Smart grocery shopping: video

Transcript - Shop Smart

Transcript - Shop Smart

Zannat Reza: As part of the Eat Well campaign, we have a question from Elaine Stewart of Upper Sackville, Nova Scotia. She wants to know: "I heard you should try to stick to the outer aisles of the grocery store. Is that true?" Christine?

Christine Cushing: So, there's an interesting answer to this. Yes, you absolutely do wanna stick to the periphery of the store, the outer aisles first. My trick is I go there first cause I know I can get my essentials: so my breads, my dairy, my meats, produce, really everything from the four food groups. That will be sort of the basics of my shopping.

Zannat Reza: That's a great rule of thumb. But, you know you can also get healthy foods in the inner aisles. So things likes canned beans, canned fish, whole grain pasta, quinoa, brown rice and of course, canned and frozen fruits and vegetables. So healthy stuff also in the inner aisles.

Christine Cushing: And what I like to do when I go to the inner aisles is, I have a mission, so I go to my list, so this avoids me doing what I call the "grocery store slalom". It's the "swoosh" down every aisle, wandering aimlessly.

Zannat Reza: That's right.

Christine Cushing: But I now go to my list I need lentils, I need tuna. I'm gonna go to that aisle and get it. I have a mission, and that also helps me cut my budget.

Zannat Reza: Exactly. You know, so plan your meals ahead of time. Make that grocery list, and really stick to it. I love that idea of you know, having a mission you're in, you're out, get what you need.

Zannat Reza: But when you're also looking at choosing foods from the inner aisles, for packaged foods, check out the Nutrition Facts table. And what you want to look at, with all the numbers, here's a really good tip: if it's 5% of less of any nutrient, that means it's a little. If it's 15% or more, that means it's a lot of that particular nutrient. So, keep that tip in mind as well.

Christine Cushing: Yeah, and it's good to dispel that, because it can be a little bit confusing. The one thing I say try never to do is to shop when you're hungry…

Zannat Reza: Ah yes!

Christine Cushing: Sometimes I'm in hurry, I shop when I'm hungry, I get home, I'm thinking: "What was I thinking? I have way too much stuff, I never buy this, why do I?" So don't shop when you're hungry, stick to the list. All these tips will really help you out.

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