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Who can apply?

To work in Iceland through the Youth Mobility Agreement, you must

  • be a Canadian citizen
  • be 18–30 years old (inclusive)
  • have a Canadian passport

Other requirements may apply. Check Iceland’s website for details.

What type of work visa do I need?

To work and travel in Iceland as a Canadian youth under the Canada–Iceland Youth Mobility Arrangement, you need to apply for a residence permit.

Do I need a formal job or internship offer?

No, you don’t need a job offer (pre-arranged contract of employment) or a formal internship offer.

How long can I stay and work?

You can participate in Iceland’s Working Holiday program once for up to 24 months.

Your residence permit allows you to live and work in Iceland for 12 months. You can apply to renew your work permit for an additional 12 months before your permit expires. Check Iceland’s website for more details.

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About Iceland

Iceland is a country divided into 7 geographical regions that offer different landscapes and cultures. There are more than 100 towns in the regions to discover.

Iceland is known as the land of fire and ice because it has the largest glaciers in Europe and some of the world’s most active volcanoes. Its capital, Reykjavík, is the northernmost capital of the world. Due to its northern location, you can expect to have 24 hour days during the summer. With only a few hours of daylight in the winter, you’ll have the perfect conditions to enjoy the northern lights!

Economy and jobs

Iceland’s economy is mainly based on energy and green solutions, tourism, fisheries, innovation and technology, and creative industries.

Culture and language

Icelandic is the national language, but English is widely spoken. Danish is the third most common language spoken.

Swimming is a big part of the island’s activities, as there are many natural geothermal pools across most of the country.

Plan your trip

The best way to make sure your trip is the experience of a lifetime is to plan. Review our travel checklist to find out what you should know or do before travelling to and working in a foreign country.

Before you leave, remember to register as a Canadian abroad to receive notifications in case of an emergency while you are abroad or of a personal emergency at home. The service also enables you to receive important information before or during a natural disaster or civil unrest.

Recognized Organizations

Need help planning? One of IEC’s recognized organizations might be able to help you find a job, transportation, and provide travel advice.

Most recognized organizations charge a fee for their services.

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