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Transcript - Physicians Careers at Health Canada

Outside of a hospital, a doctor in a white lab coat approaches.

Dr. Tonja Stothart, Medical Evaluator, on camera:

My name is Tonja Stothart and I’m a medical doctor who works for Health Canada as a medical evaluator.  Someone who would be considering a career at Health Canada should know that it’s a great job in terms of flexibility.  It is inspirational in the terms of the types of things you can learn about and it’s easy to work it into another type of clinical career. 

Dr. Tonja Stothart sitting on a park bench, working on a laptop.

I can balance my clinic hours and my desk work with Health Canada and the scheduling meshes together well and I’m also able to apply my clinical work to what I do at Health Canada and my Health Canada work to what I do clinically.

Dr. Kim Pronovost, Medical Evaluator, on camera:

My name is Kim Pronovost and I’m a Medical Evaluator here at Health Canada.  I would say that the best part of working at Health Canada is the work-life balance.  I am able to continue my practice; I’m a family physician so I’m able to work part-time in clinical practice while also working full-time in my clinical review work. 

Images of Dr. Kim Pronovost gardening near her workplace.

The work environment promotes wellness.  I’m able to go to the gym at lunch, I’m able to do gardening, and of course the colleagues are really interesting and the work is interesting so it’s a good mix of everything. 

Dr. Pauline Kerr, Medical Evaluator, on camera:

My name is Pauline Kerr, I’m a Pediatric Allergist by training.  I came to Health Canada seven years ago as a Medical Evaluator.  This opportunity allowed for me to continue clinical practice but also do work that is similar to doing clinical research work where you reach a bigger population and can have a bigger impact.  I’ve been able to work in different areas during my time here and currently I work in clinical trials.  

Images of Dr. Pauline Kerr talking with a colleague in her office.

That work is like the best of medicine in some ways: cutting edge therapies and really important to the health of Canadians.  That’s a great area in that it’s hopefully advancing and improving health for Canadians.  It’s a very exciting area. 

Winter images of the Rideau Canal in Ottawa.  People are skating and exercising.

Living in Ottawa is great because it’s a city with a lot of resources.  It’s very beautiful, and yet it’s not so populated that you can’t easily get out to really beautiful areas in nature if you like, like myself, skiing, running, biking, hiking and swimming.  It’s absolutely awesome for that.

Dr. Marc Berthiaume, Director, Bureau of Medical Sciences, on camera:

My name is Marc Berthiaume, I’m a physician by training, a family physician in fact.  I’ve practiced family medicine for eleven years and then I came to Health Canada. 

Dr. Marc Berthiaume interacting with a colleague at work.

We do a number of things.  When there’s a shortage of a drug, we have to determine if a product should still be available or to facilitate some mechanism to make some alternative drugs available so that there is no shortage in Canada.  Drugs are our main tools so I would say that it’s very interesting to be able to contribute to their availability to Canadians and to Canadian physicians. I think one of the interesting aspects of working at Health Canada is that you can keep part-time medical practice.  That flexibility and having that possibility is definitely an asset of working at Health Canada.

Text on screen: Health Canada: Join the Team

Montage of the four doctors interviewed: I’m doctor Pauline Kerr/Tonja Stothart/Marc Berthiaume/Kim Pronovost.  I’m a physician/medical officer/doctor at Health Canada.

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