Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) Notes

CCI Notes deal with topics of interest to those who care for cultural objects. Intended for a broad audience, the Notes offer practical advice about issues and questions related to the care, handling and storage of cultural objects. Many Notes are illustrated and provide bibliographies as well as suggestions for contacting suppliers. There are currently over 100 Notes in this ever-expanding series written by CCI staff members.

Care of collections – general guidelines

Preventive conservation

The museum environment: biological factors

Archaeological and field conservation

Ceramics and glass

Indigenous materials

Furniture and wooden objects

Leather, skin and fur


Paintings and polychrome surfaces

Paper and books

Stone and plaster

Textiles and fibres

Planning for disaster management

Modern materials and industrial collections

Care of photographic materials

Spot tests in conservation

Conservation equipment

Electronic media

Art in transit

N1/4 is also part of the Art in transit series.

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