People of Canada’s Weather Service

As one of the nation's oldest government institutions, the Meteorological Service of Canada has a long and proud history of serving Canadians.

For the past 150 years, our passionate employees have been and continue to be the key to our success! From meteorologists, hydrologists, field workers, oceanographers, environmental and computer scientists, technicians and all support services, everyone plays an important role in helping Canadians make informed decisions for their health, safety and our economic prosperity.

To celebrate the passionate people who have been and who continue to be an integral part of Canada’s weather service, throughout 2021 we highlighted a number of our employees on our ECCC Facebook page and right here. Join us as we look back on the People of Canada’s Weather Service showcased throughout 2021!

Banner featuring the faces of 8 past and present employees of the Meteorological Service of Canada.


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