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Page 60 of 240 — Book of condolences for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

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Our hearts go out to the Royal Family at this time. Sad time for all of the world as she played such a big part. The only Queen all of us have known. Our dad is 96 years old and he was always interested in watching news and what she was always up to.

Dale & Julie & Nelson - Alberta
2022-09-14 22:20:38

Deepest condolences to the Royal Family. May her Majesty Rest In Peace. We have been truly blessed to have witnessed one of the best examples of devotion to duty and public service during her remarkable journey.

Mitos - Quebec
2022-09-14 22:20:15

Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth.

Darlene MacAulay - New Glasgow, Nova Scotia
2022-09-14 22:20:14

So sorry to hear of her Majesty the Queen’s passing. She was a lovely person who reigned over us Canadians extremely well. With her long reign and the love of her dogs and the land, I think she was quite happy.
I send my sympathies to her family and can only hope that King Charles lll can do even half as good as his mother.

Julie - Amherst, N.S.
2022-09-14 22:20:09

Queen Elizabeth II showed the world that women can be incredible leaders, and for that I am grateful. Thank you for your life of service. You will be remembered.

Nicole - Salt Spring Island BC
2022-09-14 22:18:37

My sincere condolences to the Royal family. The Queen will always have a special place in my heart. May she rest in peace.

Karen - Edmonton Alberta
2022-09-14 22:18:32

My Family are Proud Canadians originating from England and Scotland and have proudly looked up to the Queen. Thank You for a life of service to us and God Bless The Royal Family.

DEBORAH-ANNE - Oshawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 22:18:01

It is with a heavy heart I write this message on behalf or my mother and grandmother. Both were fierce supporters of the Royal Family and admired Her Majesty. Thank you for showing the world that a woman in power can lead with strength, but also beauty and grace. May you rest in power.

Meaghan - Kingston, Ontario
2022-09-14 22:17:11

Toutes mes plus sincères sympathies à la Famille Royale
Que Dieu vous bénisse

Chantal - Montreal Quebec
2022-09-14 22:17:09

As a former Hong Kong citizen and a current Canadian citizen, you are always my Queen. You will be dearly missed. Thank you and rest in peace!

Rosanna Mau - Burnaby, BC
2022-09-14 22:16:29

Thank you for your long years of service, Your Majesty. May you rest in peace.

Clarence - Red Deer, Alberta
2022-09-14 22:16:26

Deepest condolences to our Royal family on the loss of your dearest Mother, Grandmother & GG May God’s angels surround each of you with Angels to bringing comfort and peace with each passing day.
Our Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will be forever truly be missed by all that Loved her so dearly.

Sherri - Kelowna British Columbia
2022-09-14 22:13:58

As an immigrant to Canada from China 40 years ago, the British monarchy holds little regard in my mind, but the Queen commands enormous respect in my heart for her exemplary and steadfast service and statesmanship. She is our last connection to that bygone age when duty and dignity were principles people live by because they know those were principles others died to defend. I echo the words of our Prime Minister, we will miss her so. Thank you so ever much, Your Majesty.

Betty - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-14 22:13:05

You were my Queen from when I was born in 1962. I was taught to honour you and always have. You had such an amazing busy life. Rest now in Peace your Majesty! My sincere condolences to your Royal Family.

Ellen - Stettler Alberta
2022-09-14 22:12:41

Reposez en paix votre majesté.

Rawya - Montréal, Québec
2022-09-14 22:11:47

RIP our great Queen!

Mellissa Tolch - Kitchener Ontario
2022-09-14 22:11:12

Our late queen, a wonderful woman of power, influence, character, and love for family . Gone with her is her endless charm, smiles, and infectious optimism. Yet it still remains in the hearts of those who knew her, met her, and seen first hand her wit, elegance, and graceful poise. Whether by radio, television or personal presence she was an inspiration.

Paul - Chilliwack
2022-09-14 22:11:09

The Queen's name and authority gave me the opportunity to live, work, study, and travel with limited restrictions.

I am saddened to hear of the passing but forever grateful for all the privileges and opportunities.

Rest in Peace, Her Majesty The Queen Elizabeth II

Babafemi - Sydney , Nova Scotia
2022-09-14 22:10:43

God bless you. You never wavered your duties or responsibilities and always lead by example. May you Rest In Peace.

Lynnette - Kelowna, British Columbia
2022-09-14 22:10:26

Rest in peace, your majesty. You will be sorely missed, ma'am. Thank you very much for all your years of service.

Long live King Charles III. God save the King.

Lance Powers - British Columbia
2022-09-14 22:10:12

Thank you for your heroic example to us all. May you both now rest in peace.

Brian - Victoria British Columbia
2022-09-14 22:09:17

Thank you for your service and a job well done. Rest in peace.

Beverly - New Westminster, B.C.
2022-09-14 22:08:50

To the greatest monarch of this era, Queen Elizabeth II. May you rest in peace.

Joyce - Toronto, ON
2022-09-14 22:07:40

Our Queen, Queen Elizabeth was loved by all who knew her and knew what she gave up to govern with strength and fortitude. My heart felt condolences to her family in their loss and grief.
With Gratitude,
Cynthia Reid

Cynthia Reid - Rockland, Ontario
2022-09-14 22:07:35

You are and always will be part of us and leave a huge hole in all our hearts but will remain with us forever..we were blessed for all the time we had you with easy you are so well loved

Gail - Kelowna B.C.
2022-09-14 22:06:10

My Wife and I are greatly saddened at the passing of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The Queen has been an example to us all in the way she has conducted her life and dedication to Great Britain, to Canada, and to all the Commonwealth countries, and to many others. May God take care of her, and that we remember her life as an example to follow.
John & Vreni Warwick, Toronto, Ontario

2022-09-14 22:06:03

My heartily condolences for Queen family, we missed u

Saadia bhatti - Hamilton, ON
2022-09-14 22:05:38

Rest in peace Queen

Gayathri Athirath - Niagara
2022-09-14 22:05:32

We will miss you

Robert - Merritt BC
2022-09-14 22:05:06

May you rest in peace your majesty. Thank you for your leadership and devotion for 70 years.

Laura - Medicine Hat, Alberta
2022-09-14 22:04:51

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will always be remembered. Condolence to the Royal Family.

Ciony Fe - North York, Ontario
2022-09-14 22:04:48

Rest In Peace, Your Majesty.

Ron - Georgetown, Ontario
2022-09-14 22:04:33

I send my deepest sympathies to the Royal Family on the passing of HRH Queen Elizabeth II. She will be greatly missed. Her sense of duty and beautiful smile will always be remembered.
Wendy and family.

Wendy - North Vancouver, B.C.
2022-09-14 22:04:05

May the departed soul Rest in Eternal Peace

Bharti - Ontario
2022-09-14 22:03:55

Your life has touched us all. Proud to be in the commonwealth.

Ina - West Kelowna, British Columbia
2022-09-14 22:03:21

You were our Queen and will always be our Queen in my heart forever never to be forgotten. As my flag flies half mass in Honor and respect for our Queen Elizabeth. Words can never express what I am feeling. Heart goes out to the Royal Family in this time of grieving. God bless

Lea - Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada
2022-09-14 22:02:20

My heartily condolences for the family of our Queen, one only one brave lady in the world who ruled and be missed by us all the time

Parveen bhatti - Hamilton, ON
2022-09-14 22:02:09

À la famille royale et aux proches de Sa Majesté la Reine, j'offre mes sympathies sincères suite à son décès.
Sa Majesté la Reine Elizabeth II restera un modèle pour son intelligence, sa dignité, son dévouement et sa grâce.

Céline - Québec
2022-09-14 22:01:48

Thank you for showing how to lead, as a woman, in a male dominant room over 70 years.

Sandra - Toronto, ON
2022-09-14 22:00:52

Mes plus sincère condoléance à la famille Royale on a perdu une perle ! Elle veillera sur nous de la haut ! Repose en paix

claudia - Canada
2022-09-14 22:00:46

Rest In Peace dear monarch. Long live the King.

Jillian Young - Teulon, Manitoba
2022-09-14 22:00:25

My condolences reach out to King Charles III and the whole Royal Family on the recent passing of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 11. I was so proud to have her as my Queen and grew up seeing her go through all the different stages of her life as mine too was changing. Forever grateful for her dedicated service over the past 70 years. Thank you so very much.

Beverley - Kamloops British Columbia
2022-09-14 21:59:34

Your life was inspiring and your dedication overwhelming to the world
God safe the Queen

Brad - Kelowna British Columbia
2022-09-14 21:58:12

Rest In Peace. You were an inspiration especially as a female leader, thank you for everything.

Michelle - Ontario
2022-09-14 21:58:09

Sending my deepest sympathy to the entire Royal Family for their loss of their mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. She was a wonderful person who reminded me so much of my own dear mother. May the God of all comfort, comfort you in this time of mourning. May He give you His peace and strength to sustain you as you continue to serve your God and your people.

Mary - Belleville, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:58:08

My deepest condolences to the Royal family on the loss of your mother, grandmother and great grandmother. Our beautiful Queen will be missed by so many. May she rest in peace and continue to shine her light on all of the nation. God Bless.

Diane - Belle River, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:58:02

A loss felt by the entire world. Such a strong influence in the lives of women and girls that we can achieve anything. An unmatched life of service for which I am forever grateful.

Allyson - Oakville, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:57:59

Please accept my sincerest condolences on the passing of Her Majesty the Queen. As an officer in the Canadian Army (48th Highlanders of Canada) I had the honour and privilege of meeting Her Majesty in the Bow Room of Buckingham Palace in the summer of 1981. The Queen was gracious, personable, and funny. I will treasure the memory of meeting her for as long as I live.

Captain The Rev Dr James Leatch - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:56:49

My condolence to the royal family. May her soul rest in peace.

Marie - Milton Ontario
2022-09-14 21:56:41

Rest in peace, you beautiful soul. I will miss your Christmas messages and enjoying a nice tea while watching! You made the world a better place thank you! xoxo Much love!

Megan - Orillia, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:56:26

I am deeply saddened by the death of our Queen Elizabeth. She was an inspiration to me and all women for her honourable faithfulness to duty and her commitment to her vocation. She carried out her duties with grace and respect for all, encompassed by generosity and kindness. My heartfelt sympathy to her children and the royal family. May she Rest In Peace in the loving arms of Jesus her Saviour.

Gloria - Komoka, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:55:09

It was an honour to have you as our Queen and Monarch. RIP

Harvey & Doreen - Sudbury, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:54:14

Rest in Peace your Highness, you have earned it for serving us so graciously for 70 years

Suzanne - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-14 21:54:12

What a great loss to the world. She will be missed by so many. As a veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces I was always proud to serve because of our Queen. Condolences to the Royal Family and all of the United Kingdom.

Cheryl - Airdrie, Alberta
2022-09-14 21:53:49

On Behalf of my Lady Darlene and I , Sleep Well Your Majesty.

Jared - Pickering ontario
2022-09-14 21:52:41

My condolences to all of the corgies and to the Royal family and to King Charles ..
Queen Elizabeth will be loved and missed.She will remain in my heart always..she is one and only true queen the world will ever know?

Dianne Spence - Prince George BC
2022-09-14 21:52:33


J'offre mes condoléances à notre chère reine Elisabeth. Elle a marqué le siècle en étant une figure d'humanité, de prospérité et de bonté. Je donne tout me respect et la reine et au roi Charles III.

Avec amour, Nick Thibodeau

Nick - Québec, Québec
2022-09-14 21:51:36

Rest in Peace your majesty. Thank you for your service for 70 years. Your love of horses and dogs was inspiring. Sincere condolences to the Royal Family, Great Britain and the Commonwealth.

Mollie - Bentley,AB
2022-09-14 21:51:12

May God comfort the entire family as you go through this time of grief.
God Bless You All!!

Marion - Dawson Creek, BC
2022-09-14 21:50:35

Rest in peace.

Aleksander - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:48:52

My sincere condolences to all the Queen’s family, those close to her, and everyone around the world. While the Palace etc may seem a distant notion as we go forward in our everyday existence there was a comfort knowing the Queen was always there for us, just there. I appreciate all the changes she initiated and her kindness to animals. I think she lived a pretty amazing life with lots of adventure! A light in the world has gone out and she will be missed; missed and remembered.

Diane Gabrielson - Prince George BC Canada
2022-09-14 21:48:26

Wishing the royal family my condolences on their loss. As a coin collector, I have seen my share of the Queen's portrait on the coins I have studied. Thank-you and Godspeed.

Trevor Robb - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
2022-09-14 21:47:46

My condolences to the family

jeanne - red deer, alberta
2022-09-14 21:47:28

A queen of great dignity and grace! She will be missed! God bless her for her many years of service.

Janet - Estevan, Saskatchewan
2022-09-14 21:47:17

Rest In Peace my Queen. God save the King.

Pamela - Teulon mb
2022-09-14 21:47:09

Very sorry for the loss of our beloved Queen Elizabeth II.
She did a fabulous job in her 70 years on the throne and had to conform to many changes in the world.
She will be greatly missed.
RIP your Majesty.

Carol - Kelowna, British and
2022-09-14 21:45:56

You are an inspiration, you impacted the lives of people you never met, you served your country better than any other, you have earned your rest and Philip is waiting for you. Sleep well.

Angel - Okotoks Canada
2022-09-14 21:45:38

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been one constant presence in the world for the past 70 years. Her service to country is to be commended. She was admired by so many. What a brilliant example of an incredible individual with a life well lived.

Christine - Ajax, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:45:09

Our condolences to all members of the Royal Family at this time of reflection....Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II showed the world the meaning of duty.

Jeff & Julie - Medicine Hat, Alberta
2022-09-14 21:44:02

Thank you for your many years of dedicated service. May you rest in peace knowing what a difference you have made to so many throughout the world. You and your family remain in our thoughts and prayers.

Lorraine - Duchess, Alberta
2022-09-14 21:43:21

A life that touches the hearts of others, lives on Forever. You will always be in our hearts.

Jacqueline - Victoria, BC
2022-09-14 21:43:09

My Dear Queen you’ve been the only
Queen I have ever know in my life. I feel like you are a grandmother figure who’s always been there and now not see that breaks my heart. I do send my sincere condolences to the Royal Family and now just to keep you’re name alive and teach my Nephew and Niece there once was a Queen named Elizabeth and tell stories.RIP my sweet Queen we will all miss you and we all love you very much.

Bryan - Kelowna British Columbia
2022-09-14 21:43:04

Sending Sincere Condolences to the Royal Family on the passing of Queen Elizabeth she was an Inspiration and an Amazing Woman She will be greatly Missed! God Bless!

Colleen - Surrey BC
2022-09-14 21:42:02

Merci pour l’effort qu’on le voit réellement dans la société canadienne!

Yassine - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-14 21:41:29

God bless.

Sandra - Okotoks alberta
2022-09-14 21:41:13

We will miss you, we were so lucky to have you as our Queen
Thank you for making us feel so secure. RIP

Marion - Etobicoke
2022-09-14 21:40:20

Queen for eternity. Charismatic, pragmatic, integrity. All in one.
None will ever equal her Majestic charm
Elizabeth the great. Now and forever

Linda - Brossard, Quebec
2022-09-14 21:39:37

May you Rest In Peace and may the new sovereign maintain peace over Canada.

Melanie - BC
2022-09-14 21:38:41

My sincere sympathy to all the royal family who have lost their beloved mother, grandmother and queen.
Queen Elizabeth set such a fine example of living a life of service to the country, the Commonwealth and the world. We in Canada loved her deeply and will miss her presence in our world.
God save the King.

Marjorie - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-14 21:36:58

Despite not having grown up in a parliamentary monarchy, since acquiring my Canadian citizenship, I have discovered the enormous symbolic importance of the Crown for Canadians, thank you very much Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, for your immeasurable dedication during your reign, God bless you, RIP, my condolences to the royal family, God save King Charles III.

Frank Rosales - Montreal, Quebec
2022-09-14 21:36:31

I feel like I lost a grandmother!! Thank you for a 70 year reign that embodied leadership, wisdom and compassion. May you now rest in peace with Prince Phillip knowing that your work is done.

Sandra - Barrie, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:36:30

Thank you very much for your service and dedication to Canada's people.

Frank - London Ontario
2022-09-14 21:36:06

Dear Queen Elizabeth II: We know that you always did your best to serve everyone in Canada. You gave us all traditions to value; your contributions to the commonwealth unite us. You have been the best Monarch in history. We appreciate you and we love you.

Rickilla - West Vancouver, BC
2022-09-14 21:35:30

Big events were when you visited Canada and we were able to see you in person. Such a wonderful special person all these years you reigned! We so admired you!

Mickey Thompson - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-14 21:35:29

Rest In Peace you will be missed by many.

Sandra Krasowski - Alberta
2022-09-14 21:34:10

My sincere condolences to the Royal Family. My parents emigrated from the Netherlands to Canada in April 1952. My mother born in 1924, was always excited to talk about Queen Elizabeth who became her Queen in her new land Canada in 1952. She always was very excited about the Queen so therefore condolences from Mum from Heaven. Mum was 95 in 2020.

Rina Nanne - Ottawa, Canada
2022-09-14 21:33:46

I’m so sorry for the lost of our great Queen Elisabeth II. She will be remembered by all of us.

Sonja - Enterprise, AL, USA but from Sept-iles, Quebec, Canada
2022-09-14 21:33:46

Deepest sympathy to the Queen's family and to all who loved and admired her.
Her commitment to her role as Queen, to her family and to her beliefs truly made her a person to be admired.

Orrie - New Westminster, B.C.
2022-09-14 21:33:10

Long live the Queen and live Long she did. Her vow to serve her people for the remainder of her days truly unbroken. I am saddened my future children will live in a world without her. Rest well your majesty, it has been well earned. Sending all my love.

Tynna - Brossard, Quebec
2022-09-14 21:32:57

To my beloved Queen you have shown us such grace and committment. We are truly blessed to know you. Your sparkle, laugh and smile will be truly missed. Long live King Charles III.

Nancy - Carseland, Alberta
2022-09-14 21:32:55

Ma mère m’a transmise sa grande admiration et son grand respect pour Sa Majesté Élisabeth. L’admiration: une femme au pouvoir, le respect: mettre sa vie au service de son peuple.
70 ans sans relâche, Vous avez tenu parole contre vents et marées.
Reposez en paix!
Sincères condoléances à toutes la famille royale.
Longue et bonne vie au roi Charles III

Sylvie - Granby, Province de Québec
2022-09-14 21:31:45

So sorry for the loss of our Queen Elizabeth. She was a very good example of public service and kindness for others to follow.

Steve - Anderson
2022-09-14 21:31:27

Our deepest condolences to the family of Queen Elizabeth II. She was an amazing person who always exuded grace and kindness. She will surely be missed. You're all in our thoughts. Take care.

David - Halifax, Nova Scotia
2022-09-14 21:31:03

I was saddened to hear of the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. My prayers and best wishes go out to the family. May your fond memories of happier times with your mother/ grandmother/ great grandmother bring you comfort and strength in the days ahead.

Stacey - Wainwright, Alberta
2022-09-14 21:30:53

My deepest condolences to the Royal Family.

Teresa - Burnaby, British Columbia
2022-09-14 21:30:46

Canada has always loved our Queen, you were a pillar of freedom, hope and stability. Your legacy will echo throughout eternity. World Leaders today can only aspire to accomplish a fraction of what you have.

Iain - Mississauga, ON
2022-09-14 21:30:19

Mes sincères condoléances!

Christele - Montréal, Québec
2022-09-14 21:30:15

Rest in peace, Your Majesty. You will live on in our hearts for eternity. My deepest condolences to the Royal family.

Naomi - Guelph, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:30:01

With sincere condolences to the Royal Family and the people of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth on the loss of Queen Elizabeth II. She was truly an inspiration and will be missed dearly. May she rest in peace.

Karen - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:29:46

Reposer en paix sa Majesté la reine Elizabeth II.

Denis - Longueuil, Québec
2022-09-14 21:29:42

Toutes mes sinceres condoléances a la Famille Royale et encore Merci a Sa Majesté La Reine.

Jerome - Trois-Rivieres,Quebec
2022-09-14 21:28:45

Our family looked up to the Queen not as a head of state, but rather an example of a person of deep personal values who very publicly lived those values in front of us all. She set a great example of integrity, dignity, service -- all done with a sense of humour. We will miss her steadfast example.

Helen - Guelph, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:28:28

May you be unforgettable among all generations, our honourable Queen Elizabeth II. REST IN PEACE. ;( ;(

Marsida - Scarborough, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:28:10

You were one of a kind. I couldn’t imagine the history of mankind in the 20th century without you. We looked at your life as the steady hand and as far removed your life would have been from us, you were genuinely close in your heart to everyone else. What an immense burden, now you can rest in peace.

Joseph - Sudbury, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:27:55

Rest in pace my dear Queen.

Dorina - Ontario Canada
2022-09-14 21:27:44

I am so sad at your passing, but so grateful for your presence for all of these years. You are with your Prince now. Rest in Peace.

Long live the King.

Cynthia - Surrey, BC
2022-09-14 21:27:32

toutes mes sympathiques à la famille royale britanique et toute personne touchée de près ou de loin par la mort de sa majesté

Michèle - Montréal Québec
2022-09-14 21:27:11

Deepest sympathy for the loss of you Mum, gran and most amazing woman to have ever lived. Such a role model , no words can express the loss we all share. I hope you all get to grieve in private, prayers.

Dorie - NewGlasgow Nova Scotia Canada
2022-09-14 21:26:47

Our condolences to all of the family of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.
She was such an elegant Lady and will be missed by so many !
God bless King Charles as he steps into his new role as King !

Marsha - Beachville Ontario
2022-09-14 21:26:28

RIP your majesty. Thank-you. You have been an amazing inspiration to us all. You dedicated your life to your people and worked steadfastly to serve us to the very end. God bless you Queen Elizabeth II.

Maureen Jill Hickey - Cultus Lake, BC
2022-09-14 21:26:01

Thank you for all of your years of dedicated service. You were a steadfast leader, and provided so much stability amidst changing times. May you rest in peace.

Wendy - Richmond, BC
2022-09-14 21:25:46

Her late Majesty's total commitment to the people she served for seven decades, in Britain, her overseas realms and the Commonwealth, provides an example that leaves us all speechless with admiration and gratitude. May His Majesty King Charles III be graced with that same spirit of selfless dedication as he assumes the Crown.

Robert C. Wilkins - Westmount, Quebec
2022-09-14 21:25:37

Rest now in God’s loving embrace

Holly & Charles - Port Hastings, N.S.
2022-09-14 21:25:36

Rest in Peace, Queen Elizabeth II..

Rogelio Sandagon - British Columbia
2022-09-14 21:25:16

You, Ma’am, have been an inspiration to me as a woman. Born in the UK and raised in Canada, I’ve not known life without you. You have shown that old ways can give way to modern thinking and change. You will be missed. Thank you for all you have done and all the progress you brought to the Crown.

Condolences to your family.

Ruth - Sechelt BC Canada
2022-09-14 21:24:32

You never knew me, but you meant so much to me. You are an inspiration to all women. You will be missed. My heart goes out to all the family members who loved you. Love Shelley Tonks

Shelley - Coquitlam, British Columbia
2022-09-14 21:24:21

My grandmother, who's name was also Elizabeth, always thought of herself as a queen. She always joked that she could be friends (bosom buddies) with Queen Elizabeth II. She's now gone. So now I do not have anymore Queens in my life. Thank you for all that you've done. Thank you both grannies!

Joelle - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-14 21:24:17

Thank you your Majesty.

Jane - Kelowna BC
2022-09-14 21:23:31

The Queen has embodied change for the UK and the monarchy, with many of her modern changes to the structure of the monarchy. She has embodied grace, empathy, kindness and understanding . She will be missed greatly by the world but most especially by her family. Be happy at your family’s side in heaven and with your love.

My condolences to the family, and the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth.

Kimberly - Portland Ontario
2022-09-14 21:23:26

Thank you for dedication and life long service to Canada and the World.
May you and Prince Philip enjoy eternal Love and Rest!

Emanuel - Winnipeg, Manitoba
2022-09-14 21:22:57

The Queen for me was a role model for females in leadership roles....did so with grace, kindness, determination and with success. I am honored to have received one of the Queens medallions and will wear it with pride on September 19th, 2022 and every year after. Rest in peace.

Marilyn - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:22:43

Her late Majesty's total commitment to the people she served for seven decades, in Britain, her overseas realms and the Commonwealth, provides an example that leaves us all dumbfounded with admiration and gratitude. May His Majesty King Charles III be graced with that same spirit of selfless dedication as he assumes the Crown.

Maura McKeon - Westmount, Quebec
2022-09-14 21:22:35

Mes plus sincères condoléances à la famille royale.

Bertrand - Boisbriand, Québec
2022-09-14 21:22:14

Queen Elizabeth II, you were an inspiration and a rock for the entire world all of your life. You are deeply loved and will be sorely missed by all.May you rest in peace eternally along with your beloved Prince Philip.
My sincere condolences to the entire Royal family at this so very difficult time.

Barry Walsh - Brampton, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:22:11

Canada and the entire Commonwealth of nations has lost a wonderful stateswoman, public servant, and Queen. As Americans, we join our Canadian brothers in mourning this amazing, one-of-a-kind leader and Monarch. God save the King!

Dominic - Michigan, United States
2022-09-14 21:21:49

Queen Elizabeth II is an inspiration for generations of women and men of all walks of life with her Faith in God and Love for her people. Surely, God, through her Holy Coronation, enabled her to set and keep her high standards of goodness and morality. We Canadians have been blessed to have such a Head of State. God bless us all.

Deborah - Deep River, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:20:46

I am so sorry to hear of the death of our dear Queen. She was the mother and grandmother of our nation and irreplaceable. I know King Charles and the entire Royal Family will continue to lead us with their exemplary example of dedication to duty and service.

Caroline - New Westminster, British Columbia
2022-09-14 21:19:18

Dear Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, may your soul find peace and may God watch over you.

Cecilia Costa Silva - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:18:17

Her Majesty the Queen served us all well and was a consistent model of duty.

Megan - Saint John, New Brunswick
2022-09-14 21:18:09

Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth, my condolences to the Royal family and all the people of the Commonwealth. She was a great Queen...
God Save the King

Karen - Calgary
2022-09-14 21:17:54

Mes condoléances à la famille royale. Sa majesté ne sera jamais oubliée. Quelle femme extraordinaire.

Sonia - Gatineau, Québec
2022-09-14 21:17:46

God Bless the Queen. My thoughts are with the Royal family.

Anne - Maple Ridge, British Columbia
2022-09-14 21:16:30

I loved and respected the queen, and shall miss your majestic presence. R.I.P.

Ronnie - Montreal, Que.
2022-09-14 21:16:22

Chère Elizabeth! Merci pour vos 70 ans de règne, ces années ont été pour l’Angleterre et tout le Commonwealth des fantastiques années. Je n’aurai pas la chance de vous porter allégeance lors de ma naturalisation canadienne, mes pensées iront vers vous.

Bien à vous

Loris - Québec
2022-09-14 21:16:15


Mohamed Munye - Edmonton, ALBERTA
2022-09-14 21:15:43

It’s hard to imagine life as a Canadian without Queen Elizabeth II always a steady presence in the background of my life. She was the epitome of grace, diplomacy selflessness and kindness l. I was fortunate to have been in her presence once and noted what a very beautiful woman she was with such a genuine smile and was able to put whoever she was speaking to at ease. I miss my queen.

Deborah - Victoria BC
2022-09-14 21:15:31

I want to share this Message to all the people of the Queen's Passing God Bless Her soul for making everyone smile and caring to hear Heart is so deep and shares the Magical of Heaven with the Angels Life is full of surprises The Queen is a very Smart kind Beautiful I will watch the Funeral on Monday of her passing and lots of people should too have Respect Queen may you find peace with God and all your Family is watching over you God Bless her Family and Friends.

ANDY - New Brunswick Fredericton
2022-09-14 21:15:14

Thank you for your steadfast inspiration and the brilliant example you set for women everywhere. You will be missed.

Annalee - Spencerville, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:15:09

R.I.P our queen elizabeth! you are going to be missed forever..

catherine - Edson,alberta
2022-09-14 21:14:06

God Bless the Queen. Rest in peace your majesty.

Margarita Franco - London, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:13:20

Rest in peace

Remya - Ontario
2022-09-14 21:13:10

Although I was not alive for much of Queen Elizabeth II reign it still saddens to see a unbeliveable women such as herself being able to make people come together and bring people around the world to peace and love. Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth the II you will be missed and forever loved.

Ethan - Woodbridge, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:11:53

I was three when Queen Elizabeth came to the throne. I loved her calm stability she added to my life. I will never forget her. She is the only monarch I have ever known. My prayers are with her family in their time of grief.

Lauralyn - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-14 21:11:52

Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth. Your 70 years of service will be in history forever.

Dianne - Severn, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:11:17

You have always been an example and an inspiration. Thank you for your service and your dedication. May your memory be a blessing to your family and loved ones.
My deepest condolences.

Meghan - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:11:14

Our beloved Queen Elizabeth II will forever be missed. Such a great example as a dedicated, and strong monarch, but also as a kind and caring person.
Long live the King!

Sergio S. - Chatham, ON
2022-09-14 21:10:55

Rest easy

Michelle - BC Canada
2022-09-14 21:10:18

Rest in peace. You will always be missed.

Fakhrul Hasan Khan - Brampton
2022-09-14 21:09:38

Rest in peace my queen you gave us the greatest love story of all times

Heather Hutley - Bowmanville Ontario
2022-09-14 21:09:37

Our heartfelt condolences to the Royal Family. Rest in eternal peace, Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Marifel - Winnipeg
2022-09-14 21:09:27

I have great admiration and respect for the Queen. She is a great example of selflessness and service.

Melanie Jensen - Kelowna, BC
2022-09-14 21:09:20

Merci votre Majesté pour votre dévouement envers notre pays.

Jacqueline - Sainte-Anne-de-Madawaska NB
2022-09-14 21:09:20

Sa Majesté la reine a été là à maintes périodes charnières de l'histoire de notre monde et Dieu sait à quel point il y a eu de nombreuses épreuves sur son parcours, d'abord en sa qualité de personne, ensuite auprès de sa famille et enfin, avec tous les privilèges et les responsabilités incombant à l'individu qui assume la Couronne, en souveraine.

Je présente mes condoléances aux sujets du Royaume-Uni, aux membres de sa famille ainsi qu'à son successeur, Sa Majesté le roi Charles III.

Jean-Ulric - Saint-Alphonse-de-Granby, Québec
2022-09-14 21:08:50

My conducting to Queen Elizabeth and her family

Irene - Telkwa British Columbia
2022-09-14 21:08:25

Thank you for dedicating your life to service and for being such a good Queen. You are the only Queen I have known and I am going to miss you.


Victoria - Coquitlam, BC
2022-09-14 21:08:07

My mother being from England raised us to know who the Queen and Royal family were. And of your service to your country and the commonwealth. Thank you for being Canada's Queen MAY GOD BLESS THE QUEEN AND HER FAMILY

2022-09-14 21:07:56

Your Majesty, you are the end of an era. There will never be anyone like you again. You are an icon for our times. The world may have changed, but you will never be forgotten for your relentless dedication, integrity, your strength of character, and personal style. Wherever you are now with your beloved Philip, thank you for having been in my life no matter where I was in the world for all these years.

Jude - Vancouver, B.C.
2022-09-14 21:07:55

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will forever be in the Hearts and minds of all who knew her. May you Rest in Peace.

Ashlyn - London, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:07:53

Thank you.

Nicholas - Kelowna BC
2022-09-14 21:07:24

Sorry for the recent passing of the Queen. Condolences to the Royal Family.

Jayden and Joven - Surrey, BC
2022-09-14 21:07:09

Rest In Peace, Your Majesty.

Laura - Maitland, Ontario
2022-09-14 21:06:12

Thank you my dear Queen. You will be sadly missed. I will always have fond memories of you as our Queen. You have always been and always will be a shining star. Thank you for your service. I hope to one day meet you.
God Bless
Again. Thank You.
Love. Michael Burns

Michael Burns - Greater Napanee, Ontario Canada
2022-09-14 21:05:58

Thank you for your service, Your Majesty. At 21 years of age, you made a promise of a lifetime of service. You lived a full and long life dedicated to the service of your people keeping that promise. You leave a legacy of faith, service, dedication, honour and love that can never be matched. You will be missed beyond measure. I personally will miss your smile, the twinkle in your eyes and your sense of humour. Rest In Peace with your beloved rock and stay, Prince Phillip. God Bless.

Carol - Cambridge, Ontario. Canada
2022-09-14 21:05:48

Thank you for your lifetime of service your Majesty. Your legacy will stand for time immemorial.

God Save the King.

Kieran - Calgary, Alberta
2022-09-14 21:05:45

Never saw her in person but have tremendous respect for her.

Penny - Powell River B C
2022-09-14 21:04:35

What an amazing person, and an incredible loss! I’m thinking about you day and night and grieving with you. My deepest condolences from Jenny and Taylyn May you Rest In Peace

Jennifer - Calgary , alberta
2022-09-14 21:03:52

Thank you Queen Elizabeth II, for your ongoing Commitment, Loyalty, Work Ethic, Support, Role Model, Humor, Smile, Horse And Dog Lover, And So Much More. 70 Years Of Service!! Well Done!! Now Please Rest In Peace. My Thoughts & Prayers Are With You And Your Family.
God Save The Queen!!

Loraine Shevchuk - Kelowna, BC
2022-09-14 21:02:51

I am a 1st generation Cdn from British parents who immigrated here in 1947. They named me after Queen Elizabeth and her daughter Princess Anne (thus Elizabeth Anne). There was a comfort to that, that now feels somewhat like a personal loss. Queen Elizabeth was a wonderful role model for women, a steadfast monarch and a loving matriarch to her family. She is greatly missed. Rest in peace your Majesty. May you see your family and your animals in heaven.

Elizabeth - Chilliwack, BC
2022-09-14 21:01:11

rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II.
God save the King.

Duane - Waubaushene/ Ontario/ Canada
2022-09-14 21:01:03

To a great Queen, your devotion is appreciated. Rest In Peace. Sincere condolences to the Family

Mary Anne - Miramichi, New Brunswick
2022-09-14 21:00:40

So sorry for the lost of her Majesty

Joseph - Black Tickle
2022-09-14 21:00:34

Your kindness, caring and love for all of your Countries and their people are inspiration to us all. You have been the stabilizer for all of us, in a world that is not.
You will be forever missed and Loved. God Bless you, our Queen.

Dianna - Florence Massachusetts. USA
2022-09-14 20:59:32

Hugging you all at this time. Take care each of you and each other.

Gloria Anawak - Rankin Inlet/Nunavut
2022-09-14 20:58:07

Our sincere condolences to the Royal family in the loss of their mother, grandmother and great grandmother.

Nancy and Brian Beard - Brantford, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:57:47


Nick - Etobicoke Ontario
2022-09-14 20:57:36

Rest In Peace, god bless

Mike - British Columbia
2022-09-14 20:57:00

Thank you for your incredible dedication to the people of the Commonwealth and your positive relationship with Canada.
Rest In Peace your Majesty

Anne - Windsor Junction Nova Scotia
2022-09-14 20:56:55

I am saddened by the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. She was a remarkable woman and an inspiration. It is the end of an era, but her memory will surely live on. Sincere condolences to the Royal Family.

Sabra - New Brunswick
2022-09-14 20:56:46

Go well and may your soul rest in eternal peace

Tariro - Surrey, British Columbia
2022-09-14 20:56:40

My condolences on the loss of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Sarah - Sherwood Park, Alberta
2022-09-14 20:56:33

We feel so honoured to have become Canadian under Her reign and to have pledged allegiance to Her Majesty.
Thank you for all your service, you are an example of integrity, dedication and values.
We will deeply miss you. Long live our King!

Irasema Flores - Chatham, ON
2022-09-14 20:56:29

Queen Elizabeth was an absolutely amazing, beautiful sole! I hadn't realized she had passed until my daughter had sent me a text, I was in shock and started to cry . My entire life in Canada was watching the royal family .I am honored to be part of the commonwealth! RIP your majesty you had a long prestigious reign you will be missed

Robin - Whitehorse YT
2022-09-14 20:56:04

This world will always miss you! I wish you were still alive. We'll all still love you even though you're gone. I hope you have a good life in heaven. Victoria (7 years old).

Victoria Irene Clayton - Toronto, Canada
2022-09-14 20:56:04

Rest in peace after a very many years of service to the World.

Sue - London, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:55:27

Elizabeth you will be missed. Our world lost a warm hearted woman, a graceful Queen, and with your apparent pose that spoke volumes to especially the woman and girls to live by example of becoming great leaders as you had been. Thank you for leaving such an unforgettable imprint on our hearts and lives. May you rest in peace

Valentina Jarrar - London Ontario
2022-09-14 20:55:23

May you rest in peace. I wish good health to the family of Windsor and may I wish you all good fortune. Long Live the King

Murdoch - Oliphant Ontario
2022-09-14 20:55:08

You will be missed dearly. Loved Prince Charles speech best part.Thank you mom.My heart go out to her dogs that have a new home.Not knowing how to
comprehend. Queen Elizabeth death.RIP lovely lady.

Goretta - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-14 20:55:07

Our hearts go out to the Royal family on the passing of beautiful Queen Elizabeth who did so much during her reign always with love, poise & grace, a true Queen.

Aimee - Kelowna, BC
2022-09-14 20:54:47

My deepest condolences, you will be missed

Adrienne Rose Fortier - Ontario, Canada
2022-09-14 20:54:47

Thank You for being our Queen, our Lady, rest well

Virginia Dobson - Amherst, Nova Scotia, Canada
2022-09-14 20:54:15

Our dearest Queen Elizabeth,

Whole-heartedly grateful for your lifelong service as a role model for generations to come.
Rest in peace.

With love,

Gabe - ON
2022-09-14 20:53:56

RIP my beautiful, amazing Queen 

Rosina - Fernie B.C. Canada
2022-09-14 20:53:32

RIP, your Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.
The final bell has rung, your duty is done. Thank you for your service, Ma’am.
You will be terribly missed and never forgotten 
God Bless you, Lilibet 

Emily - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:53:09

May God bless you and keep you safe

Tammy - Frankford, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:52:01

Your Majesty, Thank you so much for you dedication and lifelong service to your country and our Commonwealth.
We will honor your legacy and offer our support to our New King Charles III.
God save the King.

Jane - Cornwall Ontario
2022-09-14 20:51:33

Rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II. Thank you for your promise kept and thank you for all your years of service. The world will not see your kind again. Fly with the angels and rest easy.

Dawn Butt Abbott - Paradise, Newfoundland and Labrador
2022-09-14 20:51:06

Gee I saw her father becoming I'll, then her being called to take over, then the coronation. The coronation coin given at school. Guess 63 years ago as I'm now 80 years old. . Such a long time but she kept her promises. Like Dad never knocked, blamed anybody. The only one like her, or my Mother was her Mother.
May God bless you on your journey to the pearly gates of Heaven.

Olive - Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
2022-09-14 20:49:41

Our dear Queen, what an amazing lady she was. Such an inspiration to all.
The dedication you devoted to your country was outstanding.
Thank you for your service Ma’am!
May you rest in peace your Majesty.
Sincere condolences to the Royal Family.

Carole - Calgary Alberta
2022-09-14 20:49:30

Having been the longest serving Queen, you have earned a peaceful rest.

Scott - Vernon, BC
2022-09-14 20:49:07

I am sending my condolences to the Royal family.
May you rest in peace Queen Elizabeth II .
May the people of this Earth never forget all the things you have done for them.
Sending hugs and kisses to the Royal family.

Crystal - Waubaushene/ Ontario/ Canada
2022-09-14 20:48:21

My sincere condolences to the family of Queen Elizabeth I I and to the people of Great Britain. May she rest in peace.

Susan - Windsor, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:46:50

May you rest in peace your Highness.

Boomer - Trenton, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:45:34

Your resilience and sense of duty are exemples that transcend any political, religious and faith beliefs. Thank you for your service.

Sandra - Laval, Quebec
2022-09-14 20:45:06

Rest in peace Your Majesty and Thank You for your 70 years of service.

Barbara - St. Albert, Alberta
2022-09-14 20:44:39

Thank you, your Majesty, for your service.
Rest in Peace Queen Elizabeth.
Our deepest condolences to the Royal Family.

Harshkumar Patel - Brampton, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:44:20

May Her Soul Rest In Peace, Long Live The United Kingdom And The Commonwealth Countries

Najib - Mississauga, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:43:54

Thank you for your devotion to your duty.

Jordan L - Vancouver, BC
2022-09-14 20:43:47

My condolences, I hope we meet someday again

Gretchen Begg - Sioux Loookout , Ontario
2022-09-14 20:43:25

J'aimerais offrir mes plus sincères condoléances à la famille royale. J'ai 54 ans, alors la Reine a toujours fait partie de ma vie. Elle me rappelait ma grand-maman. Celle-ci admirait d'ailleurs la Reine. J'ai hérité d'elle un scrapbook à l'effigie de la Reine, avec des articles de journaux de son couronnement. J'ai beaucoup de respect pour la vie que la Reine a menée. Elle s'est consacrée à la tâche et je crois qu'elle souhaitait être proche de ses sujets. Merci.

Jacinthe - Repentigny, Québec
2022-09-14 20:43:23

I treasure the memories of her Majesty from her visits to my Grammar School in St.Kitts , to her presence at the Commonwealth Games in Victoria. I honour her courage as she showed such strength and dignity in dealing with the many challenges of family life. She will forever be a role model for me.

Phyllis - Victoria B.C.
2022-09-14 20:43:17

Your inspiration and impact will not be forgotten.
Thank you for your service and Rest in Peace Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II .
My condolences to the family.

Leslie - Osoyoos, BC, Canada
2022-09-14 20:43:15

Rest In Peace Queen Elizabeth

Carmela - Smithers BC
2022-09-14 20:42:18

To the Royal Family
I send to you my Deepest Sympathy in the passing of your Mother,Queen Elizabeth II. May you find peace with God & comfort
in each other as you mourn her loss...May she rest in Peace..

Cathy - Chatham Ontario
2022-09-14 20:42:11

May God accept his loyal servant Queen Elizabeth II into his kingdom for eternity.
She has been a guiding light for so many throughout her life. RIP

Brent - Sudbury Ontario
2022-09-14 20:41:39

In this world of change and moving on, the late Queen Elizabeth II must be held up as "the" example of sticking to the job and doing it well. She appeared to keep calm and to carry on. We can all learn from her model.

Ken - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:41:34

Thank you Your Majesty, for everything. Rest in peace.

Joanne - Westport, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:41:31

Our condolences to the royal family the queen will be truly missed

Lorna - Nl
2022-09-14 20:40:50

I miss starting the day without our Queen. God be with you and your family’s at all times. With all respect, in my heart Long live the Queen, God save the King,

Patrick - St. Catharines Ontario
2022-09-14 20:40:27

Rest In Peace

George - Smithers , British Columbia
2022-09-14 20:39:45

So sorry for the loss of the Queen and the Royals mother and Grandmother

Richard Wilkinson - Napanee Ont Canada
2022-09-14 20:39:13

Thank you for your unwavering commitment to your people and the to the world. You will be missed your majesty. May you Rest In Peace

Jennifer - Toronto, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:39:01

She was a woman who showed great strength, kindness and poise throughout. She helped shape the world as we know it today. We are sad to see her go, yet happy to have the history of this remarkable woman remain.

Karen - Ottawa, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:38:55

Rest in Peace

Maryn - Halifax, NS
2022-09-14 20:38:30

My prayers are with King Charles and Queen Camilla, and the rest of the royal family. May you find some comfort in your grief knowing so many are mourning with your loss. Elizabeth was a truly great lady!
God save the King!

Shelley - Hamilton, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:37:39

We will miss your words of wisdom and kind thoughts shared in your many years of duty as Queen. A beautiful role model of a life well lived. Thought and prayers to family and friends - you will missed but never forgotten.

Janet - Alban, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:37:23

Thank you for your Service.
Deepest condolences to Her Majesty’s family.

Hicken Family - Edmonton, Alberta
2022-09-14 20:35:33

Thank you for your service

Helen - New Wesinster
2022-09-14 20:35:08

Rest in peace, Your Majesty.

Linda - Otterville, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:34:12

Whenever i See the Queen Photos and videos my eyes become full of tears,We all are with the Royal family in this critical time and Hope King Charles will be the best like Queen i still cant believe that Our Queen is not with Us any more

Saad Asif - Manchester (United Kingdom)
2022-09-14 20:34:11

Dear Royal Family

So sorry for your loss, we all have lost a great woman. What a life! she was meant for the job. My twin brother and I were named after the queen and Phillip. My mother Madonna was a strong determined woman just like our Queen. My heart goes out to you and the many people in the world who loved her. Stay strong! One love Elizabeth

Elizabeth - Ontario
2022-09-14 20:34:05

Rest In Peace your Majesty Queen Elizabeth ll .Thank you for your devotion, love, guidance and presence over the years. Our world was a much better place with you as our Queen. May you rest with your love ones who have gone before you and watch over us from above. Our most sincere condolences to your family and love ones.

Angela Latulippe - Grenier - Dalhousie New Brunswick
2022-09-14 20:33:17

Have grown up with you and always loved your countenance

Erika - Kelowna, British Columbia
2022-09-14 20:32:59

You are the only queen I have ever known in my lifetime. I remember growing up as a child, on Christmas Day, my mother always made sure we stopped to listen to your address. You will truly be missed but shall live on in our hearts.

Shirley - Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan
2022-09-14 20:32:15

Heartfelt condolences to all who are mourning the passing of our Queen Elizabeth the 2nd. She was such an inspiration; being faithful to the vows she took to serve until her death.

Sharon - Marathon, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:32:14

Like for many others, you were the only Queen I have ever known. Thank you for these 70 years that you've led with grace, integrity and honour. It feels like we've all lost a dear grandmother. God bless and my sincerest condolences to the Royal Family and her loved ones.

Amy - Montreal
2022-09-14 20:31:36

J'adresse mes plus sincères condoléances en ce moment de deuil suite au décès de sa majesté la Reine Élisabeth II, à sa famille et à tous les pays où elle représente la Cheffe de l'Etat et aux pays membres du Commonwealth.

Thierno Mamadou - Guinée
2022-09-14 20:31:35

Rest In Peace after a lifetime of service to us all. thank-you ERII

Susan - Toronto Ontario
2022-09-14 20:31:24

My Deepest sympathies to the family of Queen Elizabeth. She was a wonderful lady.

Reta - Truro, Nova Scotia
2022-09-14 20:31:02

Mes condoléances les plus attristés

Thierno Aliou - NB
2022-09-14 20:30:49

God bless you

Richard - Vernon
2022-09-14 20:30:23

May your soul rest in peace.

Karthi - Mississauga, Canada
2022-09-14 20:30:21

You where admired by all and worked very hard for your people. Take rest now for you deserve it. We as a nation will miss you dearly and hope your son King Charles the 3rd will fallow in your footsteps. Fair well my Queen may you shine your light among those wherever your spirit has gone.

Laina - Barrie Ontario
2022-09-14 20:30:18

Sending sincere condolences to all of our Majesty’s family and friends. May they have peace in knowing how much she was loved, and may they take comfort in all of the beautiful memories. Sincerely, The Dunns

Dawn - Keenans NB Canada
2022-09-14 20:29:54

Our deepest condolences to King Charles 111, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew & Prince Edward and their families. The world has lost a wonderful human being, Queen Elizabeth , was a beautiful lady inside and out, though we did not personally know her, we knew her as our Queen for the past 70 years, a role she possessed with integrity, loyalty and much love for her family and the world. She will be royally missed by the world. Gone to join her loved ones, never to be forgotten R.I.P.

Ida - Mississauga Ontario
2022-09-14 20:29:25

Thank you Your Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. As a Canadian, I am grateful for your loyal service, example and guidance throughout your long reign. We have been truly blessed to have you as the Queen of Canada. God Bless You.

Nancy - Hamilton Ontario
2022-09-14 20:29:15

Rest in peace may justice and good reign supreme.
the Queen like all children of God can never be forgot.

-William Combes

Zokdee Zkhnats - Vancouver, British Columbia
2022-09-14 20:28:19

May God bless Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, she dutifully fulfilled her time here in our world. Heartfelt condolences.

Dusty - Beamsville, Ontario
2022-09-14 20:28:18

My prayers are with the family. I went to grade one under a king and rest of my life to now under the queen now back to a king. Best wishes to new king in his service.

Rose Marie litwin - Okotoks, alberta, canada
2022-09-14 20:28:04

God Bless her Royal Majesty and God bless her life and memories!!
We wish to extend our most heartfelt sympathies as Dual Canadian and American citizens. She will remain in our hearts forever. So proud to be a Canadian!!!

Hazel Van Hove - Topeka, Kansas
2022-09-14 20:27:44

So sorry you had to leave us. You will be missed. Your rest is well deserved.

Muriel - calgary alberta
2022-09-14 20:27:41


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