Canada’s Healthy Eating Strategy

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Transcript - Canada's Healthy Eating Strategy

(An animated video featuring a woman in various food-related scenes.)

Canadians get food from lots of different places:

grocery stores,

(A grocery cart rolls up to the woman and a super market background appears behind her.)


(The background changes and a restaurant table appears. The woman shares a meal with a man.)


(The background transforms into a cafeteria.)

fast food counters,

(The background transforms into a fast-food restaurant.)

and many others.

(The background changes again. This time there is a food vending machine on one side and a hot dog cart on the other.)

60% of the food we buy is processed and packaged.

(The background changes. Now there is only a grocery cart filled with a variety of packaged foods.)

Many of these are high in sugars,

(A big bottle of fruit juice rises out of the cart and then returns to the cart.)


(A can of soup rises out of the cart, and then returns to the cart.)

and saturated fat.

(A frozen pizza rises out of the car and then returns to the cart.)

Canadians need better quality foods and easy-to-understand nutrition information.

(A variety of fresh foods, including fruits and vegetables, are dropped into the grocery cart. The woman reappears while holding a packaged food product.)

That's why we're working:

to improve food labels so that they are easier to understand,

(A nutrition facts table appears on screen and then moves on to its place on the food package.)

and to put a new nutrition symbol on the front of packages,

(A new proposed Health Canada nutrition symbol moves to the front of the food package. It says: "High in Saturated Fat, Sugars and Sodium". "Saturated Fat" and "Sodium" are highlighted.)

to ban industrially produced trans-fat,

to reduce sodium in foods,

(A Printed warning scrolls across the screen. One says : "No trans-fat" and the other "Less sodium.")

to update Canada's Food Guide,

(A smartphone appears with an image of Canada's Food Guide App.)

to restrict marketing to kids,

(The scene changes to a living room with children playing in front of a television. On the television we see an advertisement for soft drinks and fruit juice aimed at children. A large red X appears and obscures the ad.)

and to support access to better food everywhere in Canada.

(The scene changes again to show a map of Canada with images of healthy foods appearing in all regions of the country.)

These changes will help make the healthier choice the easier choice.

(The scene now changes to a large family dining table shared by children, parents and grandparents. All of the food and drink on the table are healthy.)

Find out more at

(The scene fades to a white background. A Web address appears on the screen: forward slash Healthy hyphen Eating hyphen Strategy)

A message from Health Canada and the Government of Canada.

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