Vice-Admiral Kenneth Lloyd Dyer, DSC, CD

Vice-Admiral Kenneth Lloyd Dyer was the 10th Commander of the Canadian Navy.


Vice-Admiral Dyer joined the Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) as a Cadet in 1933. From 1933 to 1937 he trained with the Royal Navy (RN) in:

  • HMS Frobisher
  • HMS Hood
  • HMS Furious
  • HMS Enterprise
  • HMS Victory

He also trained on shore at the “stone frigates” HMS Dryad, HMS Excellent and HMS President.

In 1938 he returned to Canada, serving in HMCS Stadacona and HMCS Saguenay.

In 1938 he specialized in gunnery, taking the RN Gunnery course at HMS Excellent. He then got two appointments:

  • in 1938 with the RN Captain (D) at Greenock, Scotland
  • in 1940, with HMS Drake in Plymouth, England

In 1941, he was appointed Executive Officer of HMCS Niobe and was later made its Commanding Officer.

In 1942, Dyer was made Officer-in-Charge of the RCN Gunnery School at HMCS Stadacona in Halifax, Nova Scotia. After anti-submarine destroyer familiarization training with HMS Walker, he assumed command of the destroyer HMCS Skeena. In 1943, he assumed command of the destroyer HMCS Kootenay.

In 1944, he came ashore as the Senior Instructional Officer at HMCS Acadia. He later joined HMS Malabar in Bermuda as the Senior Canadian Training Officer. In 1944, he became the Senior Training Officer at HMCS Somers Iles in Bermuda.

Then, he was appointed to the British aircraft carrier HMS Glory. Promoted to Commander in 1945, he returned to HMCS Somers Iles as the Training Commander. Then, he went to the American aircraft carrier USS Intrepid for carrier experience. Next, he was named Commander (Executive Officer) of the aircraft carrier HMCS Warrior.

In 1948, he attended the Royal Navy staff course, as well as the Joint Services Staff College.

Promoted to Captain in 1949, Dyer joined Naval Service Headquarters (NSHQ) in Ottawa as Deputy Chief of Naval Personnel.

In 1951, he assumed command of the aircraft carrier HMCS Magnificent. Promoted to Commodore in 1953, he was appointed Commodore RCN Barracks Esquimalt.

In 1954, he returned to NSHQ as Assistant Chief of Naval Staff (Warfare). He became Naval Comptroller in 1956. Later that year, he took the National Defence Course of Canada in Kingston, Ontario.

On promotion to Rear-Admiral in 1957, he returned to NSHQ in Ottawa as the Chief of Naval Personnel. In 1960, he was named Flag Officer Atlantic Coast in Halifax. He returned to NSHQ in 1963 as Vice Chief of the Naval Staff.

He was promoted to Vice-Admiral in August 1964. Vice-Admiral Dyer became Chief of Personnel and Principle Naval Adviser in the newly formed Canadian Forces Headquarters (CFHQ) in Ottawa. He served in this position until he resigned from the RCN in 1966 in opposition to the policy of unification.

He died October 9, 2000.

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