Defence Team News – September 29, 2020

Defence Team News - September 29, 2020

Now on the Maple Leaf



Messages for the Defence Team

Security and the Defence Team

The Maple Leaf

National Defence Workplace Charitable Campaign

Business Resumption


Defence Team COVID-19 – Mental Health and Wellness

The outbreak of COVID-19 has resulted in a high degree of uncertainty and disruption to our lives, and it is not unusual to feel a heightened degree of anxiety and worry about the potential impact on yourself and your family. As we continue to navigate through this uncertain time, Defence Team members can access a variety of resources and information to help maintain and improve our mental health and overall personal well-being.

Weekly DTMN Virtual Coffee Chat

Join the weekly DTMN Virtual Coffee Chats happening every Thursday from 1330hrs-1500hrs EST. To join our Network please send an email to the DTMN Generic Inbox to ensure you don’t miss out!

Out topic this week will be on Mid-Year Performance Reviews.

Our experts will be:

Digital Learning

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