Defence Administrative Orders and Directives (DAOD) Alphabetical Listing


5019-6 Academic Misconduct
6002-2 Acceptable Use of the Internet, Defence Intranet, Computers and Other Information Systems
7021-3 Acceptance of Gifts, Hospitality and Other Benefits
2008-1 Accountability and Responsibility for Public Affairs
1001-0 Administration of the Access to Information Act
1002-0 Administration of the Privacy Act
7026-0 Administrative Investigations
5019-2 Administrative Review
Advancement of English and French
5031-10 Adventure Training
2008-10 Advertising, Publishing and Visual Identity
7000-0 Affidavits and Statutory Declarations
2015-0 Airworthiness
2015-2 Airworthiness Investigations, Reports and Privilege
5019-7 Alcohol Misconduct
5046-0 Alternative Dispute Resolution
8014-0 Animal Use in Research, Teaching and Testing
3002-0 Ammunition and Explosives
3002-3 Ammunition and Explosives Safety Program
2016-0 Approval to Travel Aboard a Canadian Armed Forces Flight
5029-1 Area of Selection
7001-1 Attendance at Civil and Criminal Court Proceedings
5027-1 Awards and Recognition Program
7002-0 Boards of Inquiry and Summary Investigations
7002-1 Boards of Inquiry
2020-3 Cadet Organizations Administration and Training Service
Calibration Programme
5040-2 Canadian Armed Forces Identity System
5050-3 Canadian Armed Forces Personnel Casualty Administration Records
5039-8 Canadian Armed Forces Second Official Language Certification Testing
5045-1 Canadian Armed Forces Sports Program
5039-6 Canadian Armed Forces Training and Education in Both Official Languages
7016-1 Canadian Forces Administration in Respect of a Pardon
5037-1 Canadian Forces Band Engagements
5031-5 Canadian Forces Continuing Education Program
8009-0 Canadian Forces Diving
8009-1 Canadian Forces Diving – Organization and Operating Principles
5019-3 Canadian Forces Drug Control Program
5031-1 Canadian Forces Military Equivalencies Program

Canadian Forces Music


Canadian Forces Music Support

8002-2 Canadian Forces National Counter-Intelligence Unit
2008-7 Canadian Forces Parliamentary Program
5050-0 Canadian Forces Personnel Records
5050-1 Canadian Forces Personnel Records of the Director General Military Careers and the Director Human Resources Information Management, and Service Estate Records of the Judge Advocate General
5002-5 Canadian Forces Personnel Selection
5045-0 Canadian Forces Personnel Support Programs
3020-3 Canadian Forces Postal Service
5031-8 Canadian Forces Professional Development
2020-2 Canadian Rangers
8001-0 Canadian Special Operations Forces Command – Information and Asset Security
8001-1 Canadian Special Operations Forces Command – Information and Asset Security Management
3002-1 Certification of Ammunition and Explosives
8015-0 CF Collective Training
8006-0 Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence
8006-1 Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Defence Operations and Capability Development and Sustainment
7001-0 Civil and Criminal Court Proceedings
5031-50 Civilian Learning and Professional Development
5026-0 Civilian Grievances
5005-0 Civilian Human Resources Management
5008-2 Civilian Labour-Management Consultation
5008-0 Civilian Labour-Management Relations
5006-0 Civilian Performance Planning and Review
5006-1 Performance Management Program for DND Employees
5031-53 Civilian Personnel Education Support Program
5029-0 Civilian Staffing
7004-1 Claims and Ex gratia Procedures
7004-0 Claims By or Against the Crown and Ex gratia Payments
5025-0 Classification of Civilian Positions
3029-1 Cleaning, Disinfection and Disinfestation of Vehicles, Military Equipment and Personal Goods Entering Canada and Leaving Areas Within Canada Regulated for Soil-Borne Plant Pests and Animal Diseases
5002-10 Commissioning from the Ranks Plan
5023-2 Common Military Tasks Fitness Evaluation
1000-2 Communicating Direction in the DND and the CF
7004-2 Compensation for Loss or Damage to Personal Property
7000-1 Completion of Affidavits and Statutory Declarations
5002-3 Component and Sub-Component Transfer
5019-0 Conduct and Performance Deficiencies
8000-1 Conduct of Explosive Ordnance Disposal
5062-1 Conduct of Social Science Research
7006-0 Conduct Sheets
2009-0 Conferences
2009-1 Conference Sponsorship and Attendance
3034-0 Configuration Management for Defence Systems
7021-0 Conflict of Interest and Post-Employment
7021-1 Conflict of Interest
5516-2 Conscientious Objection
5003-6 Contingency Cost Moves for Personal Reasons, Compassionate Status and Compassionate Posting
5002-6 Continuing Education Officer Training Plan – Regular Force
3004-0 Contracting
3003-0 Controlled Technology Access and Transfer
5029-2 Corrective Action and Revocation
8002-0 Counter-Intelligence
5031-9 Course Reporting and Certificates
6500-1 Data Access
6500-0 Data Management and Analytics
1000-1 Defence Administrative Orders and Directives
7023-0 Defence Ethics
7023-1 Defence Ethics Programme
8008-0 Defence Intelligence
2006-0 Defence Security
6004-0 Defence Terminology
6004-1 Defence Terminology Programme
5005-2 Delegation of Authorities for Civilian Human Resources Management
5029-3 Deployments
5028-0 Deployment of Department of National Defence Employees in Support of the Canadian Armed Forces
5044-3 Deployment Support Groups
5002-2 Direct Entry Officer Plan – Regular Force
1002-6 Disclosure of Personal Information
7024-0 Disclosure of Wrongdoings in the Workplace
3002-6 Display Fireworks
3013-0 Disposal of Materiel
3013-1 Disposal of Surplus Materiel
2015-1 DND/CF Airworthiness Program
5024-0 DND Living Accommodation
3020-1 DND Vehicle Use for Ground Transport and Driver Licensing
Document Preservation and Collection in Support of Claims and Other Legal Proceedings
6002-8 Electronic Authentication and Authorization
4007-3 Emergency Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Operations
4007-2 Emergency Fire Operations in Respect of DND and CAF Infrastructure
5005-3 Employee Assistance Program
5002-1 Enrolment
2011-0 Enterprise Architecture
Enterprise Architecture Programme
4003-0 Environmental Protection and Stewardship
7002-4 Examination of Witnesses
1016-0 Expenditure Management
8000-0 Explosive Ordnance Disposal
8000-3 Explosive Ordnance Disposal Radiation Safety
5044-1 Families
5044-4 Family Violence
2052-0 Field Safety
4007-4 Fire Fighter Physical Fitness Maintanance Program
4007-0 Fire Protection Services
3012-0 Food Services Protection
5031-11 Foreign Languages
1001-1 Formal Requests for Access to Departmental Information
6001-2 Forms Management
1000-0 Foundation Framework for Defence Administrative Orders and Directives
7025-0 Fraud Prevention and Management
3014-0 Fuels and Lubricants
2007-1 General Safety Program
5005-1 Governance of Civilian Human Resources Management
3009-2 Government Quality Assurance (GQA)
3015-0 Green Procurement
5012-0 Harassment Prevention and Resolution
4003-1 Hazardous Materials Management
5021-2 Heat Stress
5040-1 Historical Records
1017-0 Hospitality in Canada
5516-0 Human Rights
5516-1 Human Rights Complaints
5031-2 Individual Training and Education Strategic Framework
1001-2 Informal Access to Departmental Information
1002-2 Informal Requests for Personal Information
6001-0 Information Management
6001-1 Information Management Programme
6000-0 Information Management and Information Technology
6002-0 Information Technology
6002-9 Information Technology Asset Management
6003-0 Information Technology Security
6003-3 Information Technology Security Monitoring and Auditing
6003-1 Information Technology Security Programme
6003-2 Information Technology Security Risk Management
5031-7 Initial Baccalaureate Degree Programme
4007-5 Initial Response by Firefighters to Hazardous Material Incidents or Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear Incidents
3002-2 Insensitive Munitions
3008-0 Intellectual Property
3007-0 Integrated Logistics Support
7024-1 Internal Procedures for Disclosure of Wrongdoings in the Workplace
6002-7 Internal Use of Social Media Technologies
6111-0 Internet
2008-6 Internet Publishing
2008-3 Issue and Crisis Management
2050-0 Laser Safety
2050-1 Laser Safety Program
5031-0 Learning and Professional Development
5516-5 Learning Disability Accommodation during Recruiting, Training and Education
5060-0 Leave
8010-0 Lessons Learned
7026-1 Management of Administrative Investigations
8014-1 Management of Animal Use in Research, Teaching and Testing
3012-2 Management of Food Safety and Food Defence
3014-1 Management of Fuels and Lubricants
3015-1 Management of Green Procurement
6002-1 Management of Information Technology
6002-10 Management of Information Technology Projects
6002-3 Management of Mobile Wireless Devices
6423-0 Management of Publications
4001-0 Real Property Life Cycle Management
6420-0 Management of Recorded Information
3017-1 Management of the Transfer of Materiel to Other Government Departments
3003-1 Management, Security and Access Requirements Relating to Controlled Goods
3003-2 Management, Security and Access Requirements Relating to Dual-Use Goods
3000-0 Materiel Acquisition and Support
3001-0 Materiel Acquisition and Support Information Management
3001-1 Materiel Acquisition and Support Information Management Instruction
3035-0 Materiel Assurance
3038-0 Materiel Identification
3005-0 Materiel Sustainment
5001-2 Maternity and Parental Benefits
2008-2 Media Relations and Public Announcements
7014-0 Memoranda of Understanding (MoU)
7014-1 Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) Development
5017-0 Mental Health
8012-0 Meteorology and Oceanography
8012-1 Meteorological and Oceanographic Data, Products and Services Programme
5031-6 Military Civilian Training Accreditation Program
5070-0 Military Employment Structure
5070-1 Military Employment Structure Framework
2017-0 Military Grievances
2017-1 Military Grievance Process
5040-0 Military History and Heritage
5002-0 Military Personnel Requirements and Production
5023-1 Minimum Operational Standards Related to Universality of Service
2010-0 Modelling and Simulation
2010-1 Modelling and Simulation Management
3029-0 Movement of Materiel and Baggage
8002-1 National Counter-Intelligence Program
5018-3 National Military Cemetery of the Canadian Forces
3016-0 National Security Exception Under Trade Agreements
3016-1 National Security Exception Under Trade Agreements Instruction
5031-52 New Civilian Employee Orientation
5002-7 Non-Commissioned Member Subsidized Training and Education Plan - Regular Force
9003-1 Non-Public Property
8007-0 Notification of DND and CF Activities Within the Joint Task Force (North) Area of Responsibility
5044-2 Notification of Family Death, Illness or Injury
4002-0 Nuclear and Ionizing Radiation Safety Management
Nuclear and Ionizing Radiation Safety
5049-1 Obligatory Service
5047-1 Office of the Ombudsman
5039-0 Official Languages
2008-8 Official Use of Social Media
1004-0 Parking
1004-1 Parking Administration
5059-0 Performance Assessment of Canadian Forces Members
1002-3 Personal Information Management
5019-1 Personal Relationships and Fraternization
1000-11 Policy Framework for Corporate Administration Management
1000-9 Policy Framework for DND Employee Management
1000-5 Policy Framework for Financial Management
1000-6 Policy Framework for Information and Information Technology Management
1000-12 Policy Framework for Infrastructure and Environment Management
1000-10 Policy Framework for Legal Management
1000-4 Policy Framework for Materiel and Asset Management
1000-7 Policy Framework for Military Personnel Management
1000-8 Policy Framework for Safety and Security Management
7021-2 Post-Employment
5003-5 Pregnancy Administration
7012-1 Preparation and Administration of Wills
7006-1 Preparation and Maintenance of Conduct Sheets
2020-1 Primary Reserve
1002-1 Privacy Act Requests and Correction of Personal Information
1002-5 Privacy Impact Assessments
1002-4 Privacy Incident Management
5019-8 Private Debts
3004-1 Procedural Overview - Contracting
2001-1 Procedures for Visits to the DND and the CF by Foreign Nationals
3012-1 Provision of Food Services
2008-4 Public Affairs, Military Doctrine and Canadian Forces Operations
2008-5 Public Affairs Planning and Program Delivery
2008-0 Public Affairs Policy
2008-9 Public Opinion Research
3009-1 Quality Management
3009-0 Quality of Materiel and Services
3026-0 Radio Frequency Safety
3026-1 Radio Frequency Safety Program
6002-4 Radio Frequency Spectrum Management
6112-0 Radio Frequency Spectrum Management
Range Safety
6421-0 Records Management
7016-0 Record Suspension
5027-0 Recognition
2015-3 Release to Service – New and Modified Aircraft, Including Unmanned Aircraft Systems
5019-4 Remedial Measures
5018-2 Report of Injuries and Exposure to Toxic Substances
5014-0 Report of Injury, Disease or Illness Final
8000-2 Reporting and Investigation of Explosive Ordnance Disposal Incidents and Accidents
4007-1 Reporting and Investigation of Fires and Incidents
3002-4 Reporting of Ammunition or Explosives Accidents, Incidents, Defects and Malfunctions
5061-0 Research Involving Human Subjects
5061-1 Research Involving Human Subjects - Approval Procedures
5002-8 Reserve Entry Scheme – Officers
2020-0 Reserve Force
Reserve Forces Foreign Service Arrangements
5021-1 Respiratory Protection
7011-1 Responsibilities for Service Estates and Personal Belongings
5003-1 Restrictions on Duty
5003-0 Restrictions on Duty and Individual Limitations
5018-4 Return to Duty Program for Canadian Armed Forces Members
1018-0 Revenue Management
2007-0 Safety
5031-4 Second Career Assistance Network Programme
5039-7 Second Official Language Education and Training for CF Members
8002-3 Security Intelligence Liaison Program
9005-1 Sexual Misconduct Response
3004-2 Service Contracts
7011-0 Service Estates and Personal Belongings
2005-0 Service Dogs
2005-1 Service Dog Access to Defence Establishments
5003-7 Service in Submarines
7001-2 Service of Legal Documents Concerning Civil and Criminal Court Proceedings
5020-1 Smoking in the Workplace
5062-0 Social Science Research
7021-4 Solicitations, Sponsorships and Donations
5002-11 Special Commissioning Plan
5016-0 Standards of Civilian Conduct and Discipline
7002-3 Subjects of Investigation and References
7002-2 Summary Investigations
2020-4 Supplementary Reserve
5018-0 Support Management for Injured or Ill Canadian Armed Forces Members and Military Casualties
6002-5 Joint Tactical Data Links
3017-0 Transfer of Materiel to Other Government Departments
5039-4 Translation of Texts and Acquisition of Bilingual Documentation
3020-0 Transportation
5040-3 Unaccounted-for Military Fatalities from Past Operations
5023-0 Universality of Service
5002-9 University Training Plan for Non-Commissioned Members – Regular Force
9004-1 Use of Cannabis by CAF Members
5008-1 Use of Departmental Premises and Equipment, and Electronic Networks, for Bargaining Agent or Union Business
3002-5 Use of Firearms, Ammunitions and Explosives
7003-0 Victims Rights Complaint Review Mechanism
2001-0 Visits to the DND and the CF by Foreign Nationals
7012-0 Wills

Wireless Networking

5015-0 Workplace Accommodation
5014-0 Workplace Harassment and Violence Prevention
1006-1 Write-Off of Materiel
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