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You need to choose the online or paper application. Do not apply both ways.

Apply online

As of January 4, 2023, you can choose either an electronic citizenship certificate (e-certificate) or a paper certificate.

Most applicants can now apply online to become a Canadian citizen (opens in a new tab) .

Find out how to apply online

Some people must still apply on paper

You must apply on paper in the following situations:

We’re working so everyone can apply online in the future.

Apply on paper

As of January 4, 2023, you can choose an electronic citizenship certificate (e-certificate) or a paper certificate for most citizenship applications.

How to choose the certificate type

In your application form

  • choose the certificate type you want
  • provide an email address if you want an e-certificate

If your application is successful, the certificate proves that you’re a Canadian citizen.

Get an application package

The application package includes the instruction guide and all the forms you need to fill out. Use the instruction guide and the document checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Choose the application package for your situation:

Pay the application fees

Your fees depend on whether you’re an adult (age 18 and over) or a minor (under age 18). Your fees may include

You have to pay your fees online.

Pay your fees online (opens in a new tab)

Submit your application

You must be eligible for Canadian citizenship the day before you sign the application form.

Make sure

If you’re submitting more than 1 application

Make sure that everyone’s applications are complete. We’ll return all submitted applications to you if at least 1 of them is incomplete.

If you want us to process everyone’s applications together, put all applications and receipts in the same envelope. Otherwise, we’ll process them separately.

Find out what happens if there’s a problem with one of the applications

Send your completed application form and all documents in the application package by mail or courier:

Regular mail Courier
Case Processing Centre - Sydney
Citizenship Grants
P.O. Box 7000
Sydney, NS  B1P 6V6
IRCC Digitization Centre - Citizenship
3050 Wilson Ave
New Waterford, NS  B1H 5V8

Apply for citizenship urgently

Processing times show how long it takes us to process applications for citizenship. We can process applications faster in special cases.

When and how to apply for citizenship urgently.

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