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Employee working in more than one province or territory

If your employee worked in more than one province or territory in the year, fill out separate T4 slips for each province or territory. For each location, indicate the total remuneration paid to the employee and the related deductions, such as CPP/QPP contributions, EI premiums, PPIP premiums, and income tax. For more information, go to Which provincial or territorial tax tables should you use?.

How to report special situations on T4 slips

If you paid amounts in any of the special situations in the following list, go to Special situations to read the detailed instructions.

Customized T4 slips

For those who fill out a large number of slips, we accept certain slips other than our own. Follow the guidelines for the production of customized forms or see the current version of Information Circular IC97-2R, Customized Forms.

General guidelines for completing T4 slips and T4 summaries

When filling out T4 slips:

Identification and pre-numbered boxes

Other information

The "Other information" area at the bottom of the T4 slip has boxes for you to enter codes and amounts that relate to employment commissions, taxable allowances and benefits, deductible amounts, fishers' income, and other entries if they apply.

The boxes are not pre-numbered. Enter the codes and amounts that apply to the employee.


Example of how to complete the boxes in the Other information section of the T4 slip

If more than six codes apply to the same employee (overflow T4 slips)

If you have more than six “Other information” codes to enter, use an additional T4 slip, but do not repeat the amount already included in box 14. Do not repeat all the data on the additional slip. Enter only:

Codes you can use are:

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