Plan to save on food: video

Transcript - Plan to save

Transcript - Plan to save

On screen: We see our registered dietitian reading a question.

Joy Morin
Cornwall, Ontario
How can I improve our diet without it being too expensive or time-consuming?

VO Zannat: As part of the Eat Well campaign, we have a question from Joy Morin of Cornwall, Ontario. She wants to know: "How can I improve our diet without it being too expensive or time-consuming?" Christine?

Zannat Reza
Registered Dietitian

Christine Cushing
TV Chef & Author

VO Christine: The famous question which I get a lot: how to save time and money? I gotta say, investing in a slow cooker can be a busy mom's best friend.

VO Zannat: Love it!

This really. I mean, don't you think that these kind of unusual cuts that are tougher but have so much flavour. Underused. Inexpensive. You just add some vegetables, a low sodium stock preferably, some beautiful herbs and spices, and this does all the work for you. Doesn't need to be babysat, so it's passive cooking time.

On screen:  Close-up of a piece of meat in a slow cooker. Vegetables are low sodium stock are added. Then the lid is closed.

VO Zannat: Love it! And you know, the other tip in terms of saving time and money is to scan the grocery store flyers to see what healthier choices are on sale. So for example, chicken, which is so versatile.

On screen: In a pan, chicken legs, a zest of lemon, herbs, and pepper are added. Cut to later, where the cooked chicken legs are removed.

VO Christine: Completely.

VO Zannat: Goes on sale quite often, you know, packed with protein, you buy up a whole bunch, cook it up ahead of time. And then again, you can add it to soups, salads, fajitas, the list really is endless.

VO Christine: And that really points to my next suggestion, which is really about planning. It's all about planning meals in advance. In restaurants, we always do that because it's about being ready for those hungry guys that are going to come sit at the table. That's what you want at home too. A little bit of planning goes a long way.

VO Zannat: I totally agree. You know, I plan with my kids, I say: "Ok guys, pick one or two things you wanna eat next week". It kind of buys in that whole idea of: "Ok, well I picked it. I better eat it".

VO Christine: I better eat it, or I am gonna get in trouble for sure. . . .

VO Zannat: Absolutely.

VO Christine: So look at how awesome these chicken legs are. I love using the dark meat. This has already been pre-cooked. I'll just take some of that meat off, and very, very quickly, I can come up with a super easy stir-fry. All you have to do is add a little bit of rice, and dinner is complete.

On screen: On a burner, we see a wok in which vegetables are sautéed, chicken is added and then it is stirred.

VO Zannat: So simple.

VO Christine: Really. So, for more tips on eating well, visit us online at

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