Automated callback service

The Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) is now offering an automated callback service on the following numbers:

Who can use the service?

The new automated callback service is available to those calling the Business Enquiries, the Individual Tax Enquiries or the Benefit Enquiries lines from a 10-digit North American phone number.

How do I use the service?

When wait times reach a certain threshold, callers will be given the option of a callback, rather than waiting on hold. To receive a callback, callers will be asked to confirm the number they are calling from or enter a different 10-digit North American phone number.

Is the service secure?

Taxpayers who opt for a callback will be given a randomized four-digit confirmation number, which will be repeated back to them by the call centre agent at the time of the callback. This is to provide assurance to the caller that the call is legitimately from the CRA. Once confirmed, the agent will proceed with the usual caller authentication process.

When will I receive a callback?

When a callback is requested, the CRA strives to call the taxpayer back within the estimated wait time that was originally provided to them on the phone.

If you have requested a callback from the CRA, please ensure you remain accessible at the number you provided.


If we are unable to reach you after two attempts, your callback will be cancelled.

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