GST/HST-related forms and publications

Guides, pamphlets, and booklets contain more detailed information on how the GST/HST affects specific types of businesses and organizations. The technical information section gives more in-depth technical information on administrative and policy aspects of the GST/HST.

If you are a selected listed financial institution (SLFI) that has a permanent establishment in Quebec, and you need forms and publications, see GST/HST and QST forms and publications for selected listed financial institutions.

The following is a list of GST/HST-related forms and publications:



Election and application forms available to all businesses or individuals

Election and application forms for public service and public sector bodies

Election and application forms for corporations and financial institutions

If you are an SLFI that has a permanent establishment in Quebec, see GST/HST and QST – Financial Institutions, including selected listed financial institutions.

 Applications for non-residents

Rebate applications for diplomats

Technical information

Page details

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