

Our sincerest condolences to you, Your Majesty, King Charles and the entire Royal Family on the passing of your wonderful, loving matriarch, Queen Elizabeth II. We, in Canada, are honoured to have been ruled so graciously by her all these years.

May the same faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, which sustained her all these years, also give you comfort and peace, as well as being your guidance in the years ahead.

allan & Sonya Lie - Steinbach, Manitoba
2022-09-09 20:29:35

Rest in peace, Ma’am. The world is a lesser place with you gone.

David - Pembroke, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:29:32

My deepest condolences to the royal family. Queen Elizabeth will always be the model of grace, dedication, service to her country and love and dedication to her family. Her relationship with her Prince Phillip was a modern day fairy tale. She will never be forgotten. Thank you for your service Your Majesty. Rest in paradise with your sweet prince 

Bonnie - Windsor, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:29:27

Thank you Queen Elizabeth for your unwavering, steadfast and stoic leadership, you were an excellent role model for women. My husband’s father, Vic Chapman, was the Queen’s Assistant Press Secretary and spoke very fondly of her. I’m glad you are at peace and with your Philip now. RIP Queen Elizabeth, you will be missed

Georgina and Vince Chapman - Victoria, BC
2022-09-09 20:29:18

I have always admired you and how you have treated your family.
I remember singing God save the Queen every day in school.
May you rest in peace now and know that the rest of the family will take care of everything. Hugs to all the family.

Joyce - Edmonton Alberta
2022-09-09 20:29:18

It's always one more day of life we gain from this sorry life of daily battles our joy is to have each other and one day we shall rest in peace because the battle will come to an end but what's loved is never gone so sleep now, in peace my Elizabeth, until we meet again you are and will be forever my only Regina, Queen Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of this Realm and of Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. 9/9/2002

Norman Emanuel Walters - Mandeville Manchester Jamaica
2022-09-09 20:29:05

I met you in 1967, you will be missed. My condolences to all of your family.
Rest in peace. Thank you for your service.

Rodney - Halifax/ Nova Scotia
2022-09-09 20:29:03

Rest in peace your majesty. Thank you for all of your hard work for this world. You will never be forgotten.

Kelly - Merritt, British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:28:55

I can not believe that you are gone. You were a truly fascinating woman, with such an incredible life story. I had the privilege of attending a high school named in your honor. You will be greatly missed by so many across the globe. Deepest condolences to your family.

Nathan - Grand Falls-Windsor, Newfoundland
2022-09-09 20:28:42

My deepest condolences to Her Majesty's family. She was loved and respected, and will be missed. My heart is hurting.

Debra - Lambton Shores, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:28:41

Dear Royal family
My family and I send our dearest abd sincere condolences to your entire family during this sad time. Your Mom, Grandma, Great Grandmum etc.. was so dear to the whole world! We pray for you to continue on without her in peace. Thoughts and prayers forever! 

Heather - Hfx Nova Scotia
2022-09-09 20:28:32

My sincerest condolences to the family on the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. May she Rest In Peace.

Angela - Strathroy, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:28:30

I offer my condolences to all members of the Royal Family. Your Mum, Grandmother, Great Grandmother will be missed but your memories of her will prevail.

Donna - Nanoose Bay, BC
2022-09-09 20:28:28

Merci pour votre service lors de votre vie et votre reigne plus grands que nature. Reposez en paix.
Thank you for your service during your larger than life existence and reign. Rest in peace.

Giorgio - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-09 20:28:26

My deepest condolences to the Royal family. My thoughts are with you all my the Queen Rest In Peace she will be deepest missed.

Stefano Micone - Brampton Ontario
2022-09-09 20:28:22

Rest In Peace Your Majesty. God Save the King.

Marc - Brandon, Manitoba
2022-09-09 20:28:10

Queen Elizabeth missed and loved by the world.
I believe from heaven she will be watching over her family and her people. God Bless her. God Bless you King Charles and all her family

Elaine Ellison - Burlington Ontario
2022-09-09 20:28:03

My condolences to the family, may you find peace and comfort in the memories of the greatness of the wonderful mother and queen she was.

Sandra - Kamloops, BC
2022-09-09 20:28:02

What a very sad day for our world. A long life of service. She was a beckon of stability in an upside down crazy world. She will be missed.
Thank you for all that you did.
My thoughts are with your family during this difficult time.
Rest In Peace.

Deb - Red Deer, AB
2022-09-09 20:28:00

RIP Dear Lady. You will not be forgotten.

Karen - Chilliwack British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:27:59

A dedicated and dignified treasure that will be sadly missed. I met Her Majesty twice - when she opened the Loyalist Parkway near Kingston and during the yachting events in Kingston during the 1976 Olympics. Warm memories. Rest In Peace knowing a job more than well done!

Jane - Guelph, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:27:56

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second will forever be missed and in our hearts. She was a fantastic woman and made history. May God bless her and the royal family and may she rest in peace.

Marko Arsovski - Ontario
2022-09-09 20:27:48

I am so fortunate that my whole life Queen Elizibeth II has been the only Queen I've known that also has been a constant my whole life.
She was beautiful, smart, strong, fair and love her countries.
I will miss her, my Mother and Grandparents loved and respected her too.

Gayle - British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:27:40

My deepest sympathy to the Royal Family. I have always had the Queen in my life and will miss her. She was a wonderful woman.

Mary - Ontario
2022-09-09 20:27:36

Our deepest condolences to King Charles, HRH Anne, HRH Andrew and HRH Edward on the passing of your beloved Mother our happy and glorious Queen Elizabeth 2nd. Peace and strength at this most difficult time.

Gary - Surrey, B.C.
2022-09-09 20:27:28

With respect to your lifetime of service. The world will never be the same. Thank you Ma’am. My thoughts are with the royal family at this sad time.

Claire - Montréal
2022-09-09 20:27:23


Devan - Valley, Nova Scotia
2022-09-09 20:27:14

I will miss her, she was Queen my entire life, Rest in Peace

Bruce - Toronto
2022-09-09 20:27:06

Repose en paix

Philippe - Gatineau, Québec
2022-09-09 20:27:01

And now, I can see your posture become statuesque, your brown hair, eyes sparkling,as you place your arm in look up yo see those beautiful eyes looking down at you, he speaks..welcome home cabbage..Ive been waiting for you,come,just down these golden streets, there is someone I want to introduce to you lilibet.” Then can we go meet my parents and sister.”yes we will, they are waiting for you as well.

Donna - Riverview, n.b.
2022-09-09 20:26:59

We will miss you more and more everyday as the shock settles in . It is so hard believe you are not here any longer.....BLESS YOU
You can now REST in Peace

Patti - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2022-09-09 20:26:57

Heartfelt condolences. Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth ll, was a most wonderful person, giving selfless dedication to all her peoples and others across the world. I will never forget her drive-through in North London as we as school children lined the streets to cheer and greet her, our new Queen.

Deanna - Richmond Hill, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:26:47

Sending my condolences to the family! Thank you to the Queen for her years of service and dedication.

Alexandra - Ontario
2022-09-09 20:26:47

May you rest in Peace your Majesty, thank you for your many years of service to the people of British Columbia

Kristina - British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:26:45

may you rest in peace 

brynn - halifax nova scotia
2022-09-09 20:26:28

Thank you for the years of service as my Queen. May you find further peace with your loved ones already departed.

Samantha - Port Coquitlam, BC
2022-09-09 20:26:25

Rest in peace your Majesty. Your years of dedicated service to Canada and as the Captain-General of The Royal Regiment of Canadian Artillery, my Regiment, will be missed and remain an inspiration to all of us privileged to serve in the Canadian Armed Forces.

Brendan - Petawawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:26:25

Queen Elizabeth you will be missed by all those that loved you and respected your character and kind hearted spirit.

Donald Grasdal - Regina, Saskatchewan
2022-09-09 20:26:22

Thank you queen Elizabeth. Your wisdom and patronage for your kingdom is represented around the world. Your impact will last for generations. Thank you

Austib - Bradford Ontario
2022-09-09 20:26:19

It was a pleasure, may you rest in piece Queen.

Matteo - Toronto
2022-09-09 20:26:17

I was born April 21, 1954, on my mother's birthday in Ramsgate along the coast of Kent and once I found out we celebrate our births on the same day, my mother and I have (up till her death) always wished you a very Happy Birthday too, but next year will be an even sadder one knowing you are now resting with my mom. R.I.P. Your Majesty!!!

Daniel - Mill Bay British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:26:08

My condolences to the queen"s family

Mike - Courtenay,British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:25:54

My deepest sympathy to you all She left a wonderful legacy 

Trudy - Lethbridge Alberta
2022-09-09 20:25:52

What a remarkable individual. We will all feel the loss of her kind and stable presence in our lives.

Terry - North Vancouver BC
2022-09-09 20:25:45

My deepest sympathy to the royal family on the passing of your beloved mother. All of us are mourning the passing of our beloved queen and trying to find the words to express feelings is monumental.

Victoria - Winnipeg Manitoba
2022-09-09 20:25:38

Rest well My Queen, I served you as a soldier and as a Reserve Officer for a total of more than 30 years. Thank you for all you have done for Canadians.

Philip - Forestburg, Alberta
2022-09-09 20:25:30

May you rest in peace

Dan - Victoria BC
2022-09-09 20:25:25

We remember your many years of devotion to Canada, to the Commonwealth, and to humanity. We will miss you, yet we thank you for helping to shape such a capable and sincere heir as our new King.

Matthew - Scarborough, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:25:25

Queen Elizabeth was a mother to us all. We have learned that duty is above all our desires. Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth were my role models for decency, respect and love of family even our extended family. Long live the King!

Krystofer - Toronto, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-09 20:25:19

It is difficult to write fully about someone as profound, bigger than life even, as Queen Elizabeth II. An individual who's achievements are not to be replicated, all done while maintaining class, grace, and a steady hand. May your family mourn solemnly, may you rest in peace.


Gagan - Mississauga, Canada
2022-09-09 20:25:10

Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II - Your grace, love and support for so many years will be missed. We will never have that again on this earth. Thank you. We will see you again in heaven. Blessings to your family and King Charles as they move forward without you. R.I.P.

Terry - Carroll, Manitoba
2022-09-09 20:24:58

Deepest and sincere condolences. She was much loved and will be dearly missed, I am so happy she is with her Prince. Thank You Queen Elizabeth for your devoted selfless compassionate reign you will be missed. God save the King

Tamara - Ontario
2022-09-09 20:24:50

I am deeply saddened at the loss of our Queen. She was a force of stability and integrity in a world that is moving faster and faster, becoming more turbulent and confusing by the day. She embodied faith that we can conquer challenges in our lives, just as she had in her own life. The world will not be the same without her

pui ming - gabrop;a, bc
2022-09-09 20:24:49

Thank you for your years of service. Rest in Peace.

Holly - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-09 20:24:45

Your grace and dignity will always been remembered. Deepest sympathies to the Royal Family.

Denise and Margaret Smith - Mount Pearl, NL
2022-09-09 20:24:39

“It is with great sadness that we have learned of the death of Her Majesty The Queen. The Queen’s legacy will continue to live on in her good works.

Muhammad Zahid Sarhandi - East Gwillimbury Ontario
2022-09-09 20:24:25

Sincères condoléances à la famille royale, au peuple britannique et à tous les membres du Commonwealth. Nous avons perdu une grande dame, dont la loyauté à son peuple n’a eu d’égale que sa grâce et son sens du devoir. Notre seule consolation est qu’elle retrouvera son prince, Phillip. RIP. Elizabeth.

Danielle - Laval, Québec
2022-09-09 20:24:13

We offer our deepest condolences to the Royal Family. The Queen will always be remembered..

Adam&Mila Oz - Alberta
2022-09-09 20:24:13

Mes sympathies à la famille royal et je tiens à mentionner que je suis fière d'avoir servi mon pays sous son règne.

Rémi Desrosiers - Québec
2022-09-09 20:24:11

She will be sadly missed.

Chantal - Greely
2022-09-09 20:24:09

On behalf of the Richards family (of welsh origin) I send our condolences and thank Her Majesty for her service

Marlon David Richards - Ottawa
2022-09-09 20:24:09

Queen Elizabeth was a leader for women, demonstrating the ability to balance the love of her family with her work she was clearly so passionate for. She supported not only her country but her family in times of difficulty, and did so with grace. She will be missed by the world and my condolences go to her family that has lost a loved one.

Erin Guy - Kitimat, British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:24:08

My deepest condolences to the royal family and friends. Sad to see you go your majesty. You were like another grandmother to me and you touched the world in ways we will never forget. You're a true role model for all generations. May your soul rest in eternal paradise.

Tyler - Richmond Hill, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:23:48

We send our sincere condolences to the royal family at this time of great loss, she will always be remembered as our one and only queen. A woman of great devotion and duty who will always be lovingly remembered by our family with a great deal of love and respect …never forgotten

The Shade Family - Winnipeg manitoba
2022-09-09 20:23:45

May you Rest In Peace Your Majesty. You have done your duty to your country and the commonwealth. You lived your life with class, dignity and grace. You will be missed greatly.

Laura - Chatham, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:23:26

My deepest condolences to the royal family. Queen Elizabeth was one remarkable woman

Drinda - Ajax Ontario Canada
2022-09-09 20:23:19

I am saddened by the loss of our wonderful Queen. She lived her life of service with dignity, grace and love. She will never be forgotten. She will live in in history as the greatest British Monarch. Elizabeth the Great. With love and respect. Rest In Peace your work here is done 

Christine Shaw - Grimsby, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:23:14

My sincere condolences to the family. She was the only queen I’ve ever known in my life and will be greatly missed.

Amanda - Surrey British Columbia
2022-09-09 20:23:10

My condolences to all of you. Losing someone you love is very difficult. Keep your memories close to you. She was a amazing women and Queen. RIP

Janet - Ottawa Ontario
2022-09-09 20:23:03

Deepest condolences to the family! She was not only a Queen but also a mother and will never be forgotten! Prayers going out to the family

Anick - Oshawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:22:57

I thought Queen Elizabeth II was a really classy woman who led with dignity. I admired her. She will be missed.

Sherri - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:22:43

Very sorry to hear of the passing of the Queen. I was never fortunate enough to have met her but based on what I know of her; she was a caring and loving person. She was an amazimg head of state. My condolences to the royal family.

Shane - Fredericton, New Brunswick
2022-09-09 20:22:37

I share in the gratitude, and the sorrow felt by many around the world. Queen Elizabeth II was our wonderful, faithful Queen of Canada! I'm sad for her passing, and extend sympathy to all those closest to her.

Margaret - Peterborough, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:22:27

May the Queen rest in peace. I send all my condolences to the Royal Family.

Aline - Richmond, BC
2022-09-09 20:22:18

Condolences to the people of the UK, the colonies and the family of the Queen on her passing. We have all lost a wonderful beacon of hope and strength in an uncertain world.

Wendy - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 20:22:12

My thoughts an prayers are with the royal family queen Elizabeth will always be t’embêtes as the best queen an the great work she has done for everyone 

Lois harvey - Tillsonburg ontario
2022-09-09 20:22:06

You will be missed by all the fellow Canadians and you will forever be our Queen and the symbol of courage.
God save the king.

Rony - London,Ontario
2022-09-09 20:22:05

Your grace, honor, and commitment to duty have always inspired me; you will be deeply missed. Thank you, your majesty

Kent - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-09 20:22:04

Your message has not gone unnoticed. Thank you for being OUR Queen. Rest gently.

Donna - St. John's, NL
2022-09-09 20:22:03

Queen Elizabeth ll has been a part of my life for 8 years. I loved her because she impacted my life so much, and gave the world love. When she died I not only lost a Queen, or an Idol, I lost a part of my life. She was someone that was loved by all, and we will never forget her. I can't imagine the world without her. She was truly our Queen who ruled with love and service for 70 years. Thank you majesty, Queen Elizabeth ll. I'm sending my condolences. Rest in Peace, We will miss you.

Prajan - Cambridge, Ontario
2022-09-09 20:21:59

I am deeply hurt by the world’s loss this morning. A pillar of stability amongst the most chaotic of lifetimes indeed. God rest Her Majesty’s soul, and God save the King.

McCoy - Alberta
2022-09-09 20:21:58

You have been a tremendous Queen who has brought forth so much light and happiness through out the land. Your devotion to us has never gone unnoticed and was always appreciated. You have served us greatly and you will be truly missed. Rest in peace my Queen.

Christopher Leslie - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-09 20:21:57

Rest In Peace Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Your constant presence will be missed. Condolences to The Royal Family at this very sad time.

Nancy Kielar - Newmarket Ontario
2022-09-09 20:21:55


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